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Namecheap vs Google Domains: Features & Pricing

Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a website? Well, you can do it by yourself. Read on as we breakdown between Namecheap vs Google Domains.

Namecheap VS Google Domains (2019) Features & Pricing
Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a website? Well, you can do it by yourself. Read on as we breakdown between Namecheap vs Google Domains.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a website? Well, there is much that you can do. You can hire an expert to do it for you, pay a web building service provider or you can also make a website from scratch yourself. The first thing you should know about creating a website is Domains.

What is a Domain? To answer that, we’ll take you slightly away from the topic. Do you understand how physical addresses work in your local county or state? Most of us do. We know that a physical address must have a street name, a zip code, and a state designation. Domains work pretty much the same way addresses do. Domains direct people online to your website so that they may view your content or take particular actions.

If domains work like addresses, then it would make all sense for you to get a good one, right? How do you even get a domain name? There are so many companies that offer domains for sale. You can pick pretty much any company you want. However, there are two companies with pretty good reputations for selling domains.

Our Pick
Name Cheap

Wanna get straight to the point? Our pick is Namecheap by a long shot, offering much more services than Google domains with greater flexibility.

Get Your Domain
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Today, we’re going to look at both companies: Namecheap vs Google Domains. We’ll explore the features that each company offers. We’ll tell you our verdict in the end, but we want you to consider each company objectively.

Let’s start with, you guessed it…

Namecheap VS Google Domains (2019) Features & Pricing
Computer screen displaying a website

Google Domains

Did you know that Google Domains launched its services in 2015? This project is one of the latest ventures that Google has decided to explore. It is still in its beta stage. This fact would ordinarily hurt their case. However, you’ll notice that many Google services, even in their beta stage, are usually fully functional.

Google Domains only offers domain registration. They do not provide any other service besides this one.



One thing we love about Google Apps at an elementary level is that you can integrate across services and applications. Google Domains is not any different. In fact, by integrating, they make your work easier. Here’s how.

Even though Google Domains only offers domain registration, they have partnered with 3rd party hosting providers. This way, you can purchase a domain and go straight into building your website.

These partners are Blogger, Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, and WordPress. You may have to pay extra fees to use all these other platforms. However, since Blogger is also a Google company, you may use it free of charge.

Google Domains integrates quite easily with Google Apps. Many people do not know that Google runs one of the best DNS serves online. Many webmasters use this DNS even on domains registered and hosted by other companies.


Registering a Domain is quite affordable. You can acquire a domain at $12/year which sums up to about a dollar a month. That’s quite cheap. Once you purchase a domain for a year, you pay for a year only. You do not pay a renewal fee every year. This payment structure is great too because you won’t wake up to a surcharge you do not quite expect or remember. Also, other domain companies charge steep renewal fees. Google Domains does you a favor here. You can even get a domain for up to 10 years for the same price!

G-Suite email service

If you are a branded business, Google Domains connects you to another Google service that lets you customize your business email. This service is called G-Suite. There are two benefits to this feature. First, customers will directly receive your emails to their primary inboxes. Google already recognizes your address, and therefore, you are quite unlikely to be labeled as spam. Second, G-Suite is quite easy to use because of its minimal interface.

Namecheap VS Google Domains (2019) Features & Pricing
Google Domains website @vr6gio

Domain transfer service

Do you hate your current register? Maybe you’re a G-fanatic, and you want to join the Google Domain bandwagon. Well, go ahead. Google Domains has made it incredibly easy to transfer your domain to their service. You can migrate from your current registrar to Google Domains by merely paying the one-year registration fee. They will walk you through the process, which is pretty swift and straightforward.


Google Domains has the most uncomplicated and most minimal interface you will ever use. This interface design has you in mind; to help you focus on managing your domains and only that. There is no clutter, no upsells, and no cross-sells. No annoying retargeting ads, and no offers.

This minimalism is quite refreshing. Other registers will upsell you on your control panel. While this act in itself isn’t bad, it makes you feel like you were sold short and now have to buy more services. Not Google Domains. They offer you a transparent platform.

Private registration

Nothing is as stressful to anyone as receiving unsolicited mail or communication from strangers. Google Domains understands this quite well. Therefore, they also offer private registration. Whenever someone looks up your domain name on a site like, it will not return your address. This feature is excellent, especially for people who love their privacy.

Now let’s look at our other subject.

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Namecheap VS Google Domains (2019) Features & Pricing
cloud hosting back office


Namecheap has been around for quite a while as well. Richard Kirkendall founded Namecheap in 2000. Quite like their name suggests, they are popular because they offer domains at extremely competitive prices. They also sell domain hosting, private emails, and website security.

Unlike Google Domains, Namecheap can offer you a full package of services that will make your website building job much more manageable. Namecheap boasts of about 3 million users and has managed more than 7 million other domains.

Namecheap also has a marketplace for domains. If you can come up with proper domain names or love making them, you can sell them at the Namecheap Marketplace.

Here are some features Namecheap offers that you’ll love.



Well, as far as pricing goes, you’ll probably find the cheapest domain names at Namecheap. When we say cheap, we mean cheap see for yourself. Namecheap might as well give these domain names away for free, but that wouldn’t be practical. However, you can get a domain name for as low as $0.48 per year for a domain! Yes. We are serious. The catch is, it won’t exactly be a (.com) domain name. At $0.48, you will get multiple domain extensions such as (.site), (.club), (.press) or (.host) just to name a few.

Namecheap VS Google Domains (2019) Features & Pricing
Namecheap logo @numoniuk

Live support

Nothing demonstrates better care for customers like excellent customer support. You’d be quite pleased to know that Namecheap offers live support to its customers. We’re talking about responsive customer support. They respond to you immediately, care to help you solve any minor issues you may be facing, and are very friendly.

Even if your website goes down, Namecheap live support will help you get it back online quickly. They take you as their customers seriously, and they do their best to ensure that you are satisfied with their services.


We mentioned the marketplace earlier. It’s quite a nice feature when you consider it carefully. If you have old domains you own but don’t use anymore, you can sell them there. You may also buy a great domain name in the marketplace. This marketplace is excellent for anyone looking to get some action from buying and selling domain names.

Payment options

The beauty of Namecheap is they let you pay for domains in any way you prefer. People who feel uncomfortable giving out their card information may use other methods. They generally accept all forms of cards, and many secure methods of payment, including digital currencies. With Namecheap, you can purchase domains from anywhere in the world, it’s easy and get’s the job done the way you’d like it to be done.

Namecheap VS Google Domains (2019) Features & Pricing

30-day money-back guarantee

Well, you may try out Namecheap and find out that you do not like how they deliver their services. Nothing ties you to them. They offer a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee. This way, they eliminate any risk you may feel likely might occur. In case you do not like the service anymore, you may opt-out within 30 days of signing up, and you will get a full refund.


Namecheap has no qualms about hosting your website. They offer this service besides registration of domain names. They offer a variety of hosting services from a single-page website or a huge e-commerce website. Namecheap offers Shared Hosting for as low as $1.44 per month. If you have special needs for your website, they offer VPS hosting and Dedicated Servers for competitive market prices. Other services Namecheap offers include Reseller Hosting, Email Hosting, and Managed WordPress Hosting.

Namecheap makes it much easier for you to build your website without ever leaving their service platform. They help you solve all your website problems. If you purchase hosting from Namecheap, they throw in a domain name for free during your first year. This incentive is quite attractive to anyone looking to start.

Free domain migration

Namecheap keeps giving. If you have set up your web service elsewhere and you feel like you need to migrate, Namecheap will help you do it at no extra cost to you. This feature is a no-brainer. It’s like having a new landlord who lets you use his truck to move into his exquisite but cheap apartments.

Even with all the attractive features that each company offers, in the end, we’ll have to pick one over the other. Let’s compare them and see who comes out on top.

Namecheap VS Google Domains (2019) Features & Pricing
Screenshot of a website


Price: Namecheap vs Google Domains

When it comes to purchasing domains, the price matters. A domain name would remain the same even if you bought it at your local store. Therefore, in this case, cheaper is better. When it comes to how Google sells their domains versus how Namecheap does it, you’ll have to consider a tradeoff.

On the one hand, Google Domains sells its domain names at relatively high prices. Not that $12/year is much, but it is quite high if you can get a better deal. You can, actually, at Namecheap. If Namecheap also hosts your website, you get your new domain free of charge for the first year. You otherwise may pay as low as $0.48 per year for your domain. For a (.com) domain, you’ll pay $10.98 per year. This pricing isn’t a far cry from Google’s but, hey, every dollar counts, right?

Then it gets interesting. You see, renewal fees might catch you asleep when maintaining your domains. You’ll have to pay a renewal fee every year if you host your domain from Namecheap. It can be quite expensive. Google Domains does not offer to host your web services; therefore; you pay nothing more than the registration fee.

Speaking of Hosting…

Hosting: Namecheap vs Google Domains

Google does not host any websites. This fact may be fine with some of you, and it may drive some of you nuts. What matters is how this factor affects you.

In most cases, it doesn’t. There are many hosting providers out there who will offer you an excellent service. Namecheap is one of them. Namecheap will sell you a domain name, register it, and provide hosting for your website. If you are looking for a full service, the way to go would be Namecheap.

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Namecheap VS Google Domains (2019) Features & Pricing
A person using a laptop @danielkorpai

Customer support: Namecheap vs Google Domains

When you encounter problems, as you eventually will, how would you like a company to handle you? That’s where customer service comes in. Customer support is so important to people that it may be the reason they stay with you in hard times or leave you even at your best times.

Google Domains doesn’t give you gold-standard customer support. They have done much to eliminate any need for such. Their interface is quite straightforward and minimal, so you might never need help. However, when you do, you may only get to call them during US office hours. Their contact forms are not easy to find. While they offer off-hours chat and email, it isn’t always reliable.

Namecheap takes their Customer support seriously. They offer live chat support which is incredibly responsive. If your site goes down or you experience any other challenge, they will provide expedited assistance.

Country support: Namecheap vs Google Domains

This point is where it gets disappointing. Google Domains is only available in selected countries. These countries are majorly US, Canada, UK, European Union, and some South American countries. It is quite daunting when you go to finish a purchase only to end up with a notice warning you that your country is not supported.

You don’t have to worry about this with Namecheap. You can make domain purchases at Namecheap from any country. Namecheap will also host your website for you no matter where you are.

Security: Namecheap vs Google Domains

Google does not offer any security services. You buy your domain, and that’s it. If you need extra security features like SSL certificates, you will have to get them from a third party. This factor is quite an undoing for Google Domains because it makes your site-building process longer and cumbersome.

Many people prefer to purchase their domains and hosting as a bundle. Namecheap offers both. It also provides security features for your website. They are quite serious about it too. They offer two-factor authentication for you and also have a mobile application. You can quite easily download their app onto your Apple or Android device and manage your account from wherever you are.

Namecheap VS Google Domains (2019) Features & Pricing
Section of WordPress website

Our conclusion is pretty straightforward. We prefer the Namecheap. If you must buy a domain from Google Domains, then by any means do so. However, it will cost you more to purchase and register a domain at Google than doing it with Namecheap. Google Domains gives you a bone to chew on while Namecheap gives you a whole steak. What we mean by this is: It is much easier to have Namecheap offer you a domain, hosting and other attached services rather than just buying a domain only. Google gives you no help beyond registering your domain.

Our Pick
Name Cheap

Wanna get straight to the point? Our pick is Namecheap by a long shot, offering much more services than Google domains with greater flexibility.

Get Your Domain
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Our recommendation bases on two simple reasons: First, Namecheap is the cheaper option of the two. Second, you get more from Namecheap than you would from Google Domains. Namecheap wins this review by a margin. Thank you for reading! Check out “WikiBuy vs Honey (Comparison) Saving Money Online Made Easy” and find ways to save money online today!

For more comparisons of software and technology to benefit your business ventures, check out BestandVS. See you there!

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