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With the omnipresence of the Internet that we experience today, one of the best ways to earn extra money in this interconnected era is by selling stuff you don’t need anymore online. And there are many sites to do this quickly, which allow you to sell things without you being a conventional business. Still, an occasional or minor seller is known as consumer-to-consumer(C2C) electronic commerce platforms or markets where consumers interact directly to buy and sell products. And the platform is only an intermediary for the sale and nothing else.

eBay is the most famous C2C platform worldwide, and it’s good to sell old things you no longer want to keep. Craiglist is also a suitable choice to sell stuff online. Even Facebook is excellent for this purpose. But for some time, a fourth participant has been gaining popularity, and that is Letgo.

If you’re thinking about selling your belongings online, we want to help you to choose the right site to do it. So keep reading and learn about Letgo, an excellent choice to sell your old possessions or buy incredible bargains from your smartphone.

What is Letgo?

Founded in January 2015 and with Headquarters in New York City and Barcelona, Spain, Letgo is a company that provides a cellphone app that allows users to buy from, selling to, and even chatting to others locally. In short, it is a mobile classifier aimed at people who want to purchase and sell things locally in an easy and fast way.

letgo logo
Letgo logo @Pinterest

It’s pretty more straightforward than their bigger competitors, as everything you need to get started is to download the app on your phone and sign up with a valid email. After registering, you’re ready to buy and sell!

Letgo, an app with an intuitive interface

Letgo app has a user-friendly interface. Unless in some specific situations, everyone should be able to use it with no problems.

Exploring the marketplace is simple. You appear on the main page once you open the app, where you can immediately see the items other users listed for sale. You can also find a search bar you can use to look for particular items. Like all platforms of this kind, Letgo also counts with categories you can view from the homepage. This feature makes the searching easier, for sure.

To start selling, all you have to do is tap on the “sell your stuff” to begin the process we’re going to explain below.

How to sell on Letgo

Once you have registered on the app, and, of course, you’ve decided what to sell, this is what you should do to start selling:

1. Click on the camera icon and select a picture from your gallery, or you can take a photo using the app. Consider this you can only list items from the app, not from the computer.

2. The second step is to put a price on the item you want to sell. You can decide on an exact amount or leave the price as “negotiable.”

3. By tapping on “Add more details,” you can add a title, description, and category. This action also allows you to add additionals pictures.

4. Finish the process by tapping the “done” button.

And this all you need to do to sell things on Letgo. Pretty easy and fast.

Is it Letgo safe?

We tell you that Letgo i’s a company with a good reputation used by millions of people. It’s a safe platform to sell your things because it protects your data and all related to that kind of security. But in another sense, Letgo is as safe as other marketplaces. It all depends on who you are doing business with when using this app.

Letgo doesn’t do any background checks, but it has a verification system. To make anything safer, try to engage only with verified users and take precautions when reuniting with the buyer in person. Also, keep all communication inside the app chats.

In general, Letgo is used by reliable and responsible people, but you must take your measures.

What not to sell on Letgo

There’s the chance you try to list an item for sale on Letgo, and then you see that it doesn’t appear everywhere. This probably is not a mistake; you could break the Community Guidelines without noticing it. For example, Letgo doesn’t allow spam, so you can’t repost the same item repeatedly times.

The other reason your item is not listed could be that you’re trying to sell a prohibited item. Letgo is not a marketplace for anything, and you can’t sell everything you want in the app. Here a partial list of what you can’t sell on Letgo:

  • Drugs and alcohol (this includes medical devices).
  • Animals (including coral, fossils, and protected species’ skin and bones).
  • Food.
  • Adult content, like pornography and sex toys.
  • Weapons and dangerous items like fireworks, pesticides, and tear gas.
  • Some services like financial, medical, legal services. Services making extreme or unrealistic promises are also prohibited.

You can’t sell other stuff on Letgo, like lottery tickets, corporal fluids, and used cosmetics.

So avoid trying to selling these things on Letgo; you’ll be unable to do it. If you need to sell some of these, start looking for another platform because Letgo is not what you’re looking for.

How much Letgo cost?

We have explained the main features of Letgo. But now is the time to tell you the most attractive of this C2C platform. It costs $0 to sell things on Letgo because there are no fees for selling items through this platform, which is ideal for getting extra money selling some stuff online.

However, Letgo pro exists. This version starts at $99 monthly, and it’s designed for car dealerships.

Is it worth it?

Letgo is an excellent app to sell things you don’t longer need or sell in small quantities. However, it’s not the best option if you’re planning to start big e-commerce, mainly because it was not designed for that.

We recommend you to use Letgo with no worries. It’s an excellent C2C platform, as good as their big competitors.

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