iWriter review

What is iWriter?

iWriter is an excellent platform to get new writing clients for blog content creation. It is easy to use and helps save time for new jobs.
One of the iWriter work mode qualities is that you don’t have to make applications and wait to be select. But rather work directly on projects to produce quality writing.

Following the same order of ideas, clients have three days to approve or reject articles. If the client doesn’t do any action during this time, the article will automatically approve, so there is no risk of losing the work already prepared by a missing client.


iWriter characteristics

Selection in a wide range of qualities

iWriter has four levels of writers: Standard, Premium, Elite, and Elite Plus. Each of them, excluding the standard, where anyone can write, needs a unique number of ratings (amount of content written) and stars (reviews are from 1 to 5 stars). All of this for a writer to achieve the elite level.

Availability of writers

iWriter is a global content marketplace with content writers from different countries and languages ​​in various time zones.
This group of writings is full, so once you start managing articles and content, you can select the writers you like the most and give them special requests.

The response time is speedy

The number of writers available to write is very high, which results in swift acceptance and response time for applicants. Generally, the content assembles within minutes of publication.

Security against plagiarism

All content written in iWriter is automatically destined through the Copyscape API to ensure it is entirely original. It means that there should be no concern about getting duplicate content that you don’t have the creative privileges.

You can accept, reject or rewrite

You will never have to pay for content delivered that you are not satisfied it. Therefore, if a writer submits poorly readable text, the article can be rejected and sent back to the group of applicants to write.
Now, if the content is good and requires only small changes, it can be asked in writing to make changes before accepting the article. Of course, every three days, the account is reviewed, or the article will be automatically accepted.


It is possible to place a list of favorite writers

If you find a precise writer of what you are looking for, you can add to a list of favorites and ask to write again.

You can send a message to the writer and offer a tip

Suppose you need to clarify some detail of the writing task or reward the writer for his performance. In that case, it is possible to send a message directly to his account. There is also the option to tip one of the writers who do a perfect and exaggerated job.

Have an iWriter wallet to provide payments

iWriter wallet can add money via Paypal, which will only pay writers if you have accepted their written content work. It means that the funds are responsibly and safely handle.

You can select writers for different types of projects

Suppose you want content for a blog, e-book, Kindle book, whitepaper, legal documentation, or even a case study. In that case, it should be possible to request it in iWriter. If you have a particularly relevant document, be sure to ask that top-level writers write it to preserve quality.

Writers focus on your content

In iWriter, writers are allowed to accept one content job at a time. It means that assuming multiple articles at once to generate as many articles as quickly as possible will not be approved. On the other hand, they focus specifically on your piece before moving on to another project. It directly benefits the quality of the content work.

The content is published directly in WordPress

iWriter authorizes publishing content directly to the WordPress blog once obtained from the writer. It is convenient given the fact that a large number of people run their sites on WordPress.

iWriter Pros In the case of writers

  • As soon as iWriter registration is complete, you can start writing immediately. Meaning that, potentially, you can start earning some money immediately.
  • Besides, iWriter has never been shown to lose a payment. The staff is very good at supporting and ensure the incomes. You can establish the earnings’ continuity (weekly, biweekly, etc.) and the money deposit into your Paypal account.
  • Applicants can tip writers for well-written articles.
    In the case of applicants
  • It turns out that it is affordable to buy an article on iWriter. It is entirely possible to get a 1000 word article for less than $ 10.
  • Many writers are waiting to write so that you can get an article in a few hours.
  • You can reject the writers’ work if you do not like the article. After that, it will return to the group of writers to be selected by another person.

Cons In the case of writers

  • When starting with iWriter, it is only possible to write introductory articles. You must register 30 pieces with an excellent star rating (4 or more) to get one of the levels that come with a higher payout.
  • By getting 4.6 stars or more on average, then you can enter the elite group of writers and select articles from all three levels. These elite-level items pay more.
  • iWriter applicants can decline without reasonable reasons.
    In the case of applicants
  • If you want quality articles, there is the possibility that you will waste a lot of time trying to get them in iWriter. Since the payment level can be deficient, many of the items you receive may show the price to pay.

Your opinion?

There are many content sites to select from. Still, iWriter provides unique selection options from a wide range of writing skills and costs. It also endorses 100% original content, and all articles made it using Copyscape. It would cost ten cents per article if you wrote it yourself. With this page, you can save money and time, and it is an obvious rival when it comes to content writing sites.