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Ibotta vs Cashback Monitor

Ibotta vs Cashback Monitor
Ibotta vs Cashback Monitor - which one saves more money, where can I use them, what are they and how to use these apps? Read on to find out.

More power to the cashback app

What is the cashback about? Essentially, it is the practice of saving a bit of money as the customer gets to spend. The cashback websites and platforms notify the shopper that special deals are on at certain stores as they shop. A link to the store is what the cashback software points to purchase. When the customer clicks the link and purchases, it’s recorded as a cashback incentive towards the buyer. The article provides a detailed comparison of Ibotta vs Cashback Monitor.

Earn at the Stores:

Many cashback applications work as websites and browser plugins that facilitate online purchases. The real power of the cashback earnings is when you get the offers at traditional brick and mortar stores too. It is not hard to find such cashback deals; you only have to look around for them.

Cashback Credit Cards:

There are credit cards that allow cashback to the customer. This is above and over any of the money back offer that the typical application provides the user. It is a double saving in such cases, and those people who do shop using credit cards often would be well advised to look into the possibility of using such cards.

Free Money:

It is possible to find occasions with cashback apps to make some free money. These are usually points earned for completing surveys and polls. Marketing companies often use such survey techniques to understand the depth of the markets. The sums are usually little. For example, in a month you can get a tub of ice cream.


Many cashback apps reward the customer for referring others to their sites. It’s also seen that user groups often exchange information and tips on shopping and products that get to form referral groups.

People who have never realized the potential of the cashback offer would do well to look at the above points to decide what works and what doesn’t.

What is Ibotta & how different from Cashback Monitor

Ibotta is a shopping cashback app. With Ibotta you can save up on daily items. It’s not for high-value products but for daily needs. There are no cash discount coupons to worry about or rebates to go chasing after. The money you earn you get as cash to your PayPal most of the time.

  • Referrals: Each time you sign up for the Ibotta app, you get a small amount of money. Also, this process repeats each time someone that the customer refers to joins the group.
  • Bonuses: Many participating merchant stores announce bonuses from time to time. These bonuses are typically valued at $2 per shopping trip.
  • Loyalty: There are loyalty programs that benefit the regular spender on Ibotta, and this feature can accumulate points quickly.
  • Generics: It makes a lot of sense to shop around for generic items rather than for the branded goods as often the bonuses are usually the same, and the cost would be lower.
  • Stacking: Coupon codes can be stacked-up to make combinations that can give the most savings possible.

Thus, for note, there are many avenues to earn cash back bonuses when using the Ibotta app. It is as though there is always an offer on every time that the person shops for products.

What is Cashback Monitor

Are you shopping on travel sites most of the time, and using your credit cards always? Well, if so then the Cashback Monitor is for you. That does not mean that the app does not support other shopping sites, but the deals are structured to make it possible to get the most cashback when at travel sites more than anything else.

The application provides cashback benefits to the user over and above the travel sites’ cashback. You can earn cashback on many destinations that offer general merchandise than travel alone. Then there is the issue of travel miles. Travel miles are loyalty bonuses that you accumulate over time by shopping on travel sites. Cashback monitor would add travel miles over and above those provided by the particular travel websites.

Folks that have a habit of large spending with credit cards would do well to use Cashback Monitor to provide for extra credit points on the card, which would be on top of what the site would be offering. Thus, it is truly a win-win situation in each case.

Ibotta vs Cashback Monitor – which app saves more money?

The two apps, Cashback Monitor and Ibotta, work on a different set of the customer base. Ibotta is for those who are into generic shopping. The Cashback Monitor is for those doing the big-ticket traveling from travel sites. Potentially Cashback Monitor has the chances of saving the most money when compared to Ibotta as the spending happens to be much larger in each shopping trip.

Cashback apps – Ibotta vs Cashback Monitor

However well-intentioned the working of cashback programs happens, understand that money is saved and not made. The sums paid out are from the commissions that merchant sites pay to the cashback application on sales generated and passed onto the customer. It would be advisable not to go around bargain hunting on cashback programs as it would make the person spend large sums of money uncontrollably.

The wisest thing to control the urge to spend on a deal is to shop to a plan and not get carried away by impulses no matter how attractive it might be. Few people go into the back end of the cashback systems’ operations and take the trouble to understand how things work in reality. But caution in spending no matter how sweet the deal happens to be is key to conserving the money all the time.

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