Mailchimp vs Hubspot Marketing Hub


Mailchimp vs Hubspot Marketing Hub Technology has served the online marketing industry with many marketing tools and predictive tools. Today marketers are able to accomplish more than they could have done in the past years. The predictive analytics and the many automated marketing tools out there have become a basic necessity for most marketers.

The availability of customer data found on the internet has given marketers the freedom to create customized marketing ads. As a marketer, you need to have the right set of tools and platforms for you to make the most out of the modern marketing world. There is a wide range of online marketing tools available for use, but the most popular are Mailchimp and Hubspot marketing hub. This post discusses the main differences between them, their features, and what most customers say about them.

An overview of Mailchimp and the Hubspot Marketing hub

Most people using either of these tools own a small business or marketing a small business from the ground up. A good marketing platform should have functionality like digital advertising, landing pages for products, and email marketing in one setting. These are key functionalities, especially for small businesses that is trying to rise up. A good marketing software or platform should give you a one-in-all functionality and lets you as a marketer manage them all in one place.

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Hubspot vs Mailchimp – which one to choose? @JDRGroup


When most people think of email marketing, Mailchimp is the platform that comes to mind in the first place. Mailchimp is a famous email marketing platform and is used by thousands, if not millions, of people worldwide. Its popularity can be traced back to how easy it is to use this platform. Below are some of the main features that you will come across when you use Mailchimp.

✔ Customizable templates that you can drag and drop.
✔ A free account that can hold 2000 subscribers and below.
✔ Email reports.
✔ Paid accounts are also available.

Mailchimp is mostly directed to be used by newbies at email marketing and those ones that have small to medium-sized businesses. Mailchimp will help such people to get into the world of email marketing with ease. In fact, most of the Mailchimp tools are available for a free account. This only means that it is a whole solution for businesses that do not have much to spend on marketing. However, you need to know that the free account will always have Mailchimp’s branding on top of your emails. If you want to remove the branding, you will have to pay to remove it.

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Hubspot is similar to Mailchimp in that they provide similar tools, but Hubstop has much more comprehensive tools than Mailchimp. Hubspot extends its services way beyond email marketing to analytics, CRM, inbound marketing, service, and even help desk. With Hubspot, you can also send more personalized emails than its counterpart Mailchimp. With that said, Hubspot is not an expensive option. Hubspot is designed to work well with small to medium-sized enterprises, but it can also server larger operations. If you wish to use Hubspot for your slaes or content marketing, this is definitely a prime option.

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Mailchimp vs Hubspot: How do the two compare?

When you are faced with a decision to choose between the two, you may wonder how to compare the two. If both of them are good at email marketing which one is better. Here we are going to differentiate between the two in terms of landing pages, analytics, and social media integration which are the most important aspects to look for when choosing a good marketing app.

Landing pages

The effectiveness of email marketing will always lead you back to landing pages. If your landing pages are not converting, then your email marketing efforts will not bear much fruit. If you choose to use Mailchimp, the platform will not allow you to build a landing page within their service. However, you can incorporate other tools that will allow you to build landing pages. Hubspot, on the other side, has an in-built landing page builder that is so easy to use. All you will have to do is choose from their templates. However, this feature is not available for the free version. You will have to upgrade to access this service which is all worth it.


After sending out emails using any platforms you will need to track the progress of your email marketing. Fortunately, you will have access to the analytics when utilizing either of these marketing platforms’ premium plans. However, Hubspot is known to do it better in terms of quality and quantity.

Mailchimp will provide the analytics in four reports: landing pages, automation, comparisons, and campaigns. All of these reports will only just get you data, and if you are not knowledgeable in these areas, you might not get anything out of the reports. The platform doesn’t give recommendations; it will only give you data.

On the other hand, Hubspot gives you detailed information on your analytics and thus being the most effective platform.

Social media integration

For you to excel in online marketing, you might want to expand from email marketing to social media marketing. A good business will combine the two to perform more effective marketing. Both of these platforms have tools that enable you to integrate both email marketing and social media campaigns. However, Hubspot is much better at this but at a higher price.

Hubspot users have reported that the platform is enough as a CRM tool and social media management tool, and you will not have to look for another. However, with Mailchimp, you will need to use other tools within the platform, which may sometimes cause additional charges.

Mailchimp vs Hubspot: How do you choose?

When narrowing down to your decision, it will all depend on what you want as a marketer. First, how much you are willing to spend and what tools you want in your marketing exercise. As you have noted, Hubspot is much more expensive, but it also the best and much more effective than Mailchimp.

Mailchimp is good if you only want an inexpensive and straightforward platform, but you will not get anything extra from the platform. On the other hand, Hubspot is a good option if you are willing to make a big investment in your online marketing journey.