What is Recooty? In the contemporary business world, recruiting people has become highly competitive. Manpower agencies have competition from other and similar agencies when filling in a vacancy or requirement on time. At the same time, businesses have to go through a mountain of candidates for each vacant position. And there is no guarantee that agencies have to be successful after all the effort to find just the right person for a job.  

Recooty is the perfect platform for your hiring process

With the kind of response that each job listing produces in popular media, it is hardly surprising that most agencies have to track hundreds of applicants for each of the vacancies. A superb solution to finding the right recruitment needs is automating the process and introducing software to handle the better part of it. A good recruitment software does some of the following.

Recooty Improves Productivity 

By the term productivity, it is the recruiter’s productivity that is being targeted. Online recruiting software can help automate a large part of the candidate search and the other processes to recruit successfully. It would mean that managers are left with more time on their hands and can pay a lot more attention to activities they cannot do without human supervision. Most recruiting applications are cloud-based, which means it is possible to work on them from practically anywhere and while on the go.

Recooty Improves Reach 

To recruit for a particular position to be successful, it first must reach the target workers. This is where software to take care of the recruitment comes into play to reach out to the most people possible and quickly. The ease with which software can integrate social media platforms also lead to this situation.

Recooty Saves Time 

Often there are repetitive processes that occur in the recruitment procedures. When automation is carried out, these processes are taken care of automatically. Thus, saving time as it does not involve any human intervention. An automated process often tends to be faster, too, with machines taking over slower people’s function.

Features of Recooty 

Every software has its strong points no matter the field of operation that one takes it from, and it is no different in the case of Recooty as well. The recruitment software is mainly cloud-based, and hence it is possible to have it up and work from practically anywhere. A cloud-based working helps with people who are always on the go and makes a software device-independent. Some of the notable features of Recooty are as mentioned below.

Email Integration

It is possible to integrate the email software with Recooty, making it relatively easy to communicate with candidates and clients. One of the software’s strong points is that several templates can significantly affect while sending out and receiving emails on the application.

Mobile Support

Being cloud-based, you can support the program from the mobile phones of users. This provides greater mobility and the freedom to work from practically anywhere, even while on the go.

Multi User

With Recooty, it is possible to assign multiple users to the software, making multi-user login possible. This feature adds certain flexibility and creates a situation where numerous users can use the software simultaneously.

Resume Parsing

Searching and organizing resumes of different people for the same position is made automatic. This means that the process proceeds faster and is less prone to errors. Considering that most openings have many applicants, parsing would be just the right type of screening to be done.

Applicant Tracking

Once the Recooty receives a resume, it is kept track of for the recruitment process’s entire duration. At any given time, the application’s status can be given out by the system, and it keeps shadowing the resume till the position is closed out. It is often easy to send out regret letters to candidates who have not been successful through this process.

Interview Management

It is only natural that people who are considered for a position be interviewed. Typically, there would be numerous rounds of interviews, and it makes sense for the software like Recooty to manage the whole process. Interviews are considered part and parcel of modern recruitment processes.

Data Security

One of the most telling aspects of working people’s resumes is collecting data that takes place. It is thus vital to ensure that personal details and the result of the process as it takes place are kept safe and confidential. Recooty has invested large sums of money in ensuring data security at the workspaces and the maintenance of its servers.


It all begins with the dashboard and that’s where it ends in the recruiting process. We must say of the dashboard that it is a user-friendly one, and you can use it with minimal supervision and oversight.  

Should you get Recooty?

Recruiting software like Recooty improves communication and efficiency as well. It is crucial to reply to emails and other means of communication promptly. It works to the software’s advantage that it can do so seamlessly and with minimal human interference. All said and done, Recooty is one of the most advanced software when it comes to maintaining communication lines are concerned.

When automating processes, it is often the case that it speeds up the process. In the case of Recooty, you would see that timelines are reduced and brought under control most of the time. The more or less hands-off approach helps companies and agencies that place a premium on their working hours. Simultaneously, a friendly user interface ensures that any interaction between the participants is easy to do and simple to follow.