What is OfferUp?

OfferUp is an online marketplace that aims at matching sellers with buyers for products. Built into the system is a biding process that ensures that the seller gets the best deal possible. There are no automated price settings, which works to the advantage of those willing to bargain hard for their products and services. We must say that often it is the experienced seller that gets the best deals, and there is no commission being levied for sales on the platform.

People then might wonder as to how OfferUp makes money? Some promotions and advertisements need to be paid for, and it is these promotions make the application money. Listing a product is free, and those that need an extra boost to get a better coverage need to pay a premium listing, which is how the money gets made.

Sellers and buyers are advised to meet up to complete the transactions, and OfferUp does no more than match the two together. A location-based listing provides the sellers’ location with a certain distance from the actual place of stay.

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Advantages of selling online 

selling online
There are many advantages of selling online
  1. Cost: When compared to selling more traditionally, it has been found that having an online transaction works out cheaper to do. Thus, people can reduce their overheads most of the time. This, in turn means more money in the pocket as well.
  2. Anywhere deals: Most online marketplaces do not restrict where you can conduct a transaction. An advantage for people who do not live in or near large cities and towns. It affords them a large market from the comforts of their homes.
  3. Anytime deals: While selling online, there are no opening times to negotiate. Thus, the buyer and seller can discuss the details of a deal at their convenience. Most of the time, deals are done after business hours when people are freer, which is a bonus.

Tips on using OfferUp 

Like the typical online marketplace, OfferUp offers flexibility that few other sales apps do in the market. There is no commission being levied, and the seller and buyers are at complete freedom to enter and leave a deal at any time. It would be worth noting the following tips for using the software when trying to sell anything on the web.

Before selling

The best thing any seller needs to do is make the product as presentable as possible. You can do this with just a good cleaning up, and in case it is possible to use a professional cleaning service, please do so. The returns would more than compensate for the efforts.

Get the snaps right with OfferUp

With OfferUp, the first impression that a buyer has of a product is the photograph listed on the site. It thus helps to have an excellent professional-grade picture taken of the product. As far as possible, have photos taken from multiple angles and have a well-lit background as possible. This simple step is where a lot of the sellers tend to overlook.

Creating a title and description: 

This is important for any product on sale. The title must be descriptive enough but at the same time short enough to fit into the title window. Just a glimpse of the title should make any buyer want to look further and read the detailed description that follows it. Although creating a title and description might sound simple, it is often an art that must be mastered.  

Get the price right

There is never stressing the need to get the product’s price just right. If it is too high, people might not even have a look at the listing at all. The listed price is displayed in bold to the side of the picture, and it is one thing that people notice about a listing at first. An attractively priced product is bound to get more eyeballs than something that is extravagantly quoted.


Most deals are done after a little banter between the seller and buyer. Often a bit of haggling takes place before a final price is agreed to. It pays all the time to be prompt with answers for every query, even if some of the questions can be somewhat uncomfortable. A pleasant conversation is bound to lead to better sales than a cold approach.

The art of negotiating

Negotiating well can make or break a deal. Even if something unpleasant has to be told, it must be done as diplomatic as possible. Tact plays an essential role in getting the seller the best deals. Often the buyer needs to be reassured that he is getting a good deal. It is where a good negotiator comes into play.

Confirm a meetup

After a price has been agreed to and a deal finalized, it pays to confirm the place of meet up. It does not help the cause of finding an agreement if either party cannot make it to the meeting place at the specific arranged time.

Be wise

It is advisable to arrange a meeting with the buyer in public places where there are plenty of people around. Like a supermarket or a railway station. The chances of having an untoward or unpleasant experience in dealing with people are reduced under such circumstances.

Why should you use OfferUp?

With the kind of environment that OfferUp provides, most people are comfortable selling and buying on the platform. Even the die-hard critic of online shopping would be taken in by the simple format the system provides, both for the seller and the buyer.

The customer gets to have an excellent all-around feel for the product with the numerous photographs displayed to view most of the time. Since the final exchange is done physically after a meetup, the traditional sense of meeting the customer works for the user.