liveops reviews

Liveops Reviews

Work From Home and Liveops

There are many reasons to choose to work from home. You can attain privacy, flexibility, and freedom. Also, top part-time and full-time work-from-home jobs are hourly gigs that are highly desired. You might be surprised to learn that opportunities for success exist. You can find work-at-home jobs with Liveops. Liveops hires service department staff to work at home. Corporations outsource their work to Liveops – healthcare corporations, insurance firms, and more. Here we give you Liveops reviews, so read on.

You may conclude that this specific hourly job is an excellent match for you on many levels. So, let’s get into this topic a little bit deeper.

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The Origins of LiveOps

Liveops is a virtual call center specializing in customer service. They are the largest employer of telecommuters and employ over 20,000 call center personnel. At this customer service office, the employees are all independent agents.

Liveops’ customer base has included countless Fortune 500 companies. Some examples include AAA, Square, Uber, and Turbotax. Liveops has been mentioned in various news sources, magazines, blogs, news stations, and podcasts such as Marketwired, New York Times, MarTech Advisor, and Inc.

The company behind it has a strong and interesting history. That is one primary reason for the popularity of job openings. Also, the customer service agent positions offer several various works at home opportunities, which are divided into categories. We will discuss each area in this article, LiveOps Reviews.

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What are the Eligibility Criteria for Liveops Qualifications?

Before applying to Liveops, please review the Liveops qualification requirements. Their criteria for hourly work at home positions are pretty standard.

Liveops Reviews: Criteria

They outline these common types of qualifications they hire for. Let’s check them out below:

  • You must be of a minimum age of 18.
  • Must be a legal U.S. Resident.
  • Provide proof of your residence.
  • Pass an electronic background check via Checkr. You will be disqualified if you exhibit the following: Two or more civil judgments against you (not including divorce), any felony, and/or misdemeanor records.
    Three instances of DUI or hit and run, and five criminal charges of any kind.
  • Conduct a background check via Checkr. You will be disqualified if you have: The server has had multiple bankruptcies. And in case of having overdue debts or credit collection accounts totaling $10,000 or more.

After reviewing your background and credit report, Liveops promises to get your results back within 5 to 10 days. You may be required to provide specific proof of your identities, such as government-issued I.D. records like Social Security cards or official bills of sale.

The precise recruiting conditions for each work position can differ. For example, the pre-requisites for a data entry role, you need to have experience in data entry with a specific client. And also, you will find out more information by visiting our job listings.

What do Liveops Independent Agents Do?

All Liveops autonomous agents offer customer support from the call center. In addition to general customer service, employees are also available for other work openings.

Opening Options

  • Inbound leads.
  • Insurance allegations.
  • Insurance sales associates.
  • Product order taking.
  • Professional assistance.
  • Payroll administration.
  • Patient support.

When you work for Liveops, you are a customer service manager for Liveops’ customers. For example, you may also be told to offer roadside assistance to AAA members. Apart from this, you may also be permitted to provide funding for health care centers. Your exact duties will depend on the organization is recruiting you and what position they are hiring.

Independent agents are given six-month contracts. Then, after six months pass, you will be extended or terminated with the current agreement. Also, some workers are seasonal, meaning they are not available all year.

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Liveops Equipment Requirements

To participate in Liveops, you will need to follow their specifications in regards to equipment. Fortunately, the equipment is simple and is already available to you. And if not, it can be easily obtained at a low cost. You can exclude the equipment in your taxes, which is a fantastic perk so that you can work from home.

Equipment You Will Need

  • A cordless phone- All that is needed is plugging a corded phone into a wall phone jack, and then there are some options for corded headsets. A simple telephone is appropriate.
  • Headphones that are compatible with a corded headset – You must plug your corded headset into your phone.
  • Alternatively, you can opt to use a corded headset phone for comfort- This choice is of relatively low cost.
  • A dedicated landline telephone line for Live Ops calls- Telephone service may be via a local telephone company or a wireless telephone service.
  • A computer with a wired (or wireless) Internet connection.
  • A capable operating system for Windows. Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10, or other versions.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or Mozilla Firefox.
  • A computer with the necessary speed of 1GHz or higher.
  • A system with at least 1 G.B. of RAM.
  • A private space to take calls or work online- Choose a quiet room without any background noise, or suggest setting up a home office to write and study.

How do I Apply for LiveOps?

The application process for Liveops is straightforward. Staffing decisions are currently focused on advertised work vacancies.

The General Outline

  1. Take the Before You Submit page seriously. This page is a FAQ page. You want to be sure that you hold the credentials before applying.
  2. Proceed to the Jobs page to view all available vacancies on the web. This will get you all of the latest position vacancies for work at home.
  3. Alternatively, you can check for job openings on the Jobs tab.
  4. Tap on the position for which you would like to apply for.
  5. Read the full job description. There are several various roles in the essay. These criteria vary depending on the part. The essential criteria for each position are generally the same, but the pay and responsibilities differ.
  6. Tap to apply to get started and validate your account. You can use your e-mail to sign up for an account. After that, you can complete the application for your particular role.

Make sure to pick the best job/work for you. Because some work positions can require you to make commission payments. You are not obliged to apply for any position if you are not interested. Create an account, fill out your profile, and upload your resume. This enables Liveops to contact you if they believe you are a good match for one of their opportunities.

How Much Does Liveops Pay?

The Liveops website reports that it costs $0.25 per minute of talk time. Present open positions average $0.25, $0.28, and $0.32 per minute. Some clients also pay incentives based on commission. Through study, we came to learn about several different hourly salaries.

  • Based on the pay scale of one minute of talk time, workers receive at least one hour of talk time.
  • Based on the hourly pay rate of $19.20, the Liveops agent receives $0.32 for each minute of conversational expression.
  • reports that Liveops pays a variety of average wages to its customer service representatives.
  • Indeed estimates that insurance brokers command an average salary of $22.86 per hour.
  • Liveops reviews report an average of over 200 industry-specific salaries. Also, income varies from $8.75 to $15.09 per hour per month.
  • The average recorded salary on is between $12.68 and $14.38 per hour.

Note that you will be paid for every minute of your time. If you spend 40 minutes on the phone at work during the hour, you are paid for that hour. Finally, from these figures, it seems like a starting rate of $10.50 to $15 per hour is reasonable.

Then again, specialized positions that pay generously appear to have higher wages. Also, the wage details can be conveniently found in the job description. Your overall compensation will be calculated by how many hours you work. Finally, we hope that this article, Liveops Reviews, answered all of the questions you had about Liveops!