Keap vs. Omnisend


Keap vs. Omnisend – which one is better? To keep our business running efficiently, we will have to learn to multitask. Because there is a limit to how much we can do, there are ways to increase productivity that we can achieve. In regards to handling, we have to manage leads. We also need to monitor the actions we carry out to become clients, control each client’s sales, send them messages, resolve and manage incidents.

These are too many tasks at once that we can handle all by ourselves. Right? Well, that’s not all. On many occasions, several of these tasks intersect each other. It makes it even more challenging to do everything in the correct way and on time. Because many platforms can help us maintain order in our management, we will present two of the most recognized out there.

keap vs omnisend
Keap vs Omnisend – which one is better?

What is Keap?

Keap is a tool capable of helping us solve the various tasks related to marketing and sales, our clients’ management, and our relationship with them. It can be the solution to manage our business online efficiently. It can even be considered essential if we handle databases of considerable size. Besides, this tool allows us to customize campaigns and even integrate them with third-party tools. This system is aimed precisely at businesses that need a scalable solution. It responds to their diverse needs at each stage of their growth.

What is Omnisend?

Omnisend is a comprehensive e-commerce and marketing automation platform. It is designed to help us sell and increase awareness of our brand and product using various media. One of these is that it reaches our customers with personalized messages using powerful automation workflows, which aim to increase our sales. It is also capable of increasing our subscriber lists thanks to its wide variety of subscription forms.

Keap vs. Omnisend – Target Audience

Keap is software specifically designed to help small businesses carry out their daily work intelligently and efficiently. It offers management and marketing tools to enhance its customers’ reach and service without compromising quality. 

Omnisend, on the other hand, is intended to provide advanced marketing automation tools. Mainly to those e-commerce marketers who have already passed certain levels and generic email marketing platforms are not enough for them. 

Keap vs. OmnisendPrice

Keap Grow

The Keap platform offers us three different packages in our account mode. All of them offer us a free trial during the first 2 months. Our first option is the Keap Grow, priced at $ 24 per month. This does not allow to include up to 500 contacts and 1 user. It is aimed at new companies and new businesses. It is an easy-to-use tool that helps us be more efficient. Responding quickly to customer needs, and host all their activity in one place. Some of the benefits that this subscription modality offers us are the management and segmentation of contacts through labels, saved searches, filters and contact lists, and basic web forms.

Keap Pro

The second level that it offers us is the Keap Pro, priced at $ 45 per month. This, like Keap Grow, allows us to include 500 contacts and 1 user. However, this package is aimed at previously established, service-based companies with personalized needs such as creating marketing campaigns to advance their business and repeatable sales processes. The functionalities it offers are similar to that of the Grow package. The management and segmentation of contacts through labels, saved searches, filters, and contact lists. However, web forms can now be more advanced. Besides, it offers us the power to manage appointments and landing pages.


The latest and most advanced package they offer us is Infusionsoft. It is a plan with a price of $ 60 that allows us to include the usual 500 contacts in addition to the only user. This advanced package is aimed at teams that need a robust CRM solution and want to drive growth with advanced marketing and sales automation, customizable campaigns, and application integration. In addition to having all the functions of the previous packages, it includes the unique functions of maintaining company records, evaluating prospects, and, besides, it offers us a fully customizable panel.

Omnisend Packages

On the contrary, Omnisend includes a free version that only includes email. It does not offer any of the other channels that the platform has. However, the following package, this being the standard, includes the SMS option. The cost of this package is $ 16 per month. However, to use the SMS function we will need to purchase credits. If we want to jump from the Standard version to the Pro, we will get access to Facebook and Google retargeting and the Web Push notifications.

Switching to the Pro package brings the price to $ 199 per month. If we want more excellent coverage, for example, on sites like WhatsApp, we will have to pay an activation fee of $ 2000. That is in addition to a charge for each message sent. These profit strategies put Omnisend beyond the budget of many companies. That is especially if they are starting or still small companies that want to promote their brand and expand their reach to more potential customers.

Keap vs. Omnisend – Emails

Email marketing is still regarded as one of the most powerful tools for marketing actions. It becomes infallible if we add resources to the power of the emails that reach the mailbox that allow us to personalize messages and channel leads. Keap platform offers us some resources to do email marketing. Those, such as message templates in a wide library of predesigned emails. It also allows us to make a segmentation to subdivide the mailing lists. Through visual and clear reports, it offers us control of the effectiveness of messages and campaigns.

Omnisend has a fairly intuitive email generator that offers us many default blocks and a very varied range of options. It provides us with the option to save the custom templates that we can reuse as many times as we want. It is a very useful feature that can save us a lot of time. Because where Omnisend excels is as an email marketing platform focused on e-commerce. That is the primary offer it offers us. All other channels are being built on top of email and integrated into a general package. One of the most remarkable aspects of Omnisend when it comes to talking about email is how we can send for the price we pay. Both the standard and professional packages and even the free ones allow us to send up to 15,000 messages per month. 

In addition to the aspects that both platforms share, there are various unique functions that each one offers us focused on the different areas of management, organization, and marketing of our company. These can be decisive when choosing one of these options to help us manage and manage our company.

Effective customer management

Keap collects all the aspects related to our clients in one place. The software is responsible for monitoring aspects such as activities, sales, communications, updating the records, and managing collections. If we integrate it with the email application, Keap can update the contact records according to the messages sent and received.

Besides, it is also capable of sending personalized messages, automating responses, and creating message templates. Finally, the history of all communications with the client is kept. Their unified data, data such as contact information, shared files and meeting histories, documents, and payments, are kept safe for easy access.

Keap vs. Omnisend – Commerce platforms

Thanks to the fact that Omnisend works with all e-commerce platforms, including BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and others within the area. It has managed to win many of its users, especially for the integration of Shopify, which dig into the platform. When creating Omnisend emails, you can implement Shopify discount codes directly within the build app.

When entering the world of digital marketing and commerce, we must ask ourselves what our objectives and customers to whom we are offering our products are. Based on choosing the right platform and package that is optimal for our level of the company, both in functionality and price.