offerup vs letgo

OfferUp VS Letgo

Online Selling and Buying Era

Selling and buying things online is booming, and it is a practice that will expand even further. This event is an obvious consequence of the Internet’s growing presence worldwide. But in recent times, it’s also due to this pandemic everyone lives.

With most stores closed or with people not wanting to leave their houses because of the risks, the safest way to acquire or sell stuff is through the Web, where you don’t have to treat people face-to-face. People can avoid any contagion this way, so this was a pretty logical outcome.

Where to Sell or Buy?

Now, where can you sell or buy online? That’s a legitimate question because you can find many platforms to do this on the Internet, and it might not be apparent to choose the best. This depends on what you want to do precisely.

Amazon is an eCommerce on its own, where you can sell your store’s products by following some instructions or buying directly from Amazon. But if you’re not a store owner or anything similar, eBay or Craiglist are good options for you.

However, the mentioned platforms are no longer as safe as before, nor are the best options to buy and sell locally; all this due to their extreme popularity and massive use.

For such a reason, new virtual marketplaces have been born that offer greater ease for local sales and purchases in recent times. Examples of this are OfferUp and LetGo, both popular mobile apps for the local buy and sale of products. And here in this article, OfferUp vs Letgo we’ll help you choose which app is a better choice for you.

OfferUp VS Letgo – What are These Apps?


As we were telling you, Letgo is a mobile app for iOS and Android launched in 2015 where you can buy and sell products locally. That said, you don’t have to deal with shipments or anything when using these apps, as you’re trading with people who live near you. As with most platforms of its kind, you can sell almost anything you can imagine within reason on LetGo, including clothes, toys, houses, and some services.

LetGo counts with a secure chat that makes possible instant communication between buyers and sellers, where both can negotiate anything related to the deal.

Another thing to say about the app is that it is pretty visual because you find many videos and photos on the platform. It has more than 100 million users, so it’s more popular than its direct rival in this comparison.

Screenshot of the Letgo website


OfferUp is also a mobile app that gives you access to one of the biggest local online marketplaces. Launched in 2011, it has 12 million users, which places it among the most used apps of its kind. It’s straightforward and fast to start selling on this app, as it takes as little as 30 seconds. And like LetGo, it counts with its messaging platform, where you can safely communicate with sellers or buyers without giving your personal information.

OfferUp has recently gone beyond local buying and selling, allowing sellers to ship their products to buyers across the United States.

Screenshot of the OfferUp website

OfferUp VS Letgo: How Do They Work?

Now that you know what OfferUp and Letgo are let’s look deeper and see how these apps work and come to the OfferUp vs Letgo part.

Letgo App

It’s effortless to use an app like Letgo to buy and sell things locally online. Almost literally, all you have to do is download the app and start selling and buying stuff. However, you must register first to start enjoying the app. This requires a valid email address and upload a photo of yourself. But after this simple process, you can begin to buy and sell.

Buying is relatively easy, as it works like any app of its kind. There are categories, and you can browse or look up a particular item by using the search bar.

Now, to sell, you must tap on the “Sell Your Stuff” button, and the app will ask you to add a picture to list your article. Then, you must set a price or leave the item negotiable. After that, you can click on “Add more details,” allowing you to put a title and a description to the article. This also gives you the option to add more photos and information.

One curious thing about Letgo is that no payment is processed through the app. Payment methods and similar agreements depend on what both the buyer and the seller accepted. And that’s how Letgo works.

OfferUp App

Since it is a platform of the exact nature as LetGo, it works similarly. To start using it, all you have to do is download the application and register.

Selling is quite simple. You only have to take a photo of the item and upload it accompanied by a description. You can search for a specific item and/or browse by category to buy. Then, just like LetGo, contact the seller and close the deal.

Unlike Letgo, OfferUp processes payments, and you can pay via Paypal or credit cards. Still, you can avoid these methods by agreeing to a cash transaction. And OfferUp does have a small fee for each successful sale, as long as you used the electronic payment methods accepted by the platform.

Finally, not all deals on OfferUp are local. You can choose to buy an item from another city, but keep in mind that you will have to pay for shipping.

OfferUp VS Letgo the Verdict

As you can see, both apps are pretty similar. Buying and selling with them is simple. Both are mainly for local deals, are C2C platforms, etc. So which one is better for you is dependant on your needs and inclinations entirely.

The main advantage of Letgo is that it’s entirely free for sellers. The platform doesn’t charge you anything after selling an item, and it has more users. Therefore, you find more products there. However, as long you live in the USA, OfferUp gives you access to products from all over the country because they go beyond local deals. And it seems OfferUp is safer because they process the payments to avoid scams easier with this platform.

In conclusion, use Letgo or OfferUp. Both are wonderful local marketplaces.