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Money SMS App Review

Who wouldn’t like to earn some money by doing absolutely nothing? Ok, not exactly nothing. But this idea that seems too good to be true is somewhat real for sure! You must have heard of several applications with a similar promise or tried them only to be disappointed in the end. However, the Money SMS app, another one, can’t be ignored.

For doing so little, the website says, this app guarantees you cash. And yes, we know that there are quite many questions that may be running through your mind right now. That’s why we are here with this review that has all the answers you need.

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What is Money SMS App?

Money SMS is a mobile app on your smartphone that pays you to get text messages from it. The launching time of this app is not known. Though, it is a recent application by looking at things.

TelQ owns the app, a German company specializing in SMS research. The TelQ platform enables Mobile Network Operators to keep an eye on and improve the transmission and reception efficiency of SMS.

For sending you messages on your phone, you receive a payment to let SMS providers and Telecom Mobile Network Operators conduct tests.

As per the app, there is no particular significance to these messages, so you do not have to answer them. They are random characters and start with a (!number!). Often there may be links as well.

After you immediately receive them, the messages are sent to their servers.

To validate and ensure that they deliver SMSs effectively, they perform these checks.

Speaking of worldwide, sadly, only certain European and Asian countries are currently available with Money SMS.

Working of Money SMS App

The application is only available on the Google Play Store for individuals using Android devices.

Please register with the business and provide them with your phone number and payment address to sign up. The company will obtain access to your geographical position. A list of nations using the app is shown when you register. If your country is available on the list, pick it and proceed. However, keep looking if not known among the nations.

To receive SMSs, ensure that you have an internet connection on your computer. Your phone must also have a valid SIM card.

If you have a referral code, type it in during the registration process because after going through with registration, you will not be able to use your referral code.

The app should be running in the background, and at all times, you must have a secure internet connection. Often the Android OS closes windows, so you need to make sure the app is opened if that happens. It is because messages are sent at any time of the day.

The number of messages that you receive depends largely on your region.

How to get started with Money SMS?

It’s free and quick to sign up for the app. You have to download the app first from the Google Play Store. You will then have to input some of your information, such as your phone number, password, country of origin, and email address.

After going through this, you will receive 0.25 Euros for signing up. Moreover, if you sign up with a referral code, you will receive 0.50 Euros extra.

While you have to authorize the app to gain access to your phone’s usage details, don’t worry. It uses very few details and does not read your messages. It is only used for messages sent to its server that begins with its unique test ID generated by its system.

Anyhow, if you have already signed up but for any reason, you are still not able to receive a message, look out for the listed below reasons:

  • Make sure your SIM card is on the same phone that is running the app.
  • Check if you are logged in
  • Check the internet strength
  • See whether the app can work in the background and whether it can receive SMSs.

Failure to receive a text may also be due to your phone switched off. Note that the device sends text messages to phone numbers that are identified as active.

Two Ways to Make Money with the app

Receiving SMSs

Many mobile network operators and providers want to transmit SMS text messages to other countries. To conduct these checks, they use Money SMS.

In exchange, Money SMS App pays you because the providers use your phone number to provide testing services.

Referral Program

Money SMS App provides all of its users with a unique referral code. Copy it down and share it with friends.

You receive 30 percent of the cash they withdraw from their account when they sign up and enter your code. Talk about a generous rate of commission!

When they make their first withdrawal, it will be reflected in your account.

How to Receive Money from Money SMS?

The SMS cash-out balance is 2 Euros. They have several payment choices that their customers can choose from:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • WebMoney
  • Skrill
  • PayPal
  • Litecoin

These are the only choices that the firm approves. They have no plans to add any more options, according to their website.

Because of the high transaction fees charged, they do not pass cash to users’ bank accounts, mobile phones, or credit cards.

Moreover, you have to request the payment. It is not automatic. After request, your payment is processed within 48 hours, but it typically takes a few hours or minutes to be reflected in your account. In some cases, it can take two days before the Money reaches you.

If you do not receive your Money after two days, do not hesitate to contact Customer Service. Many users complain about their Money being held up when, in fact, by doing something about it, they might change the situation.

Pros and Cons of Money SMS


  • Signing up is free
  • It is secure
  • Variety of payment options
  • Effortless earning
  • The commission rate for users is unbelievably great.
  • Fast payout
  • App is lightweight


  • If a referral code is missed while signing -up, then it can not be added later.
  • Less money-making opportunities
  • Internet is necessary
  • Only for smartphone users
  • Inconsistent number of test messages
  • Available only in some countries

Finally, if you have a spare phone number or a number that is not much in use, you can surely try out this app. It is not a bad idea to earn some bucks effortlessly.

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