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Jetpack Premium VS Wordfence (Features & Pricing)

Jetpack Premium VS Wordfence (Features & Pricing)

Do you have a WordPress website? We do. We love WordPress, and we use it. It is quite a powerful and cheap platform. Fun fact: If we disregard the otherwise low cost of hosting, we’d say we’re getting WordPress for free. It is that way because WordPress is open-source software. We have been able to create several blogs and e-commerce websites using WordPress. We’ve also encouraged you in our other posts to try it if you haven’t yet.

WordPress does come with its challenges. The most painful problem you will encounter is website security. Yes, people, the internet can be quite an intrusive and hostile environment. Many people have lost years’ worth of work, money, and time dealing with these pesky attacks. Several companies have created solutions that protect your website against malicious attacks. Let’s compare two of the very best in this business, Jetpack Premium vs Wordfence security plugins.

We are going to look at each plugin separately. We will explore the features and capabilities of each plugin. Also, we’ll cover all the benefits that come with using each. After that, we will compare them and give you a conclusion on what we recommend. Let’s get into it with Jetpack Premium.

Jetpack Premium VS Wordfence (Features & Pricing)
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Jetpack Premium

Automattic, the company behind WordPress, founded the Jetpack Plugin in 2011. Jetpack started with eight modules that served several popular purposes. It now offers about 43 different modules. The Jetpack Plugin is much more useful than it currently looks. Let’s look at the features of Jetpack Premium.


We mentioned that Jetpack had integrated themes into its interface. You gain access to hundreds of free themes and over 200 premium WordPress themes. With Jetpack, you can customize your WordPress website any way you like. Automattic scans all these themes and approves them before you can use them. This way, Jetpack protects your website from any security vulnerabilities. Jetpack also makes these themes compatible with other Jetpack features. This way, your experience becomes seamless, and your website performance and responsiveness increases. Jetpack also has modules that easily create beautiful image galleries and build portfolios. You also get access to customizable widgets. Jetpack helps you embed content from your social media pages, Instagram photos, YouTube videos, tweets, and podcasts from SoundCloud.

Analytics and SEO

WordPress is naturally SEO-friendly. Jetpack Premium boosts your website SEO further with these two modules. Jetpack Site Stats gives you an overall view of new and regular visitors to your website. You also receive an optional feature to verify the ownership of your website. Once you prove to Google, Bing, Yandex, and Yahoo that you own your site, they give you access to their webmaster tools. These tools are quite useful, as you can track your SEO efforts using them. You also get SEO customization with Jetpack premium, a module that lets you control your site SEO. With this module, you can also connect to your Google Analytics account.


Jetpack has your back when it comes to engaging with your customers and users. Jetpack has several impressive modules that help your site to convert buyers. These modules also reduce your website bounce rate. Jetpack has excellent email marketing tools. It also offers modules for social media automation, infinite scrolling, and comments sections.

Back-Up and Restore

Jetpack protects you from losing all your website data by backing it up on Jetpack’s servers. While backing up your data is a no-brainer, being able to restore that data is as essential. Jetpack has that feature in its modules. You never have to worry about losing anything at all. Their VaultPress feature is very efficient. It maintains a 30-day backup image, and you can restore it all in just one click.


It’s all been leading to this: Website Security. Jetpack has several robust security modules that protect your website from intrusion. Jetpack’s Brute Force Attack Prevention module blocks any attempts to hack into your website. This module is, by default, enabled as the first line of defense.

Jetpack also has a Secure Authentication module that logs users into your site using secure login procedures. You can also enable two-factor authentication for stricter security. Jetpack also has an Automatic Plugin Update module. This module ensures that all your other plugins update regularly. Other security modules include malicious code scanning, priority customer support, and spam filtering.


There are four plans that Jetpack offers to users. First on the list is their free plan. It provides core features that are free to use. These features are available to all users, regardless of their plan.

Jetpack also has a personal plan for $3.50 monthly or $39 yearly. This plan is for hobbyists and single users. It comes with daily backups and 30-day archives. They have a premium plan for small businesses at $9 a month or $99 yearly. Their highest plan is the Professional Plan for large enterprises. It costs $29 monthly and $299 annually. This plan comes with real-time automated backups and unlimited archives.

Let’s now look at WordFence.

Jetpack Premium VS Wordfence (Features & Pricing)
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Wordfence Premium

This is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress. It has many security features that you can use to protect your site from malicious attacks. The plugin comes loaded with many core features for free users. It comes with more functionality for paid users.

Let’s look at some of these features.

Scan module

When you install the Wordfence plugin on your website, it will request you to perform a scan. This scan will check your site for vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities include backdoors, malware, modified core files, unknown files in WordPress folders, unsafe URLs, and pending updates.

Once this scan is complete, Wordfence will provide you with a report. Using this report, you can repair all the issues on your website. Wordfence will fix these vulnerabilities for you.

Advanced firewall settings

Wordfence has advanced firewall settings that enhance the capabilities of your site’s firewall. These settings also protect you from improved bot and malware attacks.


There are several tools that Wordfence has that you can use to improve the security of your website further. First, Wordfence will check the quality of your passwords. If your site passwords are weak, it will help you develop strong passwords.

It also has a WHOIS lookup tool that lets you know where the IP address and domains that are trying to access your website are. A third tool is the Cellphone Sign-in which adds a two-factor authentication layer to your website for you and your users.

Wordfence has a diagnostics tool that contains information about various aspects of your website.

Real-time protection

Wordfence premium updates your firewall rules and malware signatures in real-time. By doing so, Wordfence protects you against new and upcoming threats. This feature also automatically detects any new malware or vulnerability that may attack your website.

Country blocking

With this feature, you can restrict access to parts of your website or the whole site entirely from certain countries. Wordfence does this to protect your website from malicious attacks that come from specific countries in the world.

IP blacklist

Wordfence has a massive database of IP addresses which they track regularly. When Wordfence notices that an IP address has suspicious behavior, they automatically add that address to their blacklist. This IP address will no longer be able to access your site.

Premium support

Wordfence has premium support for all its premium users. You will receive expert support for your ticket within 24 hours. Their support only works during business hours, but they do their best to address your issues promptly.


Wordfence has an unusual pricing structure. They charge you for every single license you buy and offer discounts for more than two licenses. A single annual license costs $99. For two to four licenses, you receive a 10% discount on each license. Five to nine licenses, you get a 15% discount. For 10 to 14 licenses, you receive a 20% discount and finally, for more than 15 licenses, you get a 25% discount on all your licenses.

Jetpack Premium VS Wordfence (Features & Pricing)
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Comparison: Jetpack Premium vs Wordfence

As we have discussed, Jetpack Premium is more than just a security plugin for WordPress. It offers more modules and functionality that can help you increase traffic, increase your site performance, customize your site, and protect it. Jetpack is more of a total of features.

Wordfence, on the other hand, is strictly a security plugin. It has more extensive security features than Jetpack. It offers more comprehensive protection from malicious attacks and vulnerabilities.

You can use both plugins free of charge, but that always comes with limited functionality. However, purchasing a license from Jetpack is cheaper than buying a license from Wordfence.

Jetpack Premium VS Wordfence (Features & Pricing)
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Verdict: Jetpack Premium vs Wordfence

Both Jetpack Premium and Wordfence are robust security plugins. However, Wordfence will do a better job securing your website from malware attacks vs Jetpack Premium. This decision is a trade-off in a way, because if you’re looking for a plugin that offers more than just security, then Jetpack does a better job than Wordfence.

In an ideal world, you can have both — jetpack for its other features and Wordfence for its robust security. Many people use both plugins at once. However, if we were presented with that choice, we’d pick Wordfence. Just as Jetpack is a jack of all trades, so is Wordfence, the Master of security.

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