A good time tracker software like Hubstaff can perform wonders to the team’s productivity and personal productivity. It would help by keeping a real-time log of what everyone does on the job and pushing people to be more productive with their times. A good time manager should automate many processes and drive the worker to do more billable work. There is no doubt that the application would balance work and leisure most of the time.  

Nevertheless, choosing a time tracker software best suited to a company or person can be an arduous task. That is because over 200 applications dominate the space that it makes a learned decision rather tricky. Listed out below are the main features of Hubstaff. It gives ample evidence that this would be the most suited timekeeping solution for everyday needs.

Features of Hubstaff 

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Discussed in brief are the most salient points regarding the Hubstaff time tracker software. Most people would find the application meets their needs most of the time. Hubstaff remains one of the more popular choices for picking out a time tracker software.

Easy and accurate 

It is key to using any modern-day software that it should be easy to use. There is an exemplary user interface that provides a ready interaction between the user and the software. Although the ease of use scores highly on the convenience part, it is also essential for the people using the software that it should be accurate. It applies particularly to the timekeeping app as often there could arise arguments if it does not record matters in time.  

With a good time tracker software like Hubstaff, people would be more focused on doing a job just right than to keep track of what they might be doing. That is the time tracker’s power that can instill confidence in the people being kept track of. On hand with Hubstaff is a feature-rich dashboard that allows the user to manipulate whatever parameter he wants to set his employees.

Run a more profitable business

You can realize that installing Hubstaff immediately and people need not wait for the first-time reports. Every organization that has established the software has reported improved productivity since the tracker software has been installed. It has to do with the greater vigilance that workers undertake once they come to know that a tracker device has been established in their systems.

One of the conveniences of Hubstaff is that it takes hardly any time to set it up. So, businesses can reap the benefit of having on ready surveillance in no time at all. The system is so simple and user-friendly that it does not take any training or practice to use the time tracker software.

That the system can be integrated with over 40 applications, making it one of the most versatile time tracking software available today. It provides for a flexibility that is seldom commonly seen in other time tracking applications.

Hubstaff automations 

Hubstaff offers a fair bit of automation that it is possible to run the application without any personnel running the show. The system does away with messy timesheets and coordination and does away with the need to pursue deadlines. Alerts are sounded when a particular project is behind schedule, and there are checks and balances in place to further smoothen the flow of work.

Activity reports are generated by the Hubstaff system automatically. It is possible to point out the laggards and those that pull their weight. An analysis of the screenshots would make it possible to ensure that workers are doing what they ought to have been doing and nothing else.

Fix money leaks 

When the Hubstaff is fully deployed, it would keep everyone on the team and give a clear picture of who does what and during what times. It is thus possible to track the unproductive work as with those who lag in their work. The program would keep a check on the money spent on retaining people by asking those who do not work to full capacity to pull up their socks.  

Few businessmen like the idea of a leaking business, which is what Hubstaff has done in the past. That is a point to inefficient work practices and wasteful activity during working hours. Thus the prudent employer would reward the hard worker and take action against those falling behind in the performance matrix.  

Hubstaff versatility 

One of the vital performance criteria of a time tracker software is that it should be versatile enough to stand up to performance rigors. 

Hubstaff does more than amply take care of most timekeeping functions by being offered in the desktop mode, the mobile application, and a range of operating systems as well.

The worker in the field can have Hubstaff installed on his mobile phone, and the manager in the office can have his work monitored on the desktop. It makes for a powerful combination that few other comparable software can provide the user.


Hubstaff is versatile enough with sufficient features to keep most participants interested in using the software. It would reward the hard work, and those that lag behind the work would be monitored more closely. There are on offer sophisticated time management tools as also worker management as well.

Companies and individuals who use Hubstaff tend to remark that a few similar software can provide the ease of use and the power that it tends to give the personnel manager. The software manages to keep more than the attendance updated and helps with the worker’s overall management in the office.

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