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Mixtiles VS Photosquared: Features & Pricing

Mixtiles VS Photosquared: Features & Pricing

Digital photos are typical these days. We all have tons of pictures in our digital devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even cloud storage services. However, that is not just enough. There is a time where a particular photo stands out beyond expectations that you also consider printing a hard copy of it. That is what Mixtiles and Photosquared are here to solve! With these two apps, you can choose whichever photos you have in a digital form, and you will get a hard copy of them printed nicely on photo tiles. 

These tiles can vary in size, so it is about your preferences. Besides, the photo boards are usually light, and you can even stick them virtually on any surface. You can place this curated sets of wall décor on any surface.. its practically everywhere – in restaurants, home walls, offices, boat cabins, you name it. The best thing about this photo tiles is that you don’t need to damage the wall in order to mount the photo. Take it as a wall-like Instagram feed!

See, in this article, we are going to compare both Mixtiles vs Photosquared regarding their various features plus pricing to help you decide which app is best for you. 

Mixtiles VS Photosquared: Features & Pricing
Mixtiles @davidgraves_

Summary Mixtiles VS Photosquared

When comparing Mixtiles and Photosquared, it can be tricky to choose one. However, when viewing their various factors, Photosquared is cheap and efficient for budget-oriented people. Mixtiles is excellent since it supports more than five countries, but a bit expensive. In this comparison, Mixtiles wins it because it has excellent customer support, offers customization of photo tiles, photos can be uploaded from cloud storage services, and is available on both Android and iOS.

Features Mixtiles
Availability Mixtiles
Resistance Photosquared
Photo tiles Customization Mixtiles
Uploading of Photos Mixtiles
Picture Quality Draw
Pricing Photosquared
User Friendliness Mixtiles 
Customer Support Mixtiles 
Final verdict Mixtiles 


Does Not Damage Walls

Well, this is the first thing you should know about both photo tiles from Mixtiles and Photosquared. The photo tiles are placed in frames with adhesives on the back, which makes the tiles stick on any wall. Both Mixtiles and Photosquared use adhesive backing responsible for adhering the printed photos on any surface.

Stick and Re-stick, Again

It is not a rare thing that you may stick a photo frame at one point of the house then later you want to move it a bit. So, the adhesive backing material doesn’t lose it traction quickly. You can move the tiles to another position without a hassle.

Modernized Look

Apart from the tremendous adhesive technology, these photo printing apps also give your photos a modern look that makes it a perfect match for your home décor. 


Platform support is critical for every digital product. The product must support various platforms that are already used on the market. Starting with Mixtiles, the app is available on both Android and Google Play – two of the largest mobile operating systems. The same case applies to Photosquared. However, as per the time of writing this review, the Android app for Photosquared is not available on Google Play. So, ensure you check out for that.

Well, there are no supportive desktop apps, but we see no problem with that. After all who owns a desktop/PC and has no smartphone – probably less than zero people go this way. But with the Mixtiles website, you can also place your order directly via your web browser. Surprisingly with Photosquared, there is no other way you just have to download the Android or iOS app.

Mixtiles also ships to a couple of countries including the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, and Australia. 

Winner: Mixtiles 

Mixtiles VS Photosquared: Features & Pricing
Mixtiles @lesley_fowler


Seen those old photos develop taints due to UV rays? Picture tainting from UV damage is a common thing with traditional images. However, with Photosquared, this is an issue of the last century. Photosquared printed photos are UV resistant, so you don’t have to worry about tainting pictures anymore.

The same thing to moisture damage; Photosquared photo tiles are also moisture resistant. You’re assured your photo will never warp or fade from moisture or sun. For Mixtiles, their customer agent says moisture shouldn’t be a problem to the photo tiles too.

Winner: Photosquared

Photo Tile Customization

On size, both Mixtiles and Photosquared photo tiles size are fixed at 8 by 8 inches or 20 by 20 cm for those who use the metric system. The thickness of the photo tiles is 2 cm (less than 1 inch). Furthermore, Mixtiles offers a little bit of different styling to the photo frames. You can choose minimal white edges dubbed as clean, thick edges (Ever), Bold and classic, which is Bold and Ever combined – you get dark sides and thick whites surrounding the main photo. 

Winner: Mixtiles

Uploading of Photos

Since you sent your photos directly from the app, you can directly choose from your gallery. However, Mixtiles also allows you to upload images directly from cloud storage services like Google Drive, Google Photos, and even Facebook and Instagram. To do this, remember to select “Choose from Online Services” when adding your photos.

This is also what you should keenly pay attention about.

Winner: Mixtiles

Picture Quality

The picture quality of the print outs is excellent, especially when your digital copy was packing a good resolution. Mixtiles recommend that your image should have at least 800 x 800 pixels to make a clear print. But do not struggle to grasp that, their app will warn you if the image quality is less than that. Photosquared also produces quality print outs.

Winner: Draw

Mixtiles VS Photosquared: Features & Pricing
Photosquared @photosquaredapp

Small Table Comparison

Who are these apps for?

Both Mixtiles and Photosquared have no limitations on who should use them. Its pretty simple to use pick the photo and upload, pay then wait for your photo tiles. It applies to anyone.


Customizable styling A bit expensive as compared to Photosquared
Free Shipping offered
Ships to a couple of different countries


Cheaper Android app not available at the moment
Free shipping Less customizability
Photo tiles are UV and moisture resistant
Mixtiles VS Photosquared: Features & Pricing
Mixtiles @mycaninelife


Mixtiles and Photosquared offer only paid services, well, unless its about shipping. But the apps are free to use you don’t pay any cash in order to download and install on your device. Mixtiles prints three photo tiles for $58 and each additional tile for $12 per piece. Photosquared is way cheaper; you only need to pay $48 for four photo tiles and $8 for each extra square. Vividly on matters pricing, Photosquared is the best alternative.

Winner: Photosquared

User Friendliness

Both of these apps and simple and easy to use. But placing them one on one, Mixtiles offers a better intuitive UI than Photosquared. You can easily upload photos even from supported cloud storage services apart from your local storage device.

Winner: Mixtiles

Customer Support

In terms of customer support, Mixtiles offers customer support via a dedicated email ( There is no social media support or any other channels you could use, which is quite a bummer. But that does not have to worry you since Mixtiles also offers customer support via live chat. 

When we contacted Mixtiles support, we were able to get a reply almost instantly. But wait until you hear about Photosquared. Photosquared seems to offer support via social media only. Their Facebook and Instagram pages are quite active, but the Twitter handle is as good as dead. For email support, you can be helped via  

Winner: Mixtiles

Mixtiles VS Photosquared: Features & Pricing
Photosquared @satori81

Final Verdict

Comparing the two apps, Photosquared is cheaper— its photo tiles are both moisture and UV resistant, shipping takes between 2 to 5 days, and the app is only available in the US. But for Mixtiles it may take about a week on average, but that depends on your location. 

So, which of the two services should you opt for? That depends on what you want. For faster shipping, choose for Photosquared. If you live in other places apart from the US, Mixtiles is a better alternative though a bit expensive. If you use an iPhone, you have two options to choose from. But for Android users, you can only use Mixtiles for now.

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