MailChimp vs Omnisend

mailchimp vs omnisend

Email Marketing

We can say that practically anyone with access to the Internet has an email account. That means there are billions of email accounts globally, and the number grows every day. As you can see, the potential amount of people you can reach instantly through email is just huge. And email marketing is an essential tool or marketing method for this reason. It’s a fast and effective way to do advertisements, find new clients, and directly contact customers.

So, it doesn’t matter if your business is starting, is small, or anything; you need email marketing to be successful or improve your accomplishments. Best way to do it is via professional companies that make this task easier for you. But among many options stating they offer the best email marketing service, which one should you choose?

We want to help you choose. We arranged a comparison that you may find useful if you’re thinking of using MailChimp or another email marketing service, like Omnisend, which is one of the best in this area.

So, MailChimp vs Omnisend, a fight for the ages. Who would win?

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Meet the Contestants

Any comparison or competition is not appealing enough if it lacks context. So, if you’re new to the world of email marketing, let us tell you which are these two companies.


Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform launched in 2001. It is currently the most popular email marketing company and one of the largest of its kind. It allows you not only to create and send emails and campaigns but also to analyze them. Recently has added more features, like web hosting, landing page services, and more, becoming a broader marketing company.

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Omnisend is a marketing automation tool aimed at eCommerce launched in 2014. MailChimp’s strongest competitors are mainly due to its robust automation and effectiveness.

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Mailchimp vs Omnisend – Pricing

Pricing is an essential thing to consider when deciding which service you will choose. No matter what, the price must match your budget perfectly. It couldn’t be another way.

MailChimp and Omnisend Prices and Offers

In a sense, MailChimp starts at $0. This platform counts with a free plan perfect for businesses or companies with low budgets. Users with the free plan can send up to 12,000 per month to 2,000 subscribers per month, besides having access to bundles automation, basic templates, a marketing customer relationship management (CRM) and surveys, and even website service.

If you need more, you can pay for the Essential plan, which starts at $9.99 per month, allowing you unlimited email sends up to 50,000 contacts. MailChimp also has available a Standard Plan, starting at $14.99, and a Pro plan, which costs $199 per month. But the best about MailChimp pricing is that you pay for what you use. That means the plans’ price varies depending on the number of subscribers you have.

Omnisend also has a free plan available for everyone. You can send up to 15,000 emails a month with this platform without paying a cent. Regarding the pricing of the premium subscriptions, it works as MailChimp. The cost is based on your number of subscribers. Its premium subscription starts with the Standard plan, which has a starting price of $16 per month for 15,000 email sends. Also, it has a Pro Plan that costs $99 per month for the same number of emails and more features. Finally, their highest subscription is the Enterprise Plan, which offers unlimited email sends at a price on request.

Although Omnisend counts with a free trial and a free plan, we must give it MailChimp the win in this aspect. It has lower prices than its rival. It also allows you to send unlimited emails to your subscribers with premium subscriptions, unlike OmniSend. Furthermore, MailChimp free plan gives you access to more features than Omnisend.

The first round goes to MailChimp in this MailChimp vs OmniSend competition.

Mailchimp vs Omnisend – Features

Knowing their pricing, you must be asking what features they offer and which one has what you need. And we’ll give you the answer.

Knowing their pricing, you must be asking what features they offer and which one has what you need. And we’ll give you the answer.

MailChimp Offer

  • A/B Testing
  • Analytics/ROI Tracking
  • Customizable CTAs
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Dynamic Content
  • Email Templates
  • Landing Pages/Web Forms
  • Search Marketing
  • Segmentation
  • Social Marketing
  • Website Visitor Tracking

MailChimp is also a cloud-based platform, and it’s also available for smartphones, as it has apps for IOS and Android.

Omnisends Features

As said before, OmniSend’s biggest strength is its automation. But it also offers a great way to control ads and campaigns through the web with the Omnichannel feature.

  • A/B Testing
  • Analytics/ROI Tracking
  • Customizable CTAs
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Dynamic Content
  • Landing Pages/Web Forms
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Segmentation
  • SMS Marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • Website Visitor Tracking

They offer similar features, and they are good at delivering these services. One counts with the attractive characteristic of SMS marketing, but the other has Search Marketing, which is essential. We can say they are tied.

Client Support

Good platforms have good client support. For such reason, this is an important aspect to consider because clients need to know what to do when they encounter a problem they cannot solve.

MailChimp offers excellent support for customers, with 24/7 chat and email support for paid subscriptions. However, free users have support for the first 30 days. And you can find phone support in MailChimp at the Premium tier.

Omnisend provides almost the same kind of support. The only difference is that they don’t offer phone support. Still, they give clients a dedicated account manager with the Enterprise plan.

At first look, this round looks like another tie. But we could give MailChimp the edge because it provides more resources to learn how to use the platforms. Documentation, webinars, and live online.

mailchimp vs omnisend support
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MailChimp vs Omnisend – Which is Better?

It’s not easy to say which is better. That depends on your needs. But let’s say you have the everyday needs of a small to midsize business. In that case, MailChimp is better than Omnisend.

Omnisend is an excellent platform for eCommerce, but it’s just not as outstanding as MailChimp when managing other kinds of businesses.

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