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Printify vs Printful: Print On Demand Comparison

Today we are going to compare two print on demand (POD) T-Shirt supplying websites which are very popular among drop shippers. Printify and printful are two websites that rank on top in the (POD) T-shirt market and both of them are known for delivering high-quality T-shirts to their customers.

In this article, we are going to make an in-depth comparison of both websites. So If you are planning to start your store where you dropship print on demand T-shirts or just want to order one for yourself. Then read till the end to not miss any important point.

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Printify vs Printful – Website Interface and T-shirt Ordering Process

Both of them have highly optimized websites which is sure to give you a user-friendly experience. Printify and Printful both have an almost similar web interface and features. Let’s talk about the T-shirt ordering and store setup process. 

In Printify you just need to follow the below steps and you are ready for selling T-shirts.

  • Create a Printify account
  • Add a store name
  • Add your personal details
  • Design your first product
  • Connect your store to different eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and start selling

Before ordering T-shirts in bulk make sure you first order a sample copy. Printify does the outsourcing of T-shirts to different print providers and thus checking for quality is a must. 

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Placing an order for T-shirts in printful is similar to that of printify. But with more advanced options such as ship station. In printful, you can manually place an order for a single T-shirt or you can use the eCommerce store integration option to set up your own store where you can select one of the platforms such as Shopify and proceed similar to that of printify.

Integrated with Other Apps

Printful allows you to integrate your marketplace or eCommerce store with a ship station which automates your dropshipping business. If you are using different market places such as Shopify, eBay, Etsy, etc and want a third-party order fulfillment service that integrates all orders in one place. And also gives cheaper delivery options using FedEx and UPS then it might be an option to be considered.

The good thing about Printful is that they do not outsource their T-shirt production and do all the hard work of T-shirt printing themselves. It definitely makes them more reliable and accountable compared to Printify who has different print providers and choosing the right one can be a game of luck.

Printify vs Printful (2019) Print On Demand Comparisons
Order Something New @ printify

Printify vs Printful – Ease of Designing the T-shirt

When it comes to designing your next best-selling T-shirt both websites offer inbuilt tools to do that.

In printify, all you need to do is go into your store, add your product (Eg: T-shirt), select among the available sellers which fit your criteria in terms of Budget. Shipping time, T-shirt size and available colours and start with the design. Below is how the interface for designing the T-shirt looks like.

The features available for T-shirt design are very basic. Although you can add your own custom files in Jpeg or Png format. The inner satisfaction of actually designing your T-shirt from scratch and using creativity is still missing in Printify. Also, printify does not offer text or type function which again is a big drawback.

Coming back to printful, it as an impressive T-shirt mockup generator, you can choose between two options 1) Printing (DTG) and 2) Embroidery, Printing (DTG) is basically spraying ink on the garment whereas embroidery is using a sewing machine for a T-shirt design. Below is how the T-shirt design interface looks like for printful.

Printful allows you to create customized design on

  • Front
  • Back
  • Left sleeve
  • Right sleeve
  • Outside and Inside Label

You can either upload your own design or use predesigned icons from clipart, Printful also offers you text or type function which comes very handy while making your own customized T-Shirts.     

Note: Using Embroidery design will cost you 2 to 3 dollars more.

Printify vs Printful (2019) Print On Demand Comparisons
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Printify vs Printful – Product Varieties available

Both websites are popular for a T-shirt design but they are not limited only to selling T-shirts, They have various other products which are customizable similar to that of the T-shirt. Both websites offer the following products: 

  • Bags
  • Jewelry
  • Phone Cases
  • Socks
  • Hats
  • Pillows
  • Mugs
  • Art & wall decor

In this case, both websites are on the same level but I might give printful a slight upper hand for their excellent mockup design tool and also for their in house print provider team.

Printify vs Printful – Quality of T-shirts

After surfing the Internet and analysing hundreds of reviews, It was found that for print quality, printify is the website which you should look ordering your next T-shirt from. As per the user from a popular forum, He as spent thousands of dollars for ordering T-shirt samples from both Printify as well as Printful.

The printing quality of T-shirts from Printify was always inferior when compared to printful. But both of them have the same level of garment quality since both of them have the same manufacturing sources. This again can be due to the fact that Printful has an in-house production team. Whereas printify acts as a middleman and outsource printing work to third parties.

Printify vs Printful- Pricing Plans

Printify as three plans- Free, Premium and Enterprise. The free plan has limitations of only 5 stores per account, Premium plan is for 29$/month and gives you 10 stores per account and for an enterprise account, they offer unlimited stores per account.

Printful have no such system and have all their services for free of cost, of course, you will need to pay for monthly fees if you decide to have your own warehouse in some of their locations in the USA and Europe where you can keep your items in bulk in physical form and import as you get orders. But again printful is absolutely free and has no hidden charges whatsoever. 

Coming to the gaining profit part, Here Printify offers a 20% discount to all its premium members and Printful has no such lucrative offers, they do have volume discount but it is based on previous month sales volume. Below is the chart for sales volume and the discount they offer.

Thus printify and printful both can be a good choice if you are getting mass orders. Also, Printful can be considered if you decide to choose Physical warehouse and/or ship station option where you can lower your cost per item and saves some bucks. Speed and price depend on the type of product you are ordering and where you are planning to ship. But we can still look at some average data that is available to compare both.

Printify on an average takes:

  • 5 to 7 days for shipping in the USA
  • 10 to 16 days for shipping in CANADA
  • 10 to 30 days for International Shipments.
Printify vs Printful (2019) Print On Demand Comparisons
On-Time Product @ printify


  • 97.66 percent of Printful’s orders are shipped within 5 business days.
  • More than half of the companies order are shipped within 3 business days or less.

Printify offers a shipping calculator which is integrated with Shopify store. Again it’s not free and has some cost that needs to be paid but you can use this to charge exact shipping rates to your customers each time they order something. Printify also has flat rate system but since printify have different sellers it varies accordingly. Below are the shipping rates for shirts from one of the most popular sellers named as “My Locker” 

Printful offer two types of shipping rates and they are Live rates and Flat rates. Live rates are rates which are dynamic in nature and change depending on customer choice of shipping method and weight of the product. Live rates are available for non-printful products fulfilled through warehouse and fulfilment and thus have some limitations whereas flat rates are fixed shipping rates. Below are flat rates for Shirts

Again, since both of them offer almost similar shipping rates I will go with one which also has superior printing quality and the winner here is clearly Printful. Even if I have to lose a few dollars, I will have customers who will love my T-shirts and will not hesitate to recommend or order again. 

Printify vs Printful- Ease of Integration

Both websites offer store integration with numerous eCommerce stores. Printify offers integration with four websites that are Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, and eBay whereas printful offer integration with nineteen websites including what printify offers. For considering ease of Integration we can consider Shopify as a part of our integration test.

Assuming you have already created a store, The process of Integrating Shopify store in Printify is very simple and is as follows:

  • On your dashboard, if you are done setting up your first store you will see an option of connecting store, below is an image of it. Just click on it.
  • Once you click on it, you will see the connect button, just click on it and then choose to connect the Shopify store from the available eCommerce platforms.
  • Insert your Shopify store URL link, Eg.
  • Click on Accept offer to install the Printify app on your Shopify store 

All set and you are now done integrating your store with the Shopify. The process is similar in Printful, All you need to do is:

  • Go to your Printful dashboard and click on the store’s button located at the panel on the left side. Below is the dashboard image
  • Click on Choose platform and select Shopify
  • Click on Add App button and insert your Shopify store link

You are done integrating Shopify with printful. As we can see both are the winners here and have a simple process of Integration.

Printify vs Printful (2019) Print On Demand Comparisons
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Printify vs Printful- Customer Support

For this, I came up with a practical way of testing who is better when it comes to customer support and check who responds quickly. And here are the results, I started a live chat on both platforms and Printful surprisingly took less than one second to respond me with a real person handling my problems. Here is the screenshot of the chat:

Printify, on the other hand, have bots and have a message of “Printify typically replies in a few hours” which shows that i will have to wait for hours until I get live support to sort out my issues. Here is the screenshot which I have taken:

I know, it cannot be a fair way to judge who provides good customer support. Which actually helps based only on live chat support. But again from the general reviews and also as we have discussed before, Printify acts as a middleman and we could actually have a problem. Not with the printify but one of the print providers company that we have chosen to order T-shirts from. Printful slightly has an upper hand when it comes to customer support.

Printify vs Printful – The Final Verdict

Both companies are on top when it comes to Print-on-demand T-shirt selling the game and definitely have the advantage of being in the market for a long time. They both have something valuable to offer for the customers and thus doing good business globally. But again it all boils down to the quality of the product which we need to sell something to the customers. 

Printify is a lot of complaints when it comes to the quality of products and rightly. So, all they are doing is outsourcing the orders and gaining the profits. Which keep very little space for any kind of improvement. Dropshippers, however, have a lot of options to choose the print provider they want, with a lot of options comes confusion and choosing. The print provider who provides a quality product at first order is very difficult.

According to reviews, Print provider MyLocker as some of the worst print quality whereas DTG2Go as some decent print quality of T-shirts. If you can find a print provider who offers good quality and takes less delivery time. Then you can definitely make a good profit using Printify for long period of time.

Printify is one of the most reliable Print-on-demand T-shirt supplying company and has good reviews. When it comes to the quality of printing they offer. The company takes all the responsibility of printing as well as delivering the T-shirts and you can always contact them if any problem arises.

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Create & sell custom products online. Easy print-on-demand drop shipping and fulfilment warehouse services

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Thus, if you want to earn some quick cash with mass-selling the T-shirts without caring much about building a brand and business for a long time. Then Printify is the way to go. But if you want to build a brand where customers love what you offer them and are looking to run the business for a long time. Then Printful is the option you should look for and after all quality is the ultimate KING.

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