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Recooty vs VIVAHR

recooty vs vivahr
In this article, Recooty vs VIVAHR, we will explain the differences between the two, compare them, and give insight into how they work.

HR Automation 

In this article, Recooty vs VIVAHR, we will explain the differences between the two, compare them, and give insight into what they are. But first, let’s explain the purpose of such software generally and how they change the game-play for HR.

Automation is here to stay in many industries, and manpower consulting is going to be no exemption. In fact, with the high usage of human resources in recruitment, it’s natural that companies and individuals look to automate the processes. This would reduce the dependency on a very fickle set of employees and turn HR consulting into a more robust industry. The advantages of using recruitment software are many. Let’s see some of them below.

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Reduce Administrative Work 

With managing manpower or people, it’s a fact there are going to be a lot of administrative duties on offer. The right way to reduce or do the administrative work altogether is to take to automated systems. There is no doubt the cost involved in rolling out an autonomous system. But, the system pays for itself in the long run.

Increase Hire Quality

The role of software like Recooty and VIVAHR is to replace the workers working in manpower consulting. Also, it increases the quality that is on hire for each possible position. With software, it’s possible to store large amounts of resumes that could be recalled at the push of a button. When the first consultant approaches a possible candidate, his accepting the offer is higher than when someone approaches him later. Thus a recruitment software increases the hiring quality of personnel that a consultancy provides the clients.

Improve Communication 

There are two aspects to communication when it comes to manpower consultants. The first is the internal communication between workers in consultancy, and the other is the communication between the consultancy and the candidates and clients. Using just one system, the recruiters can up to date on every task their team is dealing with. Not only that, they can update information taken on an applicant at every stage of the recruitment process. Moving candidates digitally helps the consultant to treat all the candidates equally without any bias.

What is Recooty?

Recooty is one of the easiest software for recruitment processes that streamlines the company’s hiring and helps build great performing teams. Several features are characteristic of the company and software, but the most telling aspects of the Recooty application are listed below.

Top Features of Recooty

  • Website Integration: It’s possible to integrate the software into the consultant’s already existing website or the home company on whose behalf the recruitment is taking place. This makes for a seamless working of the system and is the most desirable feature when integrating new software into a working system.
  • Job Board: Recooty has its own massive job board, making the use of third-party boards redundant. Since the board is integrated into the software right from the beginning, it is but an ongoing process to keep it updated. It also works for companies that use Recooty that they can make use of the job board on the software without any extra charges being levied on them. 
  • Resume Filtering: It is a fact that with most recruiting activities, there are many resumes to process. The filter and screen function makes it possible to home in on the right candidate every time. The resume filter enables the user to keep a good database of resumes all the time, and the priority would be to fill in a vacancy by turning to the stored resumes.

What is VIVAHR?

VIVAHR is a manpower recruiting marketing software and platform that has full end-to-end applicant tracking. The recruitment software helps companies attract the right applicants by leveraging their landing pages and matching with the company culture. VIVAHR must be seen as a complete recruiting platform and not just an applicant tracking system. There are some performance areas on VIVAHR.

Top Features

  • Chat Functionality: Chats can be initiated with the relevant person on the company’s role to answer some of the most deep-seated questions about the recruitment process. This function operates on a 24×7 basis and is offered as an automated chatbot when outside the company’s working hours.
  • Collaborative Review: The entire recruitment team using the recruitment software acts as a single unit that collaborates to find the optimum solution to a problem. This is possible due to the networks formed on the software that makes each person part of a team. Several experts in their field could vet an applicant out without moving out of the office during the process.
  • Activity Dashboard: The dashboard works in two ways here. On the one hand, the applicant would be able to view his application’s progress on his side of the screen, and then there is the recruitment staff with their dashboard that helps manage a situation as best as possible. Users can interact with the recruitment software to best benefit from the simple to use and feature-rich dashboard.

Recooty vs VIVAHR – Which is the Better Software? 

Both VIVAHR and Recooty command a dedicated clientele that aims at making the most out of the software. It helps unleash the full potential of the recruitment software more than anything else.

VIVAHR would be the better of the software because it has one of the most used job boards among the two. Recooty is, on the other hand, dependent on third-party job boards to announce vacancies. Also, with VIVAHR, it’s possible to post to the job boards without any external aids directly.

Recooty is an onboarding system that takes care of the candidate right from the time of application to the actual appointment to the company.

Recooty vs VIVAHR – Who Wins? 

Calling out one recruitment software over the other does not do justice to either of the two. The best approach is to study each in detail and understand what fits in with most customer requirements. This would work out best over the long-term utility of the software.

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