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Leapforce Review

What is Leapforce?

Leapforce At Home offers the opportunity to work and make money from home. It recruits ordinary people, and there is no need for any experience to work with them.  

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On this platform, people work as search engine evaluators, hence we will try to cover all you need to know about this portal.

What Does Leapforce Do?

Leapforce At home is an independent contractor jobs program. In Leapforce, individual agents or independent evaluators are called search engine evaluators. Below, we will explain what is a search engine evaluator is all about.

Clients compensate Leapforce for search engine assessments. Leapforce then employs out-sourced contractors to perform the research.

The company follows a work from home model. The Leapforce summary page shows you what the potential is all about.

Leapforce HQ is located in CA. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has judged the organization to be in good standing for eleven years. The BBB says that there are 450 employees at Leapforce. The number is outdated, but it may have been modified because it was published in 2009.

Who is a Search Engine Evaluator?

You need to remember three various factors when determining what a search engine evaluator does.

A search engine evaluator uses ‘keywords’ and ‘search phrases’ to search. Their ratings reflect the consistency of the information they collect. Some of the attributes of a website include its rating on a list. The choice is based upon your employer’s requirements. Search evaluators are also likely to look for videos, images, PDF documents, and more. They have grades or scores with these results.

Search engine algorithms like Google and Bing rely on the knowledge they have. Evaluators oversee the consistency of websites and assist in search engine ranking.

Required qualification

  • At least 18 years of age
  • You must possess the abilities of Internet research and study
  • Sufficient proficiency in writing and critical thinking skills
  • For U.S. needs, you must speak English fluently. To achieve job opportunities in a foreign language, you must pass a language test
  • Knowledge of popular culture, internet culture, and social media  
  • Wide and varied interests in a number of fields
  • A bachelor’s degree or higher or related job experience
  • You can work autonomously without personal supervision
  • High speed and stable internet connection 

The compulsory requirements are, as you can see, somewhat rudimentary. Ensure that your application and CV contain all necessary skills and training.

How much does Leapforce platform pay you?

Experts report that Leapforce pays its evaluators a minimum of $13.50 for an hour. Below is compiled from various sources and can help you understand the compensation offered by Leapforce. This information is only useful for U.S. citizens.

  • $13.78-$13.88 per hour based on reviews of 161 people (Glassdoor)
  • $13.50 per hour is the recorded salary for employees based on an employee review (Reddit)
  • U.S. workers earn $14 per hour based on employees’ responses (Reddit)
  • $13.50 per hour based on the review of several employees (Indeed)

In some cases, it may be possible to earn more than the wages mentioned above.

Leapforce requires workers to be paid once per month. To receive payment, you will need a bank account.

This website also asserts that there are no application fees necessary to pursue this job.

The website also asserts that there are no application fees necessary to pursue this job. However, you will be responsible for your internet and Computer expenses.

Let us check out the advantages and disadvantages of working with Leapforce.

Leapforce Advantages

Timely payments

Leapforce pays within 30 days. In other terms, they clear the bill at least 30 days after the invoice has been submitted and approved.

Customer and client support

The support system provided by Leapforce is excellent. When you are unhappy with the quality, submit an email complaint. If you need assistance with your finances, contact the finance department. You want to take a holiday, send them an email. They respond within three days.  It has a social media presence where people can interact, ask queries that may or may not relate to work.

Conducive work environment

We are all tired of seeing all the articles supporting divisive political views. Haven’t we had enough hate, false information, and distorted social media posts?

Finally, we don’t need to and don’t want to talk politics. An occasional post straying towards divisive topics likely to provoke and influence people finds its way to social media, but they are quickly overrun by pleasant, appropriate and positive posts of the Leapforce community participants. 

Swearing and bashing people based on their faith, race, caste, creed, etc. is not tolerated. The moderators ensure that the participants uphold decorum in discussions.

No fixed hours

There are no fixed hours for working with Leapforce, and this provides flexibility to the contractors to work at their convenience.

Leapforce Disadvantages

Tagged as contractor 

As an independent contractor, you don’t get any employment benefits. You are liable for paying taxes on your own.

Your contract is for an initial 6-month duration. Renewing the contract is at the discretion of Leapforce based on your quality of work.

Quality Assurance

Leapforce’s systems for quality management are the most rigorous and reliable, thus the people are constantly and intensely anxious about successive quality evaluations. One needs to concentrate on meeting the quality standards to ensure one’s contract renewal. Leapforce is lenient for the first six months.

Availability of work

Work availability varies depending on the day of the week, time of day, or the month of the year. At times, you can feel frustrated by the amount of work you are assigned. There are fewer or no tasks are required on weekends or holidays.


To Sum up, Leapforce at home provides successful independent money-making opportunities. The exam process is rigorous, but the learning experience would be satisfying. At least $13.50 per hour, this work is a great place to start. We will likely need search engine evaluation in the near future. Use this analysis to help you determine whether you are the right person for the job.

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