MailChimp Review

What is MailChimp?

The use of email to market products and services has been in vogue for some time now. But the fact is that companies and individuals have added depth to the present’s simple email campaigns. No longer are emails sent to elicit a reply. They are used to gauge market sentiment to how the consumer perceives a product. Mailchimp is one of the software that offers these email campaign services.

There are some positive characteristics to any email campaign. Not only is it advisable for the user to follow specific guidelines, but it also makes sense for the email marketing software to meet a minimum set of operational parameters as well. Some of the positives to email marketing are as detailed below.

MailChimp – a perfect platform for your email campaigns


One of the features of sending out emails is that receiving it does get to
read it at least once. This allows for a high conversion rate as the chances of the individual acting further on. The email message is relatively higher than any other means of communication. Compared to the typical social media post the emails have three times the conversion to sales with the simple emails. That is why people prefer email marketing campaigns to help further the cause than anything else.


A good email marketing software can offer a fair degree of automation when compared to the lack of software to do the promotion. This would mean that it is possible to operate the typical sales cycle with minimal human intervention than otherwise. Not only does it lead to more significant cost rationalization, but it does provide a more comfortable set of operations as well. This is because few people like to do or enjoy a repeatable set of operations that a standard sales pitch happens to be.

Increase Sales

With a sales pitch, it is necessary to include a right Call To Action to ensure that the rise is converted to actual sales. The typical automated sales campaigns could use buttons and links at the end of the email message to take the conversation further. This feature does bring about an increased sales figure most of the time. A big difference can also be made to an average sales email compared to a killer pitch most of the time.

Features of MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the foremost candidates for email marketing software, taken up for consideration by the user. This is due to the flexibility that is offered as well as the user-friendly nature of the offering more than anything else. However, a few positive features need to a mention. They have been discussed at length below.

Customizable CTA

You could say that the CTA at the end of an email should be the most vital
part of a marketing email at any time. One of MailChimp’s operational features, in particular, has been the ability to customize the final Call to Action, which increases the probability of conversion to a high degree. Similar software provides a templated approach to using the CTA but does not offer the flexibility at hand with the MailChimp client.


No doubt, an effective email campaign must be able to segment the market effectively. This increases market penetration and brings about a greater sale as has been demonstrated in the past. With the MailChimp email marketing software, it is possible to achieve a high degree of segmentation, as seen in the past. It demonstrates the high degree of flexibility on offer to the client in most cases too. A segmented approach to tackling marketing
ensures that the emails’ penetration is at a high level as well.

Web Forms

Something to be noted with MailChimp is the customizable web forms that make the marketing funnel most of the time. This could be the USP of most email automation programs as well. There is a very customizable web form that you could change to reflect the marketing team’s needs. It is possible to have a deeper penetration of the markets with this approach as with the greater market segmentation.


The reporting and analysis of the email campaign have to be noted for the flexibility that it brings the user while it provides for some of the most potent study possible in real-time. This could be the basis for further action most of the time and shows how effective the marketing campaign happens to be in each case. Few competing email clients have provided the depth possible with the market analysis compared to the MailChimp email client.

Social Media

With the MailChimp email marketing client, the social media platforms are made part and parcel of the marketing campaign as far as possible. This would enable a seamless set of transactions that would otherwise have not been possible with marketing software. It stands to reason that deeper market penetration has been made possible with MailChimp than with
any other comparable platform used in marketing.

MailChimp – Some drawbacks of the platform

One of the grouses that most small businesses have about MailChimp is that it makes for poor integration to marketing. The fact is that the email client is more in tune with the more prominent players who tend to send out emails in the order of a few million in a day.

Another concern is the lack of flexibility in pricing when it comes to email marketing software. It would make it relatively unaffordable for small-time businesses and operations to use the platform most of the time.

Why use MailChimp?

It is wrong to approach software with a one size fits all strategy. That is what most customers tend to view email marketing software and MailChimp in particular. The email client is suited to the bigger businesses and tends to offer flexibilities often not found on similar software in the market. The strong point of MailChimp must be its pricing that provides the most features for the cost involved.