Keap vs. Freshmarketer

Keap vs Freshmarketer – Which one is the best?

Keap vs Freshmarketer – which one is better? In the digital marketing world, we have many choices when it comes to helping us manage our business and its task. Keap is a tool capable of helping us solve the various tasks related to marketing and sales. It also helps our clients’ management and our relationship with them. This can be the solution to manage our business online efficiently. It can even be considered essential if we handle databases of considerable size. Besides, this tool allows us to customize campaigns and even integrate them with third-party tools. This system is aimed precisely at businesses that need a scalable solution. It responds to their diverse needs at each stage of their growth.

keap vs freshmarketer
Keap vs. Freshmarketer

On the other hand, Freshmarketer is Freshworks’ largest marketing automation system. This is designed to be a standalone yet robust marketing automation tool. It can be seamlessly integrated into the entire Freshworks ecosystem. Freshmarketer offers everything we can expect from a marketing automation tool. It provides us with a rich set of features ranging from email marketing and dynamic forms and landing pages to lead scoring and customer journey mapping. Next, we will see the main differences between both options so that we have an idea of ​​what each one can offer us when seeking help in the marketing area.

Keap vs Freshmarketer – Target Audience

Keap is software specifically designed to help small businesses carry out their daily work intelligently and efficiently. It offers management and marketing tools to enhance its customers’ reach and service without compromising quality.

Freshmarketers, on the other hand, are ideal for marketers who need to be able to meet critical needs within their marketing model. Those such as nutrition and lead scoring.

Keap vs Freshmarketer – Prices

Keap Grow

The Keap platform offers us three different packages in our account mode. All of them offer us a free trial during the first 2 months. Our first option is the Keap Grow, priced at $ 24 per month. This does not allow to include up to 500 contacts and 1 user. It is aimed at new companies and new businesses. It is an easy-to-use tool that helps us be more efficient. Keap Grow responds quickly to customer needs, and host all their activity in one place. Some of the benefits that this subscription modality offers us are the management and segmentation of contacts through labels, saved searches, filters and contact lists, and basic web forms.

Keap Pro

The second level that it offers us is the Keap Pro, priced at $ 45 per month. This, like Keap Grow, allows us to include 500 contacts and 1 user. However, this package is aimed at previously established, service-based companies with personalized needs such as creating marketing campaigns to advance their business and repeatable sales processes. The functionalities it offers are similar to that of the Grow package. The management and segmentation of contacts through labels, saved searches, filters, and contact lists. However, web forms can now be more advanced. Besides, it offers us the power to manage appointments and landing pages.


The latest and most advanced package they offer us is Infusionsoft. With a price of $ 60 that allows us to include the usual 500 contacts in addition to the only user. This advanced package is aimed at teams that need a robust CRM solution and want to drive growth with advanced marketing and sales automation, customizable campaigns, and application integration. In addition to having all the functions of the previous packages, it includes the unique functions of maintaining company records, evaluating prospects, and offers us a fully customizable panel.

Freshmarketer Plans

The Freshmarketer platform also offers us three price levels. They’re based on the number of contacts we have. However, it still offers us a free 21-day trial to try different solutions regardless of the price level. The first level that this medium offers us is the “Sprout” level. This is a totally free offer. Therefore, it only presents us with the option of 500 contacts and a significantly reduced package of functions compared to the other options. It is still anticipated as it is a totally free package. It is classified primarily as an email management tool.

The second level that they offer us is the “Garden” level. The price of this starts at $ 49 / month, this price offers us the option of 1,000 contacts. However, it can increase up to $ 309 / month if we have around 25,000 contacts. This package offers us a wider and more varied variety of functions than the “Sprout,” although it still leaves several functionalities out that can be really useful. The last price level offered to us is the “Estate” option. Their prices start at $ 99 / month offering us the support of 1,000 contacts and can reach $ 539 / month for 25,000 contacts. The Estate package is able to provide us with the complete catalog of Freshmarketer strategies.


The Keap platform offers us some resources to do email marketing, such as message templates in a vast library of predesigned emails. It also allows us to make a segmentation to subdivide the mailing lists. Through visual and precise reports, it offers us control of the effectiveness of messages and campaigns.

At Freshmarketer they understand that email automation has become essential for a modern marketing strategy. For this reason, it offers us a large number of tools that can help us create, test, deliver and optimize emails to achieve a level of high-quality marketing. We can choose from a myriad of pre-built templates for our emails. If you prefer, we can design our templates using Freshmarketer’s classic drag and drop email builder. Thanks to its tools and easy-to-use interface, we will be able to create personalized emails in no time, even if we do not have any design or coding experience. Freshmarketer also gives us the option to set standard automation like welcome, birthday, and even cart abandonment emails. These automatons are also highly customizable, with emails designed to personalize lead engagement with the right messages when they should receive them.

Since many of the techniques and tools offered by both platforms are different, we will show you which are the most outstanding of each one to see if any of these sites is for you. Keep in mind that we must consider very well if any of them can help us expand our clientele and increase the recognition that we can achieve as a brand or if we aren’t at a point where we need to have these sites.

Automation of marketing tasks

With the help of Keap, our clients’ actions will trigger automated emails in processes. We don’t need to do any manual customer tracking because the tool takes care of it. Besides, the Pro versions still go further and allow us to continually move our leads to the next step in sales. It creates a repeatable sales process with automated emails. Keap also offers the visualization of the processes interactively, making it possible to track and trace each action and activity. And thanks to the customizable dashboard, we can organize our leads and existing customers throughout our sales process.

Keap vs Freshmarketer – Leadership management

Freshmarketer can provide us with everything we need to manage both contacts, prospects, and clients from a single solution. It can handle all the activity of our communications without any problem. This platform can help us register custom information fields and see what scope they can have with our potential clients. Even in an offline entry, Freshmarketer allows us to create custom fields to enter any unique need that we deem worth tracking.

Choosing a platform that helps us with digital marketing focused on email can be very good for online companies. In addition to helping to spread their product, thanks to a large number of these, we can select the one that best suits our needs. But, we must be very aware that not all offer the same and that many of these may require a much higher budget than others. We must stop for a second and analyze very well what we need, before making the decision of which platform we want to select. We must be aware if it is worth the subscription cost for the benefits received. Especially if we are still a small company that is starting in the world of online marketing.