Envelope systems 

Mvelopes – a perfect solution for your financial problems. One of the more traditional and well-used methods of budgeting home finances is with the use of envelopes. It puts the monthly income into separate envelopes with needs attached to each cover. As the money gets used up for the activities, the lesser is the sum that would leave over for use.

If you want to save up money, the envelopes can’t get exhausted completely. With modern tech, many budgeting software’s are using the envelop system for finance managing.

However, you manage the envelopes digitally so it’s more convenient and the system of spending money is compartmentalized.  

Mvelopes saves your budget

Using Mvelopes 

In the Mvelopes app, the envelopes are digital and you assigned the compartments for particular needs. As the cash gets spent, the sum remaining in the envelopes gets depleted. With this system, you have strict control over your spending that limits the upper amount you can withdraw.

It is possible to set sub-categories in each of the given envelopes. And there is a fair deal of automation and reporting that takes place on a weekly and monthly basis. You can also set alerts when an unusual transaction occurs, as would happen most of the time.

Finally, Mvelopes come with a 30-day trial, which gives a person insight into how the application works. You will need to pick a suitable package from the Basic, Plus, and Complete versions and then pay for them. For those opting for the annual plans, there is a two-month charges rebate being offered.

Features of Mvelopes  

Mvelopes Basic

 This plan costs $6 and for this money, you get the following features:

  • Digital Envelope Accounting: This is creating digital envelopes to keep the money earned under the various heads. Also, it’s possible to create sub-categories under each of the main envelopes, which adds to the system’s overall flexibility.
  • Automatic syncing of transactions: With this feature, it is possible to sync bank accounts and other financial transactions with other sites like insurance issuers, portfolio managers, and the likes.
  • Monitoring of account balances: You can monitor balances from more than one account (bank and checking accounts) you just need to link them to the app. You also get an alert when the amounts fall below a critical amount. This ensures a good credit rating.
  • Interactive reporting: One of the strong points of Mvelopes is that it makes some of the most interactive reporting possible. So, you always have a full picture of financial goals and spendings.
  • Live chat support: There is a functioning back office that would help out the customer no matter the week’s time and day.  
  • Webinars: Every week, you can access the webinars which are there to keep the clients updated on the latest trends and practices in financial management. As a result, you get help with the ongoing education of the individual and helps to have an educated user base. 

Mvelopes Plus

The Plus plan costs $19 and besides all the Basic user features you also get the features listed below:

  • Quarterly checkups: Every quarter, a financial planner would contact the client and offer to go over the account with helpful tips on managing the services on offer better. Long term goal setting and such matters are usually suggested in such sessions. 
  • Debt reduction: If you have debt, you have choices, solutions, and instruments to soften the debt. It is possible to have a tailor-made solution depending on the client’s earning capacity and his repaying ability. If you have debt, you have choices, solutions, and instruments to soften the debt.
  • Educational resources: Here, a more comprehensive approach to managing finances is in tune with what a typical client needs to have. There is on offer a range of topics that are more in-depth than the Basic model. 
  • 1-on-1 assistance: With this feature, the client gets a one-on-one hand holding to set up and access the user account. It helps maximize the utility of the report most of the time. 
  • Priority assistance: As the very term implies, the client is managed on a priority basis. 

Mvelopes Complete

Costing $59 per month, this is the highest level of service offered to the customer. The Complete customers get equally all the above features of the Plus account and the below-mentioned points.

  • Personal trainer: There is a monthly session with a personal trainer that helps setting goals and other finance-related topics. 
  • Customized plan: As you work closely in a tandem with the personal trainer, as a result, it’s possible to have a custom plan to manage the personal finances. 
  • Financial education: The user is trained to strategize with this feature, thus maximizing asset creation. 
  • Accounting tools: With a range of tools that help forecast the need for funds and better control of funds, this tools section would power up the user. 


To those familiar with the envelope type of budgeting, Mvelopes would be a natural step to digitizing the experience. In fact, there is more to the package than mere budget management as the Plus and Complete customer can have a comprehensive plan towards improving their financial performances. It does not take much to get started. Also, a 30-day trial period is more than enough to have a good look into the app. Considering how affordable the Basic plan is if you like the app there is nothing stopping you.

Most clients would find all they seek in a budgeting exercise with the Mvelopes packages, and there is enough flexibility on offer for the advanced users. Also, a simple to-use interface ensures that folks don’t get intimidated by the appearance of the screen.