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Hundsonvine promises to give you Amazon products for free. Could this actually be real? Find out here if the website is legit or a scam.


Everyone knows what Amazon is. It’s one of the world’s biggest companies among Google, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft. And it’s the largest e-commerce platform worldwide, receiving hundreds of millions of visits every month, so its popularity is almost unmatched.

Being such a huge company, you can imagine you can like find everything on Amazon: videogames, comics, clothes, phones… Just everything. And, if you think that, you’re somewhat right. So Amazon is a perfect place or, rather, site to do online shopping, compare prices, and even find crazy discounts. It’s also more secure than platforms like eBay because the business model is different.

Phot from Amazon

Amazon Products for Free

So, Amazon has an immense product catalog full of stuff everyone would love to have. But, as it happens with anything, they cost money. It is not sustainable or possible to purchase more and more products for most people globally. You should be a millionaire to buy stuff at such a pace. So, Amazon is just a platform that promotes impossible wishes for many people.

But what about if we tell you there is a way to get products from Amazon for free? Some sites promise this. They guarantee that they’ll give you a product from Amazon following some steps. And the most famous one is Hundsonvine.

Getting free Amazon products seems too good to be real, but if it’s true, it would be the best way to get whatever you want for free. The premise is attractive, actually, but it could imply some risk to try it. We want to save you the pain of falling victim to a scam or a deception so that you commit dishonest practices, so here we tell you if Hundsonvine is a legit site or a blatant lie.

What is Hundsonvine?

As we were telling you, Hundsonvine is one of the many websites that offer to provide you free Amazon products if you follow some instructions. And they are the most prominent of their kind.

The website itself looks pretty fine. It has an engaging design, counts with a “What reviewers are saying” section showing what apparent real users have to say about it. It even has a video explaining how it works! At first, it seems fine.

Photo from HundsonvineWebsite

How Does Hundsonvine Work?

To use Hunsonvine is, by looking at what the site says, is very straightforward. Apparently, everyone could get free Amazon products through this website.

After creating an account and signing in, Hundsonvine works as follows:

  • Step 1. Choose from the list the product you’d want to get and buy it on Amazon. 
  • Step 2. Post a good customer review about the product acquired on Amazon.
  • Step 3. Submit the review link, and you’ll get a complete refund via Paypal.

Those are the three easy steps you must follow on Hundsonvine to get free products on Amazon. They literally give you commodities for free by writing favorable reviews on the most famous eCommerce platform. And a full rebate of your purchase after posting the review is guaranteed.

See? It’s pretty easy to get products from Amazon without spending a penny. So if you’re short on budget, this would be a great way to get some free merchandise online.

But it happens nothing can be that easy or perfect. To do this is not correct or free of risk.

What is Wrong With Hundsonvine?

We can’t say Hundsonvine is entirely a scam exactly. By doing what Hundsonvine says, you can actually get your product and receive the refund in around nine, ten days. But it’s not ethical to do this. Let us explain to you why.

You Would Be Writing Fake Reviews

The only products you’ll get for free on Hundsonvine are cheap, low-quality merchandise. They don’t offer you anything good, just bad or barely functional products that don’t deserve a 5-star review. You would be deceiving users who rely on your review to buy these products by giving them a perfect review.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

You Would Be Inflating the Sales of a Bad Product

Some Amazon third-party sellers rely on this dishonest practice to illusory boost their sales, getting a higher rank in the sale’s list and becoming more visible in the process. And this is clearly fraudulent.

Amazon Penalizes This Practice

To buy good reviews by offering free products is against the Amazon seller code of conduct. Therefore, giving fake reviews to articles goes against their terms of service and policies as well. If you get caught, you’ll be permanently banned from Amazon.

It Just Isn’t Right

So, as you can see, it’s not right to use platforms like Hundsonvine to get free products on Amazon. It’s not illegal, but you’d be lying to others and breaking Amazon policies just to get bad products. It’s not worth it.

And another reason you shouldn’t use this website is you don’t know who you’re dealing with. If you google a little about this site, you’ll notice you don’t find any clear information, and the website lacks an “about us” section.

The first time you use the platform, they’ll probably give you your refund after some days, and also maybe the second and third time too. But as the site doesn’t have any reliability, you don’t know when they’ll stop giving you the promised rebate. So don’t put yourself at risk.

Verdict: Don’t Use Hundsonvine – It’s a scam

We advise you not to use Hundsonvine or any other platform like it to get free products on Amazon. If you use it, you’d be part of a review scam to boost sales of a low-quality product by misleading other Amazon users to buy products they wouldn’t purchase otherwise. You’d also be breaking Amazon policies and putting your account at risk in the process.

Don’t fall for the “free Amazon products” trick because they are a scam one way or another. You would be lying, dealing with dishonest sellers, and risking losing money in the end.

Don’t use Hundsonvine.

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