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SEO Services Compared: BrightLocal VS Yext

SEO Services Compared: BrightLocal VS Yext

So you have a website. To be specific, it could be a business website. Maybe you built it yourself or hired someone to do it. It doesn’t matter. This website looks good, stellar even. Now it is time to get visitors to your site. That isn’t going as well as you had hoped. What’s missing?

Did the developer who built your website mention SEO? Among other things, might he have mentioned things you thought were jibber-jabber; tech-jargon, you did not need to know? Perhaps the website development job was done so well that you didn’t have to worry about SEO. Maybe you are just here for a quick dash through what’s hot. Today, we have something special for you.

Maybe you are unfamiliar with SEO and online marketing. It does not mean that you don’t have even the faintest idea about local marketing. To understand SEO, we’ll explain how it extends your website, and what it will do for your business. Don’t worry. We got you.

We are going to look at two SEO software, Yext, and Brightlocal. We’re going to compare their features side by side and help you choose between them. If you already know the ins and outs of SEO, we got you too. You’ll learn a thing or two.

SEO Services Compared: BrightLocal VS Yext
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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Before we get down to Yext and Brightlocal and what they can do for you, let’s look at SEO. Also known as Search Engine Optimization, SEO is about getting traffic to your website organically through search engine results and suggestions. SEO gets you quality traffic that will perform the desired action on your website. High-quality traffic is traffic that aligns with what your site is about and is most likely to be converted to repeat visitors or actual leads

Enough about SEO. Let’s tear into these two platforms. Yext and Brightlocal, what are they? What do they offer? How much is it going to cost you? Which of the two would we choose?

Yext vs Brightlocal

Yext and Brightlocal are what you know as SEO reporting and management tools. Their primary purpose is to check and report the SEO health of your website around a locality that you specify. They go the extra mile and can also update local recommendations for SEO health improvement.

SEO health explains how easily users can find your website in a given search for a given set of search terms relevant to your site. Local citation updates refer to changing or adding relevant information about your website, e.g., physical address, name, photos, and team bios. These are some of the things that work hand-in-hand for your business to have a strong SEO rating.

How do they work? All you have to do is submit your business information to a listing network. The information needed includes your name, physical address, phone number, location labels, photos, and any information relevant to your business. This information makes it easier for your customers to find you.

SEO Services Compared: BrightLocal VS Yext
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Understanding Your Rankings

Both platforms have the functionality of searching and maintaining an updated ranking status of your website compared to others in the same local and search relevance. Rankings are an essential feature that most of the following features extend.

For you to understand your SEO rankings better, this feature extends its functionality by keyword tracking. Keywords are terms, sets of words, or conditions that are both relevant and unique to your business. Tracking involves cross-referencing these keywords with what people are searching for. With these capabilities, you can gather how well your local listings are performing. This feature is also present on both platforms.

However, Yext lacks one essential thing: a local tracking feature. Why? To most businesses, even in this age of global connectivity, your local customers carry the weight of your sales.


You can view and manage all this information through a dashboard and auto-generated reports. With these reports, you can export your data through your dashboard. With a dashboard, you can also visualize your rankings. It is much simpler to grasp how your SEO rankings are through visualizations such as graphs and pie charts.

Other than local tracking, the user dashboards set these two software apart even further. Brightlocal has a clean and intuitive feel; with multiple tools, you can combine to create a great user experience on your website. Furthermore, it is designed to manage SEO rankings for businesses with various locations.

Yext, on the other hand, has a rather bulky and constrained approach to their dashboard structure. Unlike Brightlocal, the Yext dashboard design fits only users with singular business locations.

Map Pack Listings

Extending organic rankings refers to manual search engine searches. These rankings are map pack listings. Map pack listings show how likely your business is to be found using search terms about the location of your business. When you combine these two features, you get a more accurate SEO rank. This feature is also prominent in Brightlocal.

Another feature worth mentioning is the network of listings. Unfortunately, Yext has a limited submission network. Furthermore, they have a roll-back approach when it comes to listing management. What we mean is, when you cancel your Yext subscription, all your listings go back to how they were before Yext. This roll-back feels a bit selfish of Yext, and it will hurt your local SEO if you decide to cancel their services.

Brightlocal steps up the competition a little higher. In their package, they include fantastic integration and syncing with Google services. Working with Google’s search engine becomes much easier after that.

SEO Services Compared: BrightLocal VS Yext
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Yext has a price-per-week payment structure. Their basic plan starts at $4. This plan contains an emerging pack that has a 28% Optimization Rate. You can also update your business information, get exclusive offers, and enhance your content instantly to 30 basic listing websites.

Their Essential Package, at $9, offers a 72% Optimization Rate. Other features you’ll enjoy are an update to your full business information on 16 premium listing websites. These sites include Google, Yahoo, Bing, Apple, and Yelp.

Their Complete Package, at $10, includes a 100% Optimization Rate, and a Combination of featured from both the Emerging and Essential plans. This is Yext’s perfect solution for business listings.

Finally, at $19 a week is the premium package, which has the following features: a 100% Optimization Rate, Full complete package, plus, Yext review monitoring, and Yext Pages (website widgets to enhance your site content).


So, what about Brightlocal? They charge per user per month. Their basic plan, called a single business, costs $29. It comes with three local search ranking reports, three citation tracker reports, 10 google my business audits, one local SEO audit report, three monitor reviews, and one get reviews.

Then comes their multi-business package, at s49. Included in this package are six local search ranking reports, six citation tracker reports, 30 google my business audits, six local SEO audit reports, six monitor reviews, one get reviews, agency lead generator, google analytics integration, Facebook, and Twitter integration. You also get white-label reports and emails.

The Brightlocal SEO pro caps off at $79 with the following features included: 100 local search ranking reports,50 citation tracker reports, 100 google my business audits,20 local SEO audit reports, 50 monitor reviews, 5 get reviews, agency lead generator, Google analytics integration, Facebook & Twitter integration, white-label reports & emails, google mobile rank, tracking, competitor tracking, full API access.

SEO Services Compared: BrightLocal VS Yext
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Final Verdict: Yext vs Brightlocal

Brightlocal has the upper hand in this review. Why? They have an excellent user interface, going the extended miles with features such as Map Pack Listings and Local Tracking. Also, they make it easier to manage SEO for a business with multiple locations. Check them out. They have a 14-day free trial just in case you want to test the waters. Yext, on the other hand, will schedule a demo once you click on their ‘get started’ button after visiting their page.

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