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MailChimp vs Campaign Monitor

mailchimp vs campaign montior
MailChimp vs Campaign Monitor - they are among the largest Email Marketing platforms on the Internet. Let's compare them!

Online Marketing

In this interconnected era of the Internet, online marketing has become a common practice and something mandatory for any business that wants to stay alive in this century. So, let’s get to MailChimp vs Campaign Monitor, but firstly email marketing.

online marketing
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Email Marketing

One of the most common forms of Internet Marketing is Email marketing, which involves using email to send ads, request business, or solicit sales or donations. This act aims to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness. Email marketing is the primary marketing tactic to some companies, but others see it as another essential link in their marketing chain.

No matter which goal you want to achieve with email marketing, some companies can help you achieve them professionally. They provide you with efficient tools that make your experience with email marketing an absolute paradise, which will improve your sales or fame.

The number of companies that offer email marketing services is vast. For such reason, it could be hard to choose the right service for your business when there are so many good options out there.

We want to help you choose wisely, so we have prepared a contest between two of the giants of email marketing, MailChimp vs Campaign Monitor.

email marketing
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Who are the Contestants?

As we already said, both contestants are giants of the email marketing area. They are platforms generally aimed at small to midsize businesses to improve their Internet marketing performance.


MailChimp was founded in 2001, and it is among the most used email marketing services in the world. It’s the favorite of many thanks to its ease of use and non-stop development, adding new features over time. In recent years they have gone beyond email marketing, also offering branding via targeted ad placement, website hosting, and domain hosting services, becoming a complete marketing option in the process.

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Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor started in 2004, and now it’s a worldwide platform with hundreds of thousands of clients around the world. They offer a clean, easy to use, and flexible service that provides an intuitive range of email or newsletter options. It’s a perfect platform for startups or businesses starting to build mailing lists.

These two companies provide excellent services in email marketing, but which one suits you better? That depends entirely on your needs and on what you want. So, let’s compare both platforms; that way, you can weigh their characteristics and discover which is better for you.

campaign monitor dashboard
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MailChimp vs Campaign Monitor Contest Starts Now!

Round 1: Pricing and Packages

This is a vital aspect of any service you’ll contract or use, even the most important to small to midsize businesses. If the price goes beyond your budget, it doesn’t matter how good it is. It’s not for you. But it’s not all about finding a tool that accommodates your account but finding a service with a good relationship between quality and price. Let’s see what they offer and how much they charge for their assistance in this MailChimp vs. Campaign Monitor contest.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor starts at $9 per month for up to 500 subscribers, sending 2500 emails in that period, with no free version, although it has a free trial. The next package costs $29 per month, and it offers 12,500 email sends and 2,500 subscribers. You can get 5000 subscribers and 25000 emails for $49 per month and 50000 subscribers and 250000 emails for $299 per month. A custom high-volume plan is available if you have more than 500000 subscribers. Finally, the Unlimited and Premium plans are the perfect options for those businesses that need unlimited sends. These plans start at $29 and $149 per month, respectively, and they can go as high as $699.


Mailchimp offers a free plan for 2000 contacts and 10000 emails, besides bundles automation, templates, surveys, CRM, and even websites. Paid service starts with the Essential Package that costs $9.99, and it’s better for heavy email users. It offers emails for up to 50,000 contacts, all the Mailchimp’s templates, and A/B testing. They also inform the scaling of subscription prices based on the number of contacts.

If your business needs larger capacities, you can enter the number of subscribers on the useful calculator on Mailchimp’s site to get a price according to the volume you need. A plan for 5000 subscribers costs $74.99 per month, for example. Mailchimp is the winner of this round. It has a free plan, and they offer more for less.

Round 2. Subscribers Management

The two services allow you to add contacts manually and import data from files on your computer. Until here, both work perfectly and are equally matched. But both have one feature that the other doesn’t have that makes them unique.

You can import data from a third-party repository with MailChimp, and it offers an extensive list of services of this kind compatible with this famous email marketing tool. It also has a very intuitive interface that makes everything easy for new users.

Campaign Monitor works with contact lists, which gives a better organization overall. You can create an unlimited number of indexes to segment your subscribers as you want. It’s not complicated and obvious.

We can say to a degree they’re tied. MailChimp offers you a faster way to add contacts through multiple data import options, whereas Campaign Monitor offers better contacts organization.

Round 3. Campaign Creation and Sending

Mailchimp shines due to its simplicity. Starting a new marketing campaign is very easy with this platform. It has incredible design tools and a great variety of templates that provide you a wide range of options to create the email models you need.

Campaign Monitor also has a useful Campaign creation tool that provides a fair amount of options, although it is a little rigid and it requires HTML knowledge to take full advantage of the platform.

MailChimp wins again, as its user-friendly interface is better for newcomers, and it offers more freedom when editing templates.

MailChimp vs Campaign Monitor – Who is the Winner?

It’s more than clear that MailChimp is a better email marketing platform than Monitor Campaign, and it seems both experts and users believe the same too.

It has a better price and more features, it’s easier to use, it offers greater freedom, and even tracks campaign deeper, to name another thing where Mailchimp is better than Monitor Campaign.
So, between MailChimp and Monitor Campaign, the winner is Mailchimp.

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