MySoapBox Review

mysoapbox review

Ways to Earn Extra Money

Have you ever needed extra money? Because if your answer is yes, we want to tell you that there is plenty of ways to earn quickly additional money you could appreciate very much out there on the Web.

Completing captchas, mining cryptocurrencies, writing, drawing, selling old possessions, watching ads… The ways of making money online are nearly infinite, but the problem lies in finding a platform that is not a scam. This is the biggest problem with the easy ways to make extra money online; we can almost say for every legitimate website, many are a sham, and you will waste time on them.

Today we will focus on one of the most popular ways to get a bit extra income: to receive money for completing surveys on the Internet.

You can find many websites promising to pay you for filling out surveys, but this review is specifically about a survey platform that has gained some visibility recently: MySoapBox. If you’ve heard about it, but it’s unsure if the site is a scam or it’s legit, don’t worry because we’ll tell you. Save your precious time, keep reading and discover if this survey platform is for you.

What is MySoapBox?

MySoapBox and similar sites have reached relatively high popularity on the Web because the idea of earning money by giving your opinion seems pretty great for sure. If your data is valuable to companies, it sounds fair they pay you for it. Besides, it’s effortless to do this. So it seems a solid option.

Having said that, before starting the review, we must tell you about the platform itself.

Shortly, and as we already told you, MySoapBox is a survey site that pays you by filling out surveys about services, products, and other things. But this survey platform is, in reality, more than that. In fact, this survey website is part of the ISA Corp (Interviewing Service of America). And this is an excellent sign.

In case you didn’t know anything about this association, ISA Corp. is a recognized market-focused research firm founded in 1982, with nearly forty years of experience in data collection. Initially, ISA Corp. conducted interviews and surveys in person, but through MySoapBox, it directed its presence to online virtual spaces.

This kind of company makes money collecting data to sell the information to interested third parties. The buyers of such information use the data to build better marketing strategies. That’s why they encourage people to do their surveys by paying you through MySoapBox.

Screenshot of the MySoapBox website

How Does MySoapBox Work?

Although surprising, the MySoapBox site doesn’t provide much information on how the platform works. It just tells you to sign in and start earning money by participating. But here we can give you more details about it.

The first thing you must know about MySoapBox is that you don’t get money from this survey platform exactly. They don’t deposit to you money on PayPal, give you checks, nor make bank transfers. However, they will reward you with gift cards or e-vouchers. This could be a significant drawback, but it’s okay under other circumstances.

Of course, you are not paid directly with the gift card for each completed survey, but with MySoapBox points, where 1000 points are equal to one dollar. And you can withdraw your money in the form of a gift card once you reach 25,000 points, that is, $25.

What Gift Cards Does MySoapBox Pay You With?

The companies from which you receive the gift card or electronic coupons are not always the same. Because of this reason, not all options are available at all times. But potentially, you could convert your points on the platform into:

  • Amazon gift cards
  • Home Depot gift cards,
  • iTunes gift cards
  • Starbucks gift cards
  • Reward Link
  • Google Play Credits
  • Walmart gift cards
  • Target gift cards
  • Movie vouchers
  • Retail e-vouchers
  • Restaurant gift cards

MySoapBox also counts with the unique feature of allowing you to donate your points to charities.

Is it Easy to Sign In?

In a sense, it is. But MySoapBox sign-up process is a little more strict compared to other survey websites. To register, you’ll have to give a valid email address, location, phone number, and age. The phone number is crucial because they’ll call you to provide you an access code. So it will take a bit time to sign up in MySoapBox than similar websites.

Still, it worth it because MySoapBox offers a $2 bonus for just registering on the platform. Before trying to sign up to MySoapBox, take into account that you must be at least 13+ to do it and 16 years old if you live in the EU.

Is MySoapBox a Scam?

No, the MySoapBox survey-taking website is not a scam. As we told you, MySoapBox is part of the Interviewing Service of America Corp, which is an established and registered firm.

ISA is an association of renowned market research companies, and it has a BBB accreditation, which makes it even more reliable. This website has a good reputation with years in the data collection business. You can find some complaints related to disqualifications, but it’s not the norm. Most of the users are happy doing surveys on the website.

In short, MySoabBox is not a scam. You’ll get paid if you take their surveys and reach 25000 points on the platform.

Now that you know this site is not a scam, let’s proceed with the other essential question.

Is MySoapBox Worth It?

This is the question that matters after knowing if MySoapBox is a scam or not, and it is related to how much money you can make on the platform. This depends on your demographics and how many surveys are available at the time, especially to you, because you must qualify before taking it.

But let’s be more detailed. In general, MysSoapBox surveys rewards you with from 500 up to 2000 points, and they take around five or ten minutes to complete. This depends on the survey’s complexity, and all surveys show clearly how many points you’ll get and how much time it will take you to complete it.

On average, if it is a good month on the platform, you can make around 25 dollars a week, but this can vary. So, in conclusion, MySoapBox might be worth it for you if you are young, you’re living with your parents, and you’re looking for an easy way to earn your own money, even a little bit. You can still try the platform in other circumstances, but don’t expect this site will solve your economic deficits.

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