Keep Your Data Safe With These Acronis Alternatives


Keep Your Data Safe With These Acronis Alternatives

What is Acronis? It’s pretty easy to underestimate the value of keeping your personal data well secured. Rather, until sudden disaster strikes close to home that is.

Whether facing an errant thunderstorm frying your hard drive or a malicious organized attack from some unseen foe, the need for secure data backups will undoubtedly imprint itself in your brain following one or more of these traumatic events.

Seems unlikely to you? Sorry to say, but just think again. Here’s a reality check: according to a study by Juniper

Whether facing an errant thunderstorm frying your hard drive or a malicious organized attack from some unseen foe, the need for secure data backups will undoubtedly imprint itself in your brain following one or more of these traumatic events. Seems unlikely to you? Sorry to say, but just think again. Here’s a reality check: according to a study by Juniper

Keep Your Data Safe With These Acronis Alternatives
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Initiation of Acronis

The industry standard for encrypted back-ups, disaster recovery solutions, and enterprise file sync has been Acronis for several years now. Their strong reputation naturally proceeds them, with more than twice as many users as the next leading brand.

They’ve solidified themselves in the pantheon among the most secure data storage options – four out of every five companies on the Fortune 1000 are using their specialized anti-ransomware authentication systems bolstered with blockchain encryption.

Acronis’s product base serves a total of five million customers from 150 distinct countries. It doesn’t take a business major to see that these impressive numbers don’t lie, making Acronis a titan within their ever-expanding industry. It certainly seems like the choice has been made for you already when shopping around for data defense programs.

All that being said, just because the majority has decided on their cybersecurity and storage software of choice doesn’t mean Acronis truly is the best on the market for discerning consumers with particular needs. By doing a little bit of digging, one will reveal a whole slew of shortcomings that could potentially put your satisfaction and private data at risk.

Reviews of Acronis

According to some of the latest reviews, feature-creep and bloating are hitting Acronis hard and complaints regarding its sluggish response times and worrying instability mount with every new update.

Between confusing layouts, bugs of all varieties, and questionable service practices there are a growing crowd interested in secure data solutions without the pain that Acronis has become synonymous within the cybersecurity universe. An exodus has begun and a whole wave of dissatisfied men and women are attempting to jump ship. If you yourself are in need of a better security plan, these are just a few of the interesting alternatives which may prove to be worth looking into:

Keep Your Data Safe With These Acronis Alternatives
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Initiation of Carbonite

The biggest selling point of all comes in the form of unlimited cloud storage, a feat which simply by itself makes Carbonite Personal an undeniably enticing offer. This particular data solution is robust enough to deal with businesses both big and small without faltering, and their heavily lauded customer service sets them apart from the rest of the pack, earning them the praise of those who appreciate a patient and attentive support system to aid in troubleshooting.

Since Acronis has been getting major flack for failing to meet their customer’s needs in a prompt and helpful manner, the proven service reps at Carbonite might be the answer to those frustrated individuals in need of security and guidance. Plus, for the extreme paranoids out there, Carbonite lets you make back-ups of your back-ups. That’s the best restoration guarantee around!

Keep Your Data Safe With These Acronis Alternatives
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Let’s Talk About Some Features

Macrium Reflect is perhaps the most popular competitor to Acronis in today’s market, boasting an impressive resume of features for both premium and free editions. The versatility and customizability found in this software are more than serviceable, and every facet can be tweaked to the user’s specific whims far beyond the basic backup settings of its peers. Macrium Image Guardian stands up to ransomware uniformly and has a proven track record at winning the fight against cybercriminals.

Those tired of running into problems with the confusing depth of Acronis can fret not, as Macrium’s design and strong tech support facilitate use from even the greenest newbies. Sadly, despite the name Macrium, any MacOS users will need to look elsewhere – unfortunately, they’re not supported in the software’s current version.


Another heavy hitter in the mix, Veeam’s Availability Platform is a top contender boasting strong analytics coupled with a potent DataLabs service. This backup behemoth ensures success during disaster recovery scenarios and markets itself as a strong complement for SaaS-based workloads. Veeam’s specialization means that any Office 365 data you might be looking to lock down won’t be going anywhere in the near future.

Virtual or physical, environments can be quickly stored and observed with the Rapid Delta Clone and Veeam Manager programs. The competency of the Veeam suite is a stark contrast to some of the more unreliable aspects found in Acronis such as semi-frequent load instability.

If you want a dependable service with tried and tested data observation systems, then this is a good investment. Not to mention, with a thirty-day free trial, you should have plenty of time to decide whether Veeam’s Platform is the correct fit for your cybersecurity needs.

Some other Alternatives

From the people at Amazon Services comes Glacier, a data backup service unique for running on the world’s biggest global cloud-based foundational infrastructure. Their security is tight to the point that they’ve managed to satisfy various compliance requirements for almost all regulatory agencies worldwide; there’s no melting this bad boy.

You can trust your most sensitive data with a household name like Amazon, and totally free from the worry of upfront fees. In every way, their security measures match up with Acronis blow for blow but gone are the bugs found in the latter’s latest releases. Displaying all the safety and a fraction of the irritation, Glacier’s cool as ice cybersecurity sphere is as reliable as any other service in Amazon’s vast library of utilities.

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Keep Your Data Safe With These Acronis Alternatives
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Secure Your Data

with roots stretching back decades, Unitrends has been a legitimate Acronis replacement since the beginning. Various popular and crowd-pleasing features like instant VM spin-ups and automatic recovery testing have certainly garnered their fair share of supporters. Using this rock-solid data vault, even the most seasoned e-criminals will have a difficult time cracking the system’s deep-seated encryption methodology.

Strive to keep your prices down with this more affordable software option, and at the expense of absolutely none of the safety measures. As an all in one enterprise that providers their users up to one hundred petabytes of protected allowance hosted on their cloud, Unitrends can be scaled to the heart’s desire of their consumer base. It’s a far more consistent and generally stable solution than the Acronis of late, and thus might just be a more reliable haven for your data.

Carbonite or Acronis

The cybersecurity field’s rapid expansion throughout this decade has hardly been matched by anything before it, and every month breeds brand new services and software trying to stymie an onslaught of unscrupulous data thieves. Our current technologic arms race for the world’s information leaves consumers with an important choice to make, and one they shouldn’t make lightly. Acronis and its unbridled popularity might leave it as the most appealing option to newcomers dipping their toes into the ocean, but delightful gems such as Macrium Reflect and Veeam are clearly valuable substitutes to consider further.

Within their own niches, the alternates to Acronis have a lot going for them from an increased emphasis on satisfying customer relations to faster backup speeds, more consistent results, and fewer headaches. This wide, diverse playing field should be more than enough to give you room to experiment and discover a storage solution you’re comfortable with using. The competition is out there, so there’s simply no reason to settle for anything less than the cream of the crop.

Keep Your Data Safe With These Acronis Alternatives
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If you or anybody you know have had positive or negative user experiences regarding Acronis and its slew of competitor suites, consider leaving a comment down below to give like-minded individuals that valuable input. This topic is a critical one, and these cybersecurity questions require an excess of care.

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