lifepoints review

LifePoints Review

What is LifePoints?

LifePoints allow consumers to supply their viewpoints and sentiments; it’s one among the foremost extensive analyses and marketing research globally. LifePoints is accessible in 70 countries, having over 5 million members from around the world. The study and understanding of the consumers have led to LifePoints revolutionary solutions that have created brands’ solutions to supply a far better consumer experience.

The members contribute to influencing services, future products and makes mainly by participating in data collection and research. The contribution of LifePoints members is an immensely important aspect. It affects the products, services, and therefore the shape of the longer-term changing lives considerably.

With the LifePoints membership, one is familiar with desire a part of a community that will contribute to the longer-term with the betterment of a product or service together can share views and opinions.

What is Consumer Research?

Consumer research is the basis for discovering people’s choices for particular services and products. Their likes, dislikes, wants, desires, views, and opinions. By taking time to ask people questions, one can understand the choice of a specific service or product over the opposite. The gathering of data is a facet through which product testing, data collection, and surveys are administered.

How to Collect LifePoints?

Members receive email notifications for participation in surveys. One can participate in the surveys at any time. The amount of surveys that one can take part in during a month depends on the sort of surveys available. Each study that one participates in allows for the gathering of life points. As a member, one can answer from various fields of surveys starting from travel, health, sports, travel, and other day-to-day life activities.

Signing Up on LifePoints

When you check in for an account on LifePoints and validate your email address, you’re eligible for ten LifePoints. You get additional points for answering few questions concerning yourself and your household—the questions are directing towards matching the survey. The credit points are credited to your account and are redeemable as long as your account is active.

Active Status

Upon registration, the status is “Active.” During this point, one can participate in the activities and revel in the exclusive benefits, like service and incentives, including contacting the personnel for any assistance. “Active” status confirms that one has joined the panel and has participated during a survey or activity within thirty days or maybe ninety days. They’re administered for a specific item and therefore the member’s suitability.

Is LifePoints Legit?

LifePoints may be a good company that’s been alive for the last 14 years. The prizes are genuine, and one gets a compensation whenever a survey has ended.

How Does LifePoints Work?

The central primary business aspect of LifePoints membership is that the execution of surveys. Also, other activities like data collection, testing of various products, and mini polls are multiple opportunities for collecting LifePoints.

how does lifepoints work: steps
Screenshot of LifePoints website

Taking Surveys

LifePoints surveys done online are self-administered a part of a broader family compared to the administration of surveys administered face to face by sparing time to finish surveys, airing your views and opinions, and giving your input on particular services, development, or maybe the products. The web survey’s standard relies entirely on the small print provided by an individual’s provision and, therefore, the update on one’s profile. Data collection after the survey is passed on to the clients; however, one’s identity is private.

The combination of all responses aggregates results. All the LifePoints surveys are administered online—the results assembling is in a database that the client can analyze.

Product Testing

Members can receive products in the mailboxes for product assessment; afterward, they’re elicited with questions concerning the actual products.

Behavior Recording

On various occasions, participants can receive diaries where members can record specific behaviors during a given time. One can keep tabs on how often they perform particular events. The knowledge they collect is for product or service development.

How to Get Paid?

When one accumulates sufficient LifePoints, there are several ways to receive payments which may be through:

  • Charitable donation
  • PayPal
  • Electronic gift cards

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LifePoints Pros

  • The duration of the survey and the amount paid out afterward: The maximum amount because the survey topic is concealed beforehand, one can know the approximate time to accomplish a specific task and, therefore, the expected rewards.
  • Flexible timings: the time it takes to finish the survey is extremely flexible. One can pick between five minutes or maybe thirty minutes, counting on the time you’ve got in your hands.
  • Earn reward faster: one can cash on LifePoints for a present with as low as 550 points, which in essence, one can earn within the first week.

LifePoints Cons

  • Problematic to qualify: marketing research companies employ different structures to organize one for a survey. The determining factors might make one not qualify for the position.
  • Limited means of earning: There is a limit, you can just do surveys for testing or behavioral tracking, unlike other hosts, which have various methods like watching videos, making points for shopping online, etc.
  • Longer duration for reward disbursement: It takes ten business days to get the gift cards for surveys or get to receive money on PayPal.
  • It doesn’t have a mobile application: LifePoints discontinued the mobile app in favor of its website. Unfortunately, an excessive number of people prefer the application. However, LifePoints have optimization for smartphone users.

Is LifePoints Worth Your Time?

Yes, LifePoints may be a phenomenal website that you simply should consider joining. However, in contrast with other various paid surveys, it is entirely different. LifePoints don’t pay members to observe videos online, shop, or game online. Instead, LifePoints buy opinions administered through surveys; hence, one must be very patient by considering what proportion of free time one can put aside.

Counting on what proportion of time one has, it’s easy to form an additional income by participating in surveys. LifePoints consumer is above average, and most consumers are happy with it acknowledging gift vouchers, survey sites, and exciting surveys.