recooty vs wizehire

Recooty vs WizeHire

Recruitment Software 

Here in Recooty vs WizeHire article, we will compare the two and explain how they work. But, firstly lets see what purpose do they serve in general.

Modern recruitment companies have to operate in some of the toughest and competitive conditions possible. These agencies have to compete with each other, and the client companies have to go through heaps of resumes to come to the right candidate. This is where recruitment software comes into the picture. It simplifies and automates the daily routines that most manpower consultants go through all the time.

It’s not uncommon to have hundreds of applicants for any advertised position, and sifting through all the data is time-consuming and back-breaking work. The software application produces a paperless solution to having to push through countless amounts of resumes and experience certificates. There are other advantages to the process as defined by the below-mentioned points, so let’s get to it.

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Improves Productivity

In a recruiter’s office, there are countless processes and procedures which are often duplicated when done manually. With the use of automation and recruitment software, it becomes possible to pay attention to just the right part of the user’s process.

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Better Social Reach

The current crop of recruitment software like Recooty and WizeHire comes integrated with the usual social media platforms. A lot of the bulletin boards that can be scoured for applicants and posting on a board are mostly a routine affair most of the time. A better social reach means many applicants to choose from and ensures that the best possible talent is tapped into.

Allows For Streamlined Data Collection

Ask any recruiter, and he would tell you of the immense amount of data that the typical manpower consultant requires. An automated process of dealing with the huge data generated would ensure that it offers streamlined working that does not stall anywhere. Lack of physical bottlenecks with automation makes the whole process smoother to deal with.

What is Recooty?

Recooty is an easy-to-use recruitment software used by the manpower industry to streamline a company’s hiring, and it helps build great performance in teams. The software users speak highly of the software’s performance areas, but what stands out among them are the following.

Job Board

This could well be one of the strongest operational areas of Recooty. The job board is massive enough to grab the simple search engines’ attention that gets to listing them in the search queries. The use of the board is meant to have a large number of applicants to any of the position that is being called for.

Applicant Tracking 

It’s important for the recruitment software to keep track of an application the moment it is received. Recooty has a highly effective applicant tracking system that ensures that every one of the applicants is kept track of effectively so that an applicant’s status can be had at a glance at any time.

Easy Integration

Recooty can be integrated into the website of the company and also of the recruiters as well. The software being on offer on both the desktop and smartphones makes for an easy integration that few other of the competition can provide.

Simple Interface

Most users have pointed out that the interface has very few features to offer them, which makes it easy to use and operate. It is important for any software to be uncluttered, precisely what the makers of Recooty have managed to do.

What is WizeHire?

At the heart of the WizeHire software is a facility to post job ads and update job boards with minimal effort. Many templates are there to do so. This talks of the strength of the design to have some of the most noticed designs possible.

Great Design 

The software is one of the friendliest to use in design and has some of the most up-to-date features possible. The user interface is very easy, and there is just the right number of features to be accommodated on the home screen.

Applicant Filter 

Most recruitment software has an applicant filter and screening provision, but it speaks volumes of the quality of the application that it can handle very large numbers of resumes and data in a quick time too.

Personal Searches 

A lot of the recruitment software indeed allows filtering of candidates depending on the search criteria. But WizeHire goes beyond a simple search by incorporating some personality features as well. This makes the search personal and the most suited ones for the client companies.


WizeHire taken for a feature for the feature can be one of the most cost-effective solutions available for recruitment software. On offer is a range of payment options that make the platform affordable to most people.

Recooty vs WizeHire – Which is Better?

WizeHire is the better of the software when compared with Recooty. It has the DISC attachment that allows the application to fill out the person’s personality under consideration. Other than that, it has an uncluttered interface that can be smooth to use and implement.

Recooty has payment options that many of the recruitment software don’t offer, making it easier to afford.  

No Losers

Sometimes it’s hard to compare two software applications. We attempted this in the Recooty vs WizeHire article. While effort has been made to make out the better platform’s case, there are no losers. Only the most suited software for an application.

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