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SEO Services Compared: Brightlocal VS Whitespark

SEO Services Compared: Brightlocal VS Whitespark

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is among the ultimate, if not the one, and the only thing that is the backbone of online businesses. The online marketplace is saturated, but, with the right SEO optimization, your business will easily stand out among the competition. But that is if content or services have been taken care of correctly. Although SEO is a MUST, content is KING – we are sure you have read about that many times.

To optimize your online business for SEO, you will need tools. There are quite a handful of tools that can help with SEO if you already know your way around the topic. For local businesses, there are local SEO services too that will come into aid. Brightlocal and Whitespark are examples of SEO services that you can rely on. Brightlocal and Whitespark are both services curated to offer local search engine optimization (SEO) to business. This is aimed to help local enterprises to rank more in search engines and attract more customers.

In this article, we take a look at the two SEO services, one on one. 

Summary: Brightlocal vs Whitespark

Brightlocal and Whitespark are both local SEO services optimized for helping local businesses dominate the search engines. Whitespark edges out Brightlocal by packing more functionality, but the price you have to pay is not worth it unless you have a reasonable budget set aside. Brightlocal is the winner in this comparison, packing enough features for the price. But is that all? Let us dive into it and see.

SEO Services Compared: Brightlocal VS Whitespark
A screenshot showing website analytics

1. Features

Sites Submitted to

With Whitespark and Brightlocal, there are several sites that these two services will list your website.

Local Citation Finder

Local citation finder enables you to find appropriate websites where you can list your business. With this tool, all the dirty work of finding locations where your competitors are advertising their business is easy as pie. You will be given an idea of where you should channel your efforts too in terms of advertisement. Whitespark has a location citation finder that will help you with that. With citations, your business will be easily visible on search engines, thus driving much traffic to your website, which means more customers.

Citation Submission and Cleaning

If you have been in the industry for some time, you understand how frustrating it is to have wrong listings or listings filled with errors. For that case, Brightlocal has you sorted out. Brightlocal will save you much of the headache by using their tools to fetch these citations and correct them on your behalf automatically. For Whitespark, the same case applies. The SEO service will also audit your business citations and update them to look fresh and well-curated to help your business rank higher.

Number of Sites in Network

Brightlocal claims to have over 1600 number of sites in its network in which they will cite your business. For Whitespark, the number of sites in its network currently stands at 1800.

Local Rank Tracker

Instead of pondering why your business listing has flopped on the search engines, it is good that, at any point, you keep track of your search engine rankings. A drop in rankings could break your business. But with this local SEO services, much of these troubles will be sorted out. Brightlocal and Whitespark both enable you to track your local rankings in search engines. You can spy on keywords related to your business and what your competitors are using. It also allows you to learn how to optimize more to rank higher or maintain your top rankings in search engines.

Fast Google Local Optimization

Wish to rank faster in the search engines at your locale? Brightlocal and Brightspark are well versed in that. Both companies offer SEO audits that will reflect more quickly. Both companies have fast SEO audits, so it won’t take much time before your business appears on the top listings locally. 

Manual Submissions

Apart from automated submissions, Brightlocal and Whitespark also have manual citation submissions to their network of sites. Manual submissions are well optimized to help your sites rise through the ranks.

Aggregator Listings

On top of manual listings, these two SEO services also offer aggregator listing. In simple terms, aggregator listing is an automated machine listing using the software. Instead of going the manual submission way, which is expensive, you could opt for aggregator listing and save yourself so much money. However, we won’t forget to mention that Brightlocal’s aggregator listing will take 2-3 months to go live. Something which the company has explained as an aggregator issue and is a flaw in “an aggregator-only approach to listings management.”

Reputation Builder

Online reviews matter when it comes to local business listings. Bad reviews mean few to no customers. Remember the last time you wish to travel in some city – it is apparent that you fetched for online reviews of hotels before booking. That is precisely the same thing that customers look at before choosing a given business over the other – it always starts on the internet. Whitespark makes it possible for your business to become more reputable. The tool collects reviews from your top customers, compiling them together for a better business reputation. 

Unfortunately, Brightlocal has not indicated any feature of this nature. However, they have a Review Monitoring feature which enables you to track down new reviews on your business or client’s businesses to defend your reputation. At the same time, you will also be able to track down good reviews and respond to them.

Furthermore, Brightlocal also enables your business or clients to add review badges on their sites to capture customer reviews. You can add reviews by using either Yelp, Foursquare, Google+, Facebook, and Yahoo. 

Local spark

Local spark is a feature in Whitespark 

SEO Services Compared: Brightlocal VS Whitespark
Phone displaying some texts

2. Availability

Apart from all the features above, availability does matter. Brightlocal and Whitespark are not available globally. To utilize these services, you will have to be in any of the locations in which their services are available. Brightlocal is available in the following locations; USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, South Africa, Netherlands, Germany, and Singapore.

On the other hand, Whitespark is available in the following countries;

United States, Canada, UK, Australia, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Chile, Columbia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Malaysia, Poland, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates.

3. Small Comparison Table: Brightlocal vs Whitespark

Who is this for?

Whitespark and Brightlocal are SEO services ideal for local business owners. For global businesses, sorry, this is not aimed at helping you. The two local SEO services have been well optimized for local businesses helping rank in the search engines through their various tools and functionalities.

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SEO Services Compared: Brightlocal VS Whitespark
A laptop screen showing analytics

4. Pros and Cons

Whitespark Pros

  • Helps you build your local reputation
  • Fast site SEO auditing
  • Available in more countries

Whitespark Cons

  • Limited to local businesses
  • More expensive than BrightLocal

Brightlocal Pros

  • Cheap
  • Can claim and submit directly to GoogleMyBusiness

Brightlocal Cons

  • Don’t guarantee that ALL submissions will go live
  • Aggregator listings take 2-3 months to go live

5. Pricing

Whitespark charges $4-5 per listing, while Brightlocal charges $2-3/listing for manual submissions. For aggregator submissions, it will cost you $60 per year for Brightlocal. Whitespark charges $279 per year for aggregator submissions. Both services also offer additional pricing models for their various single services. But keep in mind Brightlocal’s aggregator listings take 2-3 months before they go live.

SEO Services Compared: Brightlocal VS Whitespark
A laptop screen displaying some graphs

6. User-Friendliness

Both SEO services are easy to use. The two platforms also offer personalized services like SEO site audit, which involves the optimization of your website for easier search visibility. With SEO audit packages, there is no need to go into the technicals of SEO, all is done by expertise on the field, while you concentrate on serving your customers.

7. Integrations

Brightlocal has an open API that enables you to integrate its service into any service. Their data can be integrated on any plugin, widget, or application dashboard. For Whitespark, they also have an open API. Whitespark API enables you to pull keyword and phone number searches then plugging the data in your plugin or widget. Apart from this, Whitespark integrates natively with Google Analytics. The integration is convenient. It enables offline conversion tracking. With Google Analytics integration, Whitespark provides a customizable form used in collecting data from both online and offline customers. With this data, Whitespark will then aggregate it and then save it in its database.

8. Customer Support

Whitespark and Brightlocal have various support channels for help. Starting with Whitespark, the company has phone support via two numbers (the USA and Canada). Additionally, Whitespark also offers support via email. Alternatively, you can also use their knowledge base center for self-help on commonly inquired topics.

For Brightlocal, the company has a knowledge base center equipped with FAQs for self-help. If that cannot help, Brightlocal offers other support channels, also like live chat (Mon-Fri 5 am-7 pm ET) and email.

SEO Services Compared: Brightlocal VS Whitespark
A person using a laptop computer

The Final Verdict

Comparing the two in terms of functionality and the pricing, Brightlocal is the winner. Whitespark has premium pricing, which is not suitable for small businesses or even medium businesses. But on Brightlocal, the service is cheaper, which feels like an understatement in this matter. Wait, and it is not just about how affordable it is. The bang for your bucks is ultimate. However, you will be limited if your business is located in other countries apart from the few where the service is available. If your locale is not yet covered, then you have Whitespark at your disposal, although it will cost you hefty. Whitespark is the winner.

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