Keap Vs. Campaign Monitor – Which one is the best?

Let me ask you a simple question: How many times do you send emails to your clients in a single day? I know your answer cannot define an accurate figure. Depending upon your company’s reputation and standing, you might be required to send many emails and messages. Keap vs. Campaign Monitor – Which one is the best?

Here is the kicker for you :

What if you are introduced to a software tool that can make your emails unforgettable and exciting to your clients? Well, you would probably get it in the first place.

Emails and online business messages play a vital role in shaping your business reputation and status in the market. Thus, the more attractive your emails are, the more clients you get. Consequently, doing your business among the top ones in the industry.

keap vs campaign monitor
Keap vs. Campaign Monitor – which one to choose?

Being in the professional market, you must have heard of some exciting email marketing strategy tools, two of which are highly popular – Keap and Campaign Monitor.

However, if you are still confused about which one among these two gears is the finest marketing tool to fancy your emails, this article is made for you. Below, we have explained a detailed guide on how Keap differs from Campaign Monitor.

To explore which one between Keap and Campaign Monitor is better, keep reading till the end.

Keap Vs Campaign Monitor – What is Campaign Monitor?

Before we jump straight into the article, let us understand a bit about Campaign Monitor.

Campaign Monitor is a cloud-based email marketing key through which you can manage your incoming and outgoing emails, draft them, send the newsletter to your subscribers, and generate reports and statistics of your company or website in a classified manner.

Campaign Monitor works by introducing the latest techniques that let the users enjoy several exciting features. It has made it convenient for companies that strive to achieve a perfect email format.

With this software, you can customize your email messages into unique-looking mails to enhance their effectiveness over the client.

Keap Vs Campaign Monitor – What is Keap?

Similar to Campaign Monitor, Keap is software that comes under the category of Email Marketing Tools. Based in Chandler, Arizona, Keap is a private company focused on maximizing customer satisfaction and automating the business by ensuring client’s relationships with the company.

It also works as a cloud-based technology that focuses on managing your client’s data and keep up all the information in one place. With a tagline of “More business, less work,” Keap offers services like Sales and Marketing Automation, CRM, Payments, Report Analytics, and much more.

What’s the exciting feature?

They also provide subscription packages based on your business’s running criteria, from which you can choose easily.

Keap Vs Campaign Monitor

Now, let’s talk about the actual contest between Keap and Campaign Monitor. If you plan on buying a new tool for your company, you must consider some factors that can influence your decision to purchase these gears.

The following presents a clear and vivid comparison of Keap and Campaign Monitor to make you select the best one.

1. Price Range

For Keap and Campaign Monitor, prices vary enormously. Both provide exceptional features at a very competitive rate. The price range of Keap and Campaign monitor differs to a great extent. Interestingly, each provides subscription plans depending upon your business level.

For Keap, you will be required to subscribe to a standard plan at a rate of $79.00 per month. Compared to Campaign Monitor, the latter offers a subscription at an affordable rate, i.e., $9.00 per month.

2. Number of Users

It would be best to consider this significant factor when you are planning to select an email marketing tool between Keap and Campaign Monitor. Although both of these tools have an immense usage rate among the users, Campaign Monitor being simple in its interface and use, has a higher percentage of users.

Do you know?

More than 2 million people use Campaign Monitor for their regular businesses. As this email marketing tool works for people who want to get the best results delivered at a standard rate, more people trust and use Campaign Monitor.

3. Overall Rating

Several platforms have different ratings for Keap and Campaign Monitor. Based on the general public’s reviews, a typical statistic resulted in an overall rating of 4.6 stars out of 5.0 for Campaign Monitor.

Similarly, the reviews from people gave 4.1 out of 5.0 stars to Keap—making Campaign Monitor much appreciated than Keap.

4. Features  

The most crucial element in comparing Keap and Campaign Monitor is the features, specialties, and functionalities provided by these two email marketing tools.

  • Campaign Monitor is known to have a simple and effective interface, whereas Keap is regarded for having a complex structure. Most people who use Keap for a couple of days can easily understand and get used to the features
  • Campaign Monitor has got a plus point for having a faster performance than Keap
  • The Mobile App of Keap is considered easy to use to manage the daily activities of a business

Features and Specialties of Campaign Monitor and Keap

Some of the commonly known features provided by the email marketing tool of Campaign Monitor are:

  • AB Testing
  • Auto Respond
  • Drip Campaigns
  • List Management
  • Landing Platform
  • Template
  • Reporting/ Statistics
  • Email Editor
  • Subscriber Management

Furthermore, for Keap, all of the features mentioned above are available. Besides, Keap offers a couple of more advanced parts and functionalities such as Customer Survey, Image Library, Event-Triggered Email, etc.

Customer Service – Keap vs Campaign Monitor

Both of these companies have fantastic customer support and service area. As compared to Keap, Campaign Monitor provides extensive 24/7 customer care. Individuals can download apps for both Android and iOS for both Keap and Campaign Monitor. Keap also offers prompt customer care.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, we can say that both Keap and Campaign Monitor are exceptional email marketing tools for businesses. However, it depends on your work’s nature when selecting the most suitable tool among these two. In Keap vs. Campaign Monitor, anyone having a simple business structure can choose Campaign Monitor, being simple and easy to use at an affordable rate.