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Perk TV

What is Perk TV?

Perk TV is an application that pays to view countless videos on your smartphone or tablet. Videos duration are around 1 and 2 minutes, and you can determine to view app trailers or movie trailers.

perk tv
Perk TV logo – Photo by Easy Money

As videos you view, more points you will grant. When you have sufficient points achieved, you can exchange the points for free Walmart gift cards and other retailers’ money. It is also the option not to receive cash and acquire money deposited directly into your PayPal account. Presently, there is even an alternative to redeem for Bitcoin.

How do you produce a passive remuneration with Perk TV?

You watch every two videos; they pay you 4 points where each point is only worth 1/10 of a penny. How can you earn money with this application? The application is left running overnight.

Starting with pushing the button on “Watch Movie Trailers” or “Watch App Trailers,” the new movies will repeatedly play without supervision.

How to earn up to $250 per month?

You can count on more than one device when running Perk TV – big news! You can also use it on up to five devices as long as you use just one perk account, and you can get it on your iPhone and iPad simultaneously!

Turns out, with two devices running Perk TV, one on your iPhone and one on your tablet, you’ll get double the money.

If your current earnings are $ 49.50 a month for running Perk TV on one device, that means you can make probably :

$ 49.50 x 5 = $ 247.50 per month on 5 devices.

How much additional money can you earn in a year?

$247.50 x 12 months = $ 2970!

It would be the best if you did not forget to leave the phone with continual charging.

How to start running Perk TV?

Now that you have phones and are ready to start your Perk TV Farm, it’s time to consider a few precautions:

– Low broadband settings

This setting will guarantee that your phone does not slow down due to frequent video streaming. You should make sure to establish your Perk TV to the low bandwidth setting found in the account settings.

This setting reduces the videos’ quality and therefore frees up more broadband. Videos will load very promptly, and your phone will be less likely to be paralyzed.

For those with a limited data plan, the Perk TV app uses approximately 2-4GB in 24 hours per phone, depending on the device.

– Get a solid internet connection

With all the devices functional that run videos on the same network, you will need an adequate internet connection. Contrarily, you must constantly check your phones to make sure the app hasn’t been paralyzed or stopped.

If the videos take too much time to watch into the app, it turns out that the app sometimes pauses until it hits the restart button on the video player. You want to develop passive dividends but not be continuously vigilant to your devices.

– Limit screen brightness and lower heat

It depends on the device; the phone or tablet can get hot when running videos 24/7. Keeping the brightness low is crucial to extend the life of the device and conserve it fresh. It may even be reasonable to put your entire Perk TV Farm near a fan for prevention.

– Restart the phone every 24 hours of use

This step is not entirely obligatory but is highly recommended. Some phones work for a few days with Perk TV without any difficulty. Make an effort to restart the phone once a day if possible.


– Perk TV will not authorize numerous accounts. Otherwise, you risk having all of your points removed.

– Use exclusively five instruments operating Perk TV simultaneously. If you use more than 5, they may shut down your account. Even just trying, it will detect that you are earning points very quickly and will not award you any rewards for any other videos you are watching.

– For recipients outside the US, only the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and India can acquire Perk TV points. You can use a VPN to charge money outside of these countries. Still, it is not promoted or suggested as Perk TV’s Terms of Service provides its services only for US users. The points obtained in countries other than the US are insignificant than those reflected in this guide.

– It is against the Perk TV Terms of Service “to receive through the applications without any user activity for an extended period.” You have to make sure that you don’t use the app for long without inactivity, but it doesn’t specify how long it is.

– Don’t pretend to set up several accounts because income taxes have to be pay; setting up different accounts under distinct names would not do well for tax season.

Is Perk TV review a scam or a legitimate app to add rewards for watching Videos?

Perk TV is a website and an application, which will allow you to score points for completing tasks, such as:

– Responding to the trivia questions

– Completing word investigation puzzles

– Purchasing online

– Carrying out the surveys

And one of the most favorite Perk apps is Perk TV. With this top-rated app, you can get points when you watch videos.

These videos are principally short, like app trailers and movie trailers.

Simple to use, entertainment, and a productive way to quickly increase points, there’s an explanation for why it is one of the category’s most popular apps.

If you already have a Perk account or consider signing up, Perk TV is an app that all Perk beneficiaries should inspect.


You can advise your companions and partners about Perk TV and ask them to sign up for an account. Not just will you receive a minor referral bonus, but you can also promise to “watch” your phone so it never gets suspended or frozen. You can charge them a 50% commission.

If you have a colleague or pal who doesn’t mind giving you 100% of the gains, it is even better.

Of course, Perk TV won’t let you make a lot of money. Like many rewards programs, you definitely won’t get rich from them. What it does is give a little additional money and gift cards.

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