SendinBlue Review


One of the features of modern offices is the use of emails to communicate between people and organizations. SendinBlue is a software that automates and sends emails to many people and is usually used in email marketing campaigns. Furthermore, there are several advantages to using email over snail mail, and they have been touched upon in the below.


On a cost per addressee basis, emails have probably the lowest cost to the sender possible. There would not be an alternative that provides this cost efficiency and combines with the speed of delivery. 

Sent in Bulk 

With standard emails, you can send it to many people, all from the office’s comforts or the workspace. There is no restriction on sending out emails, especially in an automated environment that most offices work in today. 


The simplest of email clients would allow people to personalize the messages to the extent that each mail seems to have a personal touch most of the time. It happens with little effort and often done using templates that you can customize for good effect. 

Anywhere Mail

Emails can be sent from and received on practically any computer or handheld device. There is no limit on the geographic area or locality, and as long as people can receive the internet, they are ready to go.  

No Office

The office space has been taken out of the equation. With the latest smartphones supporting the sending and receiving emails, the process has been democratized to a reasonable extent. 

As discussed above, email marketing software can offer features that no other manual replacement can offer. Since sending emails is often repetitive, automating the approach to the extent possible would only increase the suite’s productivity. Therefore, few people would want to keep sending emails without any response, which is something SendinBlue can monitor.

What is SendinBlue?

Send as many emails as you want

SendinBlue is an email marketing software that automates the process of sending personalized emails for marketing purposes. Often when thousands of emails have to be sent out to addressees, it becomes rather tedious to send them one at a time. It is where an automated email marketing application comes into the picture. Hence, the features of the SendinBlue software areas are discussed below.

Building Email Campaigns

It is possible with SendinBlue to establish and support email campaigns’ building and execution. Here it is the emails that are used to convey messages. The messages could be practically anything, like invitations to seminars, greetings on occasions, general inquiry, etc. A drop-down menu ensures that the building of a template is but a simple affair most of the time. It adds to the utility of the software.

SendinBlue Campaign Reports 

The email campaign does not end with just the sending of the necessary emails. It is followed up with action that will render the whole process complete from all aspects. The reports generated from the email campaigns decide whether further action has to be initiated and what sort of future activity. With most campaigns, a statistical report that displays all the relevant data are presented to the customer. It would thus be the basis for further action.

Transactional Messages

Often, it becomes necessary to acknowledge certain transactions that have been done. One method is to do this by sending over an email message. But the more real-time method is to send out an SMS message. With SendinBlue, it is possible to send out transactional emails. You can also combine them with SMS messages. It is a feature that a lot of the automated email senders fail to provide. A detailed analysis is also done as to how many of the senders opened the messages and how many people responded to the messages favorably.

Personalized Marketing 

The simplest email marketing software ensures a personal marketing approach and sending out of the emails. It does so by customizing the templates built into the system and the possibility that you can create more templates out of existing ones.

SendinBlue CRM Integration

It is common these days to find email marketing software like SendinBlue being integrated into the Customer Relations Management software. Therefore, the current trend to use relatively sophisticated CRM platforms only puts this feature at the top of people’s agenda. In a way, the seamless integration makes a complete package with the greater ease of working. 

SendinBlue –What are the drawbacks of the system?

Despite the large extent of automation that has gone into a system like SendinBlue, it does not feel like a personalized campaign. In other words, it has been well camouflaged. It would help further improve this feature of the software application as future email campaigns would need to be more focused and personalized.

One of the areas where SendinBlue falls short is the integration to shopping carts and sites. Thus it needs to be handled further to get the right result most of the time. One of the difficulties that people often have complained about the application is its inability to integrate with third-party software, which needs to be addressed.

Why use SendinBlue?

It would be nice to have software that caters to all types of users. In need to offer specialized solutions, companies often tend to miss out on certain features compared to some of the competitors. It is important to note that efforts are on improving what the software delivers to clients.

Software is only half the work done. The second part is to get the users to be familiar with all the current features on offer. With the dashboard playing a prominent role in the use of SendinBlue, it is but natural that few people would have any issues of this kind here. The complete integration of the software is something to be noted and emulated.