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Should You Switch to Ko-Fi? Patreon VS Ko-Fi (2019)

Patreon vs Kofi has become a common comparison these days. The two enable artists to earn directly from their work without any mediums. Read on for more!

Should You Switch to Ko-Fi Patreon VS Ko-Fi
Patreon vs Kofi has become a common comparison these days. The two enable artists to earn directly from their work without any mediums. Read on for more!

Patreon or Kofi? This has become a common question these days. The two platforms enable creatives and artists to make money directly from their work without any mediums. For mediums, it can be something like YouTube, for example, which pays the creator, a tiny percentage of the money creators do make, from the platform. 

What crowdfunding platforms do is connect bloggers, artists, podcasters, among other people directly to their fans. In the long run, these platforms create a stable source of income, unlike relying on third-party services. YouTube, for example, will pay you more if you are one of the famous creators in a given niche since their system will promote your content more. Thus, the creators benefit directly. 

So, you are a creator and want to benefit directly from your work with either Ko-Fi or Patreon? I know choosing either of them can be a daunting task. But, let me break it down for you and help you make an informed decision.

Should You Switch to Ko-Fi Patreon VS Ko-Fi
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Third-Party App Integrations: Patreon vs Ko-Fi

Patreon supports several third-party apps as per now. The platform supports various tools that are commonly used by content creators to showcase their work. Patreon supports different types of apps ranging from Community apps, Content management tools, Productivity, and business tools. Currently, Patreon has support for Discord, WordPress, Vimeo, Zapier, Crowdcast, Convertkit, MailChimp, among others. To view the full app directory list, you can head over to where all the supported apps are listed. 

Should You Switch to Ko-Fi Patreon VS Ko-Fi
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Availability: Patreon vs Ko-Fi

Patreon offers support both on desktop and mobile. But keep in mind the desktop support is only via their website, a similar case with Ko-Fi. You can download the Patreon app, which is available on both Android and iOS, which makes it so much more comfortable connecting with your fans.

Sadly, Ko-Fi has no mobile applications, yet. However, the platforms offer ways to share your page via a direct link or by embedding your Ko-Fi page on your website on posts, pages, widget areas or even sidebar also via code. This does not offer much functionality as compared to having an API.

Should You Switch to Ko-Fi Patreon VS Ko-Fi
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Fees and Pricing: Patreon vs Ko-Fi

On matter pricing and charges, Patreon offers subscription-based models to access different functionalities available on the platform. Patreon offers three subscription models referred to as; Lite, Pro, and Premium. For Lite, Patreon provides simple tools to set up recurring support from your fans. Lite Plan mandates Patreon to cut 5%of the monthly income you earn on the platform. Features included in the Lite Plan includes; 

  • Hosted creator page
  • Patron communication tools
  • Patreon workshops

In the Pro package, Patreon charges an 8% cut on all your monthly income and will unlock the following features;

  • Everything in Lite, and…
  • Membership tiers
  • Analytics and insights
  • Special Offers promo tool
  • Creator-led workshops
  • Unlimited app integrations
  • Priority customer support

For the premium plan, you are entitled to pay a 12% cut to Patreon ($300/mo minimum, whichever is higher), and you will access all features in the Lite and Pro plan plus,

  • Dedicated Partner Manager
  • Merch for Membership
  • Team Accounts

About Ko-Fi, the platform is free to use. The platforms charge no fees, and even on payment processing, the transaction fee is not on Ko-Fi but rather what the payment processors charge. Besides, there is also Ko-Fi Gold going for $6 per month, which has a few extra features. 

Ko-Fi Gold features;

  • Supporter-only posts
  • Build monthly income – Let supporters pay you with recurring monthly payments.
  • Commissions tools
  • Set your price 
  • Customize the pledge button to anything you like
  • Shorter Ko-fi username
  • Social links
  • No ads
  • Gallery extras
  • Analytics insights – Connect to Google Analytics
Should You Switch to Ko-Fi Patreon VS Ko-Fi
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Direct, Instant Payments: Patreon vs Ko-Fi

As we have previously discussed above, Patreon has developed a way of charging monthly fees. That hints that Patreon pays creators on the platform monthly. With Ko-Fi you forget about the monthly payments. Ko-Fi offers direct and instant payments. So, creators are paid directly from their fans. With direct payments, there are no fees and no minimum withdrawal balance.

Should You Switch to Ko-Fi Patreon VS Ko-Fi
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“Fake” Supporters: Patreon vs Ko-Fi

Fake supporters refer to the fans who pledge money to access features for a short time then cancel the pledge again. With Ko-Fi, this problem of counterfeit supporters does not exist since the pledge is paid directly to creators. On Patreon, the issue exists and is even known as Dine and Dash on the platform.

Should You Switch to Ko-Fi Patreon VS Ko-Fi
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Volume of Users: Patreon vs Ko-Fi

Because Patreon has been around for quite some time, the platform has a large number of users as compared to Ko-Fi. With the large user base, Patreon is advantageous for creators who are just starting since the platform will act as an excellent marketplace to showcase your content.

Should You Switch to Ko-Fi Patreon VS Ko-Fi
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Ko-Fi is free to use and relies on both a subscription-based or a one-time payment. Thus Ko-Fi is suitable for fans who are just on a stop by.

Patreon forcefully offers a subscription-based model of payments which attracts the dine and dash subscribers. However, it comes with its advantages like a continuous flow of income which comes with tiers and rewards, supports multiple integrations, and has a large user base.

Remember if you plan to switch to Ko-Fi, there is a high chance that you will lose most if not some of your subscribers already on Patreon. So, weigh the benefits and risks and figure out the most appropriate way out. If you are already using Patreon and you have loyal subscribers, then it is high time that you switch to Ko-Fi. But prepare yourself to lack a mobile app, third-party integrations, tiers, and rewards.

Thank you for reading! Take a look also at “Website Builders Compared: Duda VS WordPress (2019)” for a glance to compare between these website builders for your brand. Check out our other blogs at BestandVS. See you there!

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