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Robly Review

What is Robly?

Businesses are seeking newer ways of communicating and are willing to try out options that provide the best value for money. This is where email comes to its own and in general marketing activities. The single most element that makes emails a smart marketing tool is the cost associated with them. What is Robly?

There is no direct cost to sending an email but there are costs to the associated systems used to send out emails most of the time. A product like Robly makes it possible for email marketing services. It tends to go one on traditional emails by being able to automate some of the most everyday activities associated with sending emails. There is no doubt some strong pointers to using email marketing software and some of the most notable features are as discussed below.

Robly is a great email automation software for you business needs

Easy to Track

When using email marketing software, it is possible to keep track of people that get to open emails. It also keeps instances when certain links in the email have been clicked upon. This sort of flexibility ensures that emails can be tracked to the smallest details contained in them. It allows for the sender to know how successful the email campaign happens to be. It also shows how much return on investment the emails are providing the user.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is one of the strongest gainers to using emails to marketing products and services.  With automated email marketing software, it is possibleto send emails at the correct times of the day. That way, people get to read about the product.  Most of the time, it is the timing of the emails that ensure that the audience gets to read what is written in them. A targeted approach to email marketing ensures that it is possible to create general brand awareness within the user group and to good effect as well.


Take any email marketing software and one of the most used features would be the kind of segmentation that is possible with the product. By segmentation, we mean the need to separate the audience into its demographic separations as far as possible. A segmented audience would mean a deeper penetration of the emails than before. Market reaction too could be better gauged with greater segmentation of the target audience.

Features of Robly

As with any software product, Robly has some very desirable features which endear it to its users. Some of the features are more prominent than others. They together go on to make a packaged whole. Here the salient points that make the use of Robly email marketing software popular are listed out.


People using Robly happen to comment often that it is one of the most reliable platforms to be had for its cost. Thus, it could well be taken up by folks who seek a cost-effective solution to their everyday email marketing campaigns. The use of a dashboard that is less on the show but high on performance gives it a no-nonsense approach to interaction.


There is a wide range of integrations possible with Robly and this makes it possible to combine the email marketing software with a large number of external programs. The presence of export and import tools ensures that it is possible to exchange data between two compatible software. For example a payroll software and the likes. It, therefore, makes for a complete suite of software programs when using the Robly platform.

High Volume

One of the most notable features of the email marketing platform has been the ability to handle some of the highest volumes when it comes to emails being sent out to audiences. It also speaks highly for the capacity of the mailer system. It is possible to keep track of the high-volume traffic most of the time. This enables the use of Robly in large email marketing campaigns. It also works with smaller campaigns as well.


Speaking of personalized emails, it must be stressed that the best responses to emails are when they are approached with a personal touch.  Not all email marketing platforms allow the degree of personalization that Robly can provide the user most of the time. It goes far beyond the changing of the subject field and enables the very innovative use of templates to send out personalized emails.


The reporting or analysis of emails is at the most basic level. This means that the reports are easily interpretable by the user. They do not require a piece of specialized knowledge in the field or the use of Robly. Most of the reports are presented in a graphical presentation. That makes it rather easy to read as well as understand.

Automated Responses

There is an active filter that grades the replies to emails into categories. Thus, it enables the use of an auto-response to the emails as far as possible. This sort of handsfree approach enables the smoother operation of the system as well as ensures that most of the audience gets to read what has been sent out.

Robly – The drawbacks of the system

The Robly email marketing system has been well received in the market. But one of the grouses that people often using the email marketing software complain about is that it uses an obsolete design. Present-day email marketing applications provide a range of activities under the reportage whereas Robly does just the basics of analysis and reporting. This is an area that could do with an improvement.

There are common reports of bouncing rates of emails being on the higher side most of the time. This would mean that a lot of the recipients do not receive the emails at all.

Why use Robly?

More than features, Robly is known for the extreme economy that it offers the users.  There would not be a comparable software for email marketing that comes at this low a price. It is thus only natural that some of the features are not as futuristic as the competition. They are priced at a much higher price most of the time.

There would not be software in existence that did not command a market at any time. And this is true for the Robly system as well.

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