The main aim of Poshmark is to buy and sell used clothing items. Several apps are aimed at the used clothes or the secondhand clothes market, but Poshmark stands out in that it is aimed at the designer brands and the less worn items. When dealing with people on Poshmark, both the deals and shipping are handled by the platform. In most instances, the used clothes have to be in near new conditions, or else they would not sell no matter how deeply discounted the items are offered.

Advantages of buying used clothes on Poshmark 

Used clothing
Used clothes are a cheaper solution

No two buyer goes to the market to buy clothes with the very same outlook. Each person has his taste and perspective to cater to. It is true of the used clothes markets and the usual quirks, and there are some plus points to using used clothes as has been outlined below.

Poshmark saves money

Used clothes are less costly than brand new ones. It applies all the more to the branded variety than typical unbranded types. Thus, people going for the secondhand pieces are assured of a good deal no matter the wearables’ condition. 


As clothes change hands each time from one user to another, the average user cycle or the lifecycle of the clothing item increases. Often the second user could find better utility for the piece of clothing than the first individual. 

Sustainable fashion

The term sustainable fashion is more than a fancy word. It signifies a more environmentally sound clothing practice more than anything. It is also a better way of conserving scarce resources like water and clean air. There is something known as slow fashion brands. These are branded clothing items that are designed to last longer than the usual fashion brands. Sustainable fashion is but the promotion of the slow fashion brands. 

Unique pieces

When someone walks into a high fashion store, what strikes the person is the kind of variety offered to the buyer. There are the same type and style in different sizes and colorways too. With secondhand clothing or used clothing, each piece is unique all the time. It is not easy to find a similar piece a second time on any of the platforms. Thus, used clothing leads to a unique fashion. 

Conserve resources

When a new cloth is made, specific resources go into its making. Recycling the clothes would prevent the use of more natural resources most of the time and leads to the conservation of the resources. It is thus cleaner on the environment than anything else. 

Reduces demand

Let’s face it; many people go for fast fashion to look good and feel good. The same can be said of using branded used clothes too. Thus, there is less of a demand for brand new fashion brands most of the time. 

Lasts longer

A good reason why pieces of clothes come onto the secondhand market is that they have withstood the perils of time and usage to come out unscathed. 

  • Hence chances of a used piece standing up to more users are more than with a brand-new collection. 

Points to note while selling on Poshmark 

Every sales platform has specific inherent strengths, which is right in a used clothes platform like Poshmark. Most items on the sales application are lesser worn and never completely worn out does not prevent people from using a few tried and tested methods to get a sale through. 

Those on Poshmark to buy a piece of clothing would always seek a good deal, if not an unbelievable value at best. Often the high street brands that the platform deals with intend to sell relatively cheaply when out of date. Mentioned below are some simple to follow points that make selling fun on Poshmark and brings the crowds to the sales application.

Check the price 

In many cases, it has been noticed that people tend to have a high price expectation. Often with high street brands, the original cost would have been relatively high too, and it would be foolhardy to try and get back as much as possible. Most of the time, with brands, their value tends to drop once it is outdated. If a piece has not sold for quite a while, it would be advisable to check how similar items are priced on the platform and adjust the price accordingly. 

Make more offers on Poshmark

It is possible to have suggestions on products put up for sale on Poshmark. The secret to making a sale is to keep making reasonable offers as each offer tends to last just a day. This way, more people are bound to notice the item than earlier. 

Bundle discounts

Bundle discounts are discounts when you want to promote a group of objects and not just a single piece. People do not choose to reject pieces that come bundled, and this is an excellent method to get rid of those pieces that do not move. 

Repost listings

This is a simple enough trick that can be done by practically everyone. That is to delete a posting that has not been picked up and to repost the listing. The practice of reposting tends to keep the stock fresh, and hence more people are bound to look in. 

Detailed descriptions

As far as possible, be descriptive with the narration of goods. Add pictures for good effect and always. It is bound to lessen the chances of rejection later on and increase the chances of buying a product. 

Why use Poshmark?

There are several occasions when it would be perfectly acceptable to wear used clothing. And if the piece of clothing is not worn out and of a good brand, there is no telling that the item has been a used one. As more people get converted to the re-use of clothes and brands, applications like Poshmark are bound to get even more attention than at present.