Simple – A Budget App

It’s a no-brainer that people got to have a budget. More than controlling the finances, it leaves us with the idea of where our money has gone in the preceding month. That, in turn, puts the power of spending on the consumer to cut out on the unnecessary expenditure and thus save more. But it would be fair to say that a budget for each individual must be tailor-made to his needs and not be dictated to by others. This Blog will explain some Vital points using “Simple Budget Application”.

The Simple software application does provide a fair bit of freedom to decide how money should be spent and helps understand the most basic needs from the wants. It would instead incentivize goal setting than punish a flagrant spender.

Simple Budget App Software-BAV

Keeping your eyes open

Working on a budget would mean keeping the eyes open all the time. People should be aware of how much money comes into the pocket each month and how much can be spent on the various needs and wants. Simple, have reports that let out on how money is being spent. It helps to avoid unnecessary spending and set a savings goal for each month.

Organize the spending

When an active budget application like Simple is used, it will break down the spending heads into smaller sub-divisions. It is an excellent method to understand better how money is being spent than just a broad spending title. When it comes to controlling excessive spending, it helps better by micro-managing the issues than applying overall control over the expenditure.

Create a cushion

Budget exercise reduces debt, and a sum of money saved up as a cushion to an unexpected event. It could be hospitalization or something unforeseen. Goal setting options on most budgeting apps help people save money and turn them into pillows for spending. True, a credit card could make such buffers redundant. But money borrowed on credit cards tend to notch up high-interest rates, and it would further stress the finances if there is a sum charged to the credit card already.

What is Simple

Simple is at its heart software to budget for finances. It is more of a personal finance keeper than suited for a more extensive application. Control the finances and better budget the money earned using Simple software.

There are some vital points to using the Simple budgeting software that has been outlined below.

There are no punishments

Since all the budgeting happens in a single account, there are no moving around funds into separate heads. It helps get a better grasp of how people spend their money. Even if a person has spent money to a deficit, it would not matter. A goal sum makes up temporarily for the shortfall in cash. You could replace the sum of money in the goal item when there is a cash inflow.

No space for willpower

One of the standard methods that most of the budgeting applications use to set goals like saving is to use the person’s will power. Simple automatically credit goal sums to the respective heads. This handsfree approach does wonders for those reluctant goal setters and makes it easy to use. Another goal-setting feature is that small sums of money are credited every day than a huge amount at one go. Thus, the user is rarely troubled or does not notice how capital is accumulated in his account.

No deprivation

Simple encourages people to save more by setting Goals early. Combined with the Easy to Use funds, it makes for a powerful means of avoiding a tight hand most of the time. Therefore to finance a more big-spending, regular spending need not be sacrificed. Mobilize large amounts of money as goals that are achieved over time.

Plotting out perfect- Simple

It would make sense to understand how Simple helps control the spending under the various heads. Most financial spends fall under Needs, Should, and Wants. It would be worthwhile to briefly look at each of these heads and how Simple keeps everything in order


For the daily functioning of the family or individual, Needs like food, electricity, water services are a must. When doing the accounting on Simple, these needs are given the most priority. Don’t sacrifice the most necessary items for use in needs for luxuries.
Ensure that items under NEEDS have to be met at all times. So, it becomes convenient to have an automatic pay facility set up to take of the requirements. Since this feature does not charge any fees, it is convenient and easy to do as well.


The typical Shoulds head is the one that keeps people up at night figuring out how to meet the requirements. They are the credit card payments, the pension funds, and so on. If the Shoulds amount is more extensive than usual, it will make good sense to keep it as a Goal item that needs to be fulfilled over time and not have a wide swing at paying it off.


Budgeting of Wants category should be done after completing Needs and Shoulds category. Most people enjoy spending for their wants as it provides immediate satisfaction and helps improve their social standing.

Goals like down payment of a house needs to be set.

Simple is a must have budget software

Not the best of budgeting applications would make money for a person. One can do with the app is to manage the situation better than someone who does not have the budgeting software. It thus makes proper sense to understand what can be done and what cannot be, in each case and suitable amends made for each.

To conclude, it is not someone that earns a lot of money that is successful in balancing a budget but the smarter and savvy spender.