PixelYourSite Free & Paid Version Compared

PixelYourSite Free & Paid Version Compared

Facebook Ads are one of the most common ways you can rely on to promote your website or your e-commerce store. Everyone knows that. And that is because Facebook, itself as a social media platform, has tones of users globally. That has placed the company in a sweet spot as the marketers’ most prominent online space to get their businesses or products advertised to efficiently reach large audiences that avail themselves on the platforms every single day. But that comes with as a big disadvantage too, the platform by nature carries people of different calibers, your ads need to be optimized well to reach the right people. Otherwise, you will be throwing your money for Zuckerberg with no apparent reason. 

Facebook Ads are mostly used to drive people out of the site into an external site, and that is where the problems begin. On Facebook, it is easier (not that easy though) to customize your audience based on what they like, their close interests, and even hobbies for the right ad targeting. But once these individuals click on your Facebook Ad link out of the site, it becomes another daunting task to track them. There is no way you are going to track that visitor’s activity once they land on your site unless you put a Facebook pixel on that website as well. Facebook Pixel then captures the visitor’s actions and log it in the pixel data. The pixel data is vital in two useful ways, one is to enable one to create custom audiences, and the second is to create “lookalike” audiences to expand your Facebook Ad reach. 

To insert a Facebook Pixel on your website is not a hard task, but the functionality is limited. You may need to track more than just the primary PageView event. And that is where PixelYourSite comes in. PixelYourSite is a handy Facebook plugin that can be used to capture and track visitors from your Facebook campaigns on your website. This tool enables one to achieve more functionality and gather more data that could help optimize Facebook Ads more. Despite PixelYourSite being a handy tool, it also has a free version that can prove useful for starters or specific applications. 

However, we know choosing between the free and Pro version can be a hard task. In this article, we review the two versions of the software to help you decide if, by any chance, you should be comfortable with the free version or there is a need for the paid version of the plugin. 


PixelYourSite Free and Pro can get confusing with the tons of features available. In this article, we have compared the two side by side. And from the comparison, PixelYourSite Free is for no doubt just a good deal. It’s free and is baked with a ton of functionality that is useful for those who rely on Facebook campaigns to advertise their sites. For e-commerce users, we recommend that you pay for the Pro version instead. However, to other marketers who want to go all-in, unlocking the full functionality of the plugin to their marketing campaigns, paying for the pro version is, under no doubt, worth it too. It is no secret; while the FREE version is instrumental, the PRO really shines. Interested in seeing the one on one comparison? Go ahead and read the full article.

PixelYourSite Free & Paid Version: Features

Facebook Pixel Integration

Both versions of PixelYourSite unlock some similar functionalities. With both versions of the software, you can be able to hide pixel based on roles, configure permissions based on roles, remove default microdata and Button Click, integrate WooCommerce, and Setup Dynamic Product Ads. WooCommerce Integration gets the customizability a few notches up with PixelYourSite. 

With WooCommerce integration, you can customize WooCommerce Events ID, and also the integration of WooCommerce with Facebook. The Pro version has a little bit more though under the sleeve. PixelYourSite Pro will unlock Customization of WooCommerce Events Value and WooCommerce Advanced Marketing Events. 

While the free version only gets you partial Global and Custom events, the pro version unlocks the full functionality. Other PixelYourSite Pro Facebook Pixel integration features include Multiple pixels, Dynamic Parameters, Custom Thank You Pages, hide pixel per page, AMP Support, and the ability to export clients for Custom Audiences with Lifetime Value.

Google Analytics

Both the free version and the pro version support Google Analytics. With Google Analytics, the Pro version gets you a tone of functionalities besides the basic features. Some essential functionalities included in both the free version and the pro version are as follows; Enhance Link Attribution, Anonymize IP, Easy Digital Downloads Integration, WooCommerce Integration, and Enhanced Ecommerce. Global Events and Custom events under PixelYourSite free version are partial. The pro version of PixelYourSite will get you more features aside from the basic ones, including Advanced Marketing Events, Multiple Analytics, Dynamic Parameters, Custom Thank You Pages, Hide Analytics per page, Google Optimize and AMP Support. 

Google Ads

On Google Ads, formerly known as AdWords, only the Pro version supports it. Meaning if you wish to use this feature, you will have to buy PixelYourSite Premium version. PixelYourSite Premium will get you access to Google Ads functionalities like Global Events, Custom Events, Conversion Support, WooCommerce Integration, Dynamic Remarketing, Multiple tags, Dynamic Parameters, Hide pixel per page, AMP Support, and Easy Digital Downloads Integration.

Pinterest Tag

Both PixelYourSite free and premium version supports Pinterest tagging as a free addon. Global events and custom events are a bit limited for the free version, but the pro version has it all. You also get advanced matching, easy digital downloads integration, and WooCommerce integration. Paying for the premium version unlocks more advanced features like WooCommerce Events Value Customization, WooCommerce Advanced Marketing Events, Multiple pixels, Dynamic Parameters, Custom Thank You Pages, Hide pixel per page, and AMP Support.


Events are one of the most insightful activities you can use in advertising. Events can be used in tracking key actions, Ad optimization, to find new potential clients via Lookalikes (Facebook) or as Google calls it Similar Audiences in Google Ads and also retargeting sections of your audience. There are two types of events in advertising— Global Events and Custom Events. Global Events are automatically fired by the plugin to capture essential events while Custom Events are those that you configure to work on a different personalized way.

As mentioned before, PixelYourSite free version only includes partial Global and Custom Events. For Global Events, the free version only allows you to Track Searches, comments, and downloads. The premium version lets you track other global events like Clicks, Embedded Video, User Registration, Forms, and AdSense Clicks.

On the other hand, the free version only lets you track URL visits on custom events. That means you will miss out on other functionalities as listed below; 

  • Clicks on HTML links
  • Clicks on CSS Selectors
  • Mouse over element
  • Page scroll
  • Dynamic Parameters
  • Google Ads Conversions

Head and Footer Scripts

Additionally, PixelYourSite has a header and footer option that lets you add a header or footer of your own using scripts. Both the free and paid versions support this functionality. Both versions will get you the following features; Filter by device, Global scripts, per page scripts, Hide global scripts per page, and WooCommerce “order-received” scripts. As a bonus to premium users, (not a bonus since you have to pay for it), other features like Dynamic variables and WooCommerce dynamic variables are also usable.

Facebook Events Parameters

Facebook Event Parameters bring more functionality within your advertising campaigns. You can be able to create granular Custom Audiences or to understand your public via Facebook Analytics better. Furthermore, it can also help you to configure super-targeted Custom Conversions. 

PixelYourSite Free is abit functionality limited. Global Events supported by the free version include; content_name, content_category, tag, post_type, post_id, domain, download_name (Download Event), download_type (Download Event), and download_url (Download Event). Global Events supported by the pro version include tag_text (ClickEvent), tag_type (ClickEvent), search_string (Search Event), event_trigger (WatchVideo Event), video_title (WatchVideo Event), video_id (WatchVideo Event), user’s role (CompleteRegistration Event), form_class (Form Event), UTMs, hour, day, Month, and traffic_source.

WooCommerce purchase events that are included in the free version include content_type, content_ids, value, total, currency, content_name, category_name, num_items, plugin name, domain, user_roles, and contents. The pro version will get you more functionality in events, including lifetime_value, transactions_count, average_order, payment, tax, shipping, shipping_cost, coupon_used, coupon_name, transaction_id, hour, day, month, traffic_source, and UTMs.

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Small Comparison Table

Who is this for?

But do you need PixelYourSite anyway? Definitely yes. PixelYourSite is a handy tool and an excellent investment for those who rely on Facebook Ads for advertising. But we are not saying you can’t use other pixels too, like Google Analytics, Pinterest, and Google Ads. For Facebook Ad, this plugin has more functionality that can enable you to create more laser-focused campaigns to reach more audiences that can result in more interaction. Instead of losing track of your visitors once they land from your Facebook Ad campaign, PixelYourSite ensures that you are still able to track these visitors. This plugin is suitable for those who Facebook as their primary advertisement platform and for those with e-commerce stores.

Pros and Cons

PixelYourSite Free Pros

  • Its free
  • Has quite important functionalities

PixelYourSite Free Cons

  • Limited functionality as compared to the free version

PixelYourSite Pro Pros

  • Has a tone of functionality
  • Custom and Global Events can be customized fully
  • Supports Pinterest integration

PixelYourSite Pro Cons

  • Expensive


PixelYourSite has a free and a paid version. The free version is entirely free to use for life. For the premium version, you will have to fork out $89. 


We won’t promise you that PixelYourSite plugin is easy to use. But for those who have been in the advertising field for quite a while, you will have it a breeze. 


PixelYourSite Free supports the following integrations:

  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • WooCommerce

PixelYourSite Pro can be integrated with the following;

  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • WooCommerce
  • Pinterest

PixelYourSite Free & Paid Version: The Verdict

PixelYourSite is quite handy for Facebook Ad campaigns. It can help you optimize your ads to reach more people, streamline your ads for laser targeting, and even retarget your audience or additionally even target more look-alike profiles. It doesn’t get any better than this. With the ton of functionality included in the pro version, it is valid to say the pro version is aimed at e-commerce users and store owners. With a store, you will find the premium version better. 

For those who want to use PixelYourSite, the free version is enough to cater for all your needs, unless you want more. That is if you also need more custom events and global events that are not included in the free version. Or, for Pinterest use.