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Ibotta vs Ebates

Ibotta vs Ebates – An Overview

Most of the cashback sites receive a commission when they do refer customers to shopping sites. The customer receives a portion of the commission in return from the website, and that, in essence, is how the typical cashback app works. In this Ibotta vs Ebates article, we discuss such websites.

Ibotta vs Ebates

What is cashback?

Cashback offers are monetary offers to shoppers to get them to shop at a particular merchant site as far as possible. The cashback works by returning a portion of the product’s price back to the buyer in its simplest form. It is also possible that the cashback application provides additional incentives to make purchases as well.

How to use the cashback app?

The cashback platform’s functioning is effortless, which is the main reason for its gaining popularity most of the time. We can describe it in the steps below.

  1. A free account is started on some of the more popular and widely used cashback application. Sometimes, a small fee is charged upfront while trying to open an account to prevent the not-so-serious participants from taking undue advantage.
  2. The payment card is then added to the site. Once the card details have been fed, it is now right to peruse the offers that are on at hand for the particular card.
  3. If something of interest has been found on the cashback site, the link provided is followed back to take the customer to the merchant site.
    Once the transaction is done, the cashback platform would get an automatic authentication.
  4. The merchant site should then follow the standard practice and ship the item purchased to the address provided.
  5. Depending on the offers that were at hand at the time of purchase, the cashback app would credit the due amount to the customer’s account in the due course of time. Some apps do credit when a purchase is made, while others need a few processing time days. During the purchase, the conditions set forth are bound to spell out the time frame required to complete the credits.

Although there have been six or so steps to follow to make a successful cashback purchase, the whole process is often done seamlessly and smoothly without any hindrance. The succeeding process or step follows on in due course of time and one after the other.

What is Ibotta?

Ibotta provides customers a cashback route to their shopping and can be used online and at the high street stores. One of the most common methods to use Ibotta is with the smartphone app that we can install on both the iOS and Android phones at will. The process for redemption of the credits works differently in the case of online purchases and at the store shopping.

Ibotta vs Ebates

Redeeming online offers

  1. Create the free Ibotta account.
  2. Select the button ‘Find Offers’ and then choose ‘Online Shopping.’
  3. They now display offers for online shopping on the screen, and the customer gets to choose the rebates that he wishes to take advantage of.
  4. Click on the link next to the offers that will take to the online shopping merchant to make the actual purchase.
  5. Do the shopping at the online store, and they add the cashback benefits to the customer’s account immediately.

Redeeming at store purchases

  1. Create the Ibotta account on the platform, which should not take much time nor any expense.
  2. Then select the button to find the offers to display all the offers at the moment.
  3. Choose the category of goods that interests the customer in shopping.
  4. Select the requisite store at which you want to redeem the offer. We need to pay attention to the availability of the goods chosen at a nearby store, which we want to indicate in red letters.
  5. After you make the purchases, scan and upload the receipts to the Ibotta app.
  6. Once they carry out the verification of the purchase successfully, the credit points are added to the customer account. This process could typically take two to three days.

You can redeem the credits in the account for gift cards at some of the most popular and well used merchants, which provides liquidity for the same.

What is Ebates?

Ebates is one of the easy to use and convenient cashback applications to use. It partners with some of the largest eCommerce merchants to bring to the customer deals and products that competitors find hard to do. They don’t limit the deals to the cashback component but apply to seasonal rebates and sales promotions that run from time to time.

There is always the advantage with Ebates. We can use that at some of the largest travel sites as well. This process brings in additional travel miles on top of what the store offers to general customers. It is also possible to combine more than a single discount coupon. We know that as stacking, thus getting to use the advantage of more than a single code.

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Ibotta vs Ebates

What saves more money; Ibotta or Ebates?

We can use Ibotta in a lot more circumstances than Ebates, and thus the chances of saving up more on the former are higher. But where Ebates scores are during the big-ticket purchases at travel sites when we can save more. Ibotta is the cashback app for all seasons and reasons.

Ibotta vs Ebates – Your Choice?

It is a foregone conclusion that cashback applications are here to stay in the medium term. One of the main reasons for the platforms’ success is its simplicity, with just a plugin providing all the utility. It is also a direct approach to selling with little to hide from the customer. The vast majority of cashback apps are transparent in their work and provide a direct account of the user’s benefits at all times.

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