Music Xray Review

What is Music Xray?

It’s unlike any other Get-Paid-To or survey website you’ve ever gotten. Instead of completing offers or answering surveys, here, you will earn for listening to artist songs. However, these earnings from the present website do not stop there; there are other opportunities that Music Xray provides.

Music Xray Review

Earning money with Music Xray with the following options:

Sending songs


If you are a freelance music artist or part of a band, then you can submit original songs to real industry experts, and they will listen to them. These experts can offer you something in return if the songs get popular. The way these opportunity works is that, as an artist, it is possible to see all those opportunities listed in the member panel.


If you get an opportunity that you like, you can take advantage and submit the song. However, the point is that you have to pay a shipping fee in advance to send it. They will explain how much the shipping cost at the time of reading the offer. And it will be noted how much it costs to send the song. Apart from the shipping fee, the request will also show the possible rewards you can get if the industry expert selects you.



This part, where you get paid to listen to songs from other Music Xray members, turns out to be a reasonably straightforward process. Once you become a Music Xray member, you must register as an artist to use this feature. The procedure based on receiving a song in the inbox to be listened to and the song finalized; you will receive $ 0.10 as a reward.


It is not much you will receive, but it is the only way to make money on Music Xray if you do not create your music. It is where the core of the problem, as on this website, you have to wait for the songs to be in your inbox before you can win, meaning that you cannot win regularly.



Another way to earn is with tips after becoming a Music Xray member. Once your account uploads the songs, other participants will be able to listen to them. If they like it, they can tip a certain amount (tip jar). The payment is received by the opportunities to which you have sent your songs. Everything will be different because if your song is selected, you will have a personal exchange with the industry expert who made the opportunity public


Between you and the industry experts will proceed with an agreement payment. Music Xray will not approve any part of any agreement reached through such an opportunity.

If you sign up to the website to listen to songs, it will take a long time to reach your relatively high payment threshold.

How much money do you get?

Suppose you expect to earn a significant amount of money on the Music Xray website by listening to only songs. If that’s the case, there is a small chance that you will be disappointed.

First of all, each song’s payment that you will be listening to is insufficient. And second, there is no guarantee that you will consistently receive invitations to listen to songs. Thus, it might take a long time to reach the payment threshold. If you are a musician and have promoted your songs to the Music Xray platform, you can plan how to make money from the website. You can use your tipping system as well as the song exhibits. It is the best way to make use of what the website offers. Therefore, if you are an independent musician who tries to get his music heard and generate some opportunities, you are on the right platform. Suppose it is not your intention and you are just looking for a website to earn a little extra money. In that case, the recommendation is that you join a GPT or survey website.

Music Xray Review

Music Xray on mobile

Music Xray website is fully mobile-friendly. But you must use a mobile web browser to access it because they do not have a Music Xray mobile app that can be downloaded and installed on the mobile device. Anyways, the mobile version of their website is simple to navigate.

Joining on Music Xray

Music Xray is available to everyone. You can be a member regardless of the country where you live. It is the most saving part of the site. You have to be 18 and above to join because they use Paypal as a payment method. The minimum age requested for registration is 18.

The registration procedure is effortless. The registration can be with Google, Yahoo, Facebook, or Soundcloud accounts. Besides, it can also the registration can be in the way you provide an email and password. Once you complete the form, they will ask you if you want to register as an artist or industrial professional.

You need to register as an artist because that’s where you can make money with the website. Instead, the professional industrial account is for people looking for artists to sign. Then you will have to finalize your profile, which is relevant because Music Xray will use it to know which songs to send.

Getting support

If you want to contact the support team, you can send a support ticket. Also, you can use Technical support to submit inquiries. You can access technical support by going to the customer support link at the bottom of the page. Music Xray has a live chat alternative that sometimes is no available. The moment you select it, you will redirect to the technical assistance service.

Is Music Xray a scam?

Music Xray is a legitimate website that pays you to listen to artist songs. All you have to do is listen to songs, and you get a few extra bucks and other opportunities as well. Remembering that if you use the platform to generate an extraordinary amount of dollars, you will be disappointed cause the earnings potential is not high. Moreover, Music Xray has considerable changes, but the other central aspects of the page remain the same.

Music Xray Review

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