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If a user is not too specific to use a budgeting app, there are a slew of reasons for doing so. Today it is common to find working or earning folks involve themselves with a lot of financial activities. It could be internet banking, insurance, financial planning, brokering services, an emergency fund, and a range of retirement planning. With the typical budgeting app, it is possible to bring all the details mentioned above under a single platform. More than just being convenient, they offer a utility that gets to save and manage money as well. So why use PocketGuard?

The average consumer with up to four credit cards and as many bank accounts would be a herculean task to monitor them on a real-time basis. It would typically mean logging into the separate tabs to know the balance alone and juggling with many usernames and passwords. That is where the typical budgeting apps come into the picture. It becomes possible to track and monitor every single account and expense head from a single location.

A factor with the introduction of technology in our daily lives is that it tends to simplify things for one thing, and it makes do with a lot of conveniences on the other. The accounting software tends to aggregate all the financial information about an individual onto a single platform, accessed conveniently.  

PocketGuard comes in a basic free version that gives in a nutshell all the most wanted features in a budgeting app. If people like what they get in the free release, they can further upgrade the use to the premium account, which provides many features to the user.

Features of PocketGuard 

pocket guard
PocketGuard App @PocketGuard

This is rather a straightforward application that gets the user straight to the features on sign-in. It is a one-step software that will get to start on managing the finances on a real time basis and offers some of the most powerful features possible to the free user. The app brings to paint the accurate financial picture of the client and with good graphical representations.

The main tracking point of PocketGuard involves letting the customer know how much of the budgeted amount is remaining in an activity. It helps build up the larger picture of the money matters of the individual. Some of the key features include options for setting spending limits, which can help restrict spending under various heads. You can also set saving goals in the app.


The user will find the PocketGuard works smoothly with the Mac iOS and the Android versions of the application. The interface is tap friendly and compact to sight. Most people that get on the web bases version of the software would compliment it on its performance. The phone-based app is equally capable of working on specific tasks as well. 

Linking the app to the online bank accounts is a simple affair with just a few clicks integrating the whole set of operations. 

Once set up, the PocketGuard syncs smoothly and works entirely independently of the operator most of the time. We must say that it is one of the lighter ones available, and hence chances of the device jamming or hanging are relatively rare.  


There is very little to tangle up the user when on the PocketGuard app. 

  • The simple to use and apply user interface makes for smooth running and interaction with the software. We must say that they have applied their minds and time to create a simple to use interface. And all this without actually lowering the power of financial planning or the planner.

It is rather challenging work to make a drab and simple number enjoyable. But we must say of PocketGuard that it offers a simple to use interface that is easy on the eyes. Even the phone app has a large display size to lay out all the features in such a small space. Few users complain of the somewhat peculiar manner that accounts have to be linked from the various banks and institutions. Still, these issues are increasingly getting less reported than in the past.


As with any software product, support for the offering is vital to its continued use and utility. With PocketGuard, there is a behind the scene team that works around the clock to fix issues, no matter the time of the day. An active help section would point to some of the widespread items that folks have trouble with. It provides simple solutions to having to take care of the problems.

An active blog on the company’s website offers additional insights into how it works and its use. It is possible to email customer support to get help with issues that cannot be sorted out in due time.

Why use PocketGuard?

It is hard to find the ideal budgeting software no matter how hard a customer tries to do. PocketGuard offers the convenience of a powerful yet simple application that takes care of more than the usual daily accounting. The tax section would allow the easy preparation of tax returns with reminders to call the user’s attention to specific issues.

Most importantly, the software provides the flexibility that few other of the competition offers the user. There is a free-to-use version, coupled with the paid section, which provides a lot of leeway in how people can it.

Overspending guard  

There is no denying the PocketGuard keeps the individual guarded against overspending. Also, it helps maintain a balance between income and expenditure. In many ways, the program’s simplicity would allow it to be used as the first step toward automating and controlling finances from the smartphone.