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Sitejet VS Webflow Compared (Features & Pricing)

Building a website can be a very intense, rigorous process. Especially in the early inception of the internet, having a website was not an easy thing compared to these days. But that has changed since then. Even without coding skills, you can be able to set up a personal or business website live in a few minutes. 

This has all been made possible through the use of Website Builder Software products that, in recent times, have boomed. There are several website builder software products out there, including Sitejet, Webflow, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, and more. 

But in this article, we want to focus on only two of them – Sitejet and Webflow. Both of them are quite popular website builder softwares that have emerged not so long ago.

We will dive deep into the various features offered by either of them, their pricing, as well as the conclusion which we know you are so pumped up to know about. But don’t worry, we won’t be keeping this secret to ourselves only.

Want to know how the two website builder software stack against each other? Read our comparison and review below.

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In this article, we have dwelt on to the two and picked Sitejet as our winner. Sitejet edges out Webflow due to its massive value for money. It does not have a restriction on the number of visitors a month, includes an intuitive website generator tool, has a WYSIWYG Content Management System, and multiple language support. In addition to that, Sitejet supports keyboard shortcuts for easy editing and the massive amount of app integrations. It also comes with an analytics tool for both its CMS and Websites. Want to know more about the same? Then read out the detailed review below.

Sitejet VS Webflow: Features

Sitejet Features

Here are all the features available on Sitejet;

WYSIWYG Content Management System

Sitejet has a What you see is what you get content management system. The CMS is intuitive, so you won’t have it rough deploying your website. Some intuitive features under Sitejet CMS include;

Image Editing

Sitejet CMS lets you edit your images the way you wish. You can adjust the image sizes by cropping, adjusting, and even resizing them right inside the app before you include them in your design.

SEO Settings

SiteJet SEO settings let you directly determine the future of your website on the web. You will be able to instantly check your metadata, semantic structure as well as links.

Multiple Language Support

Yeah, it also supports various languages, plus user-friendly URLs.

Website Editor

The platform’s CMS editor features dozens of integrations to ensure you make the best of the idea you have in mind for a website.

On-Page Editing

For on-page editing, Sitejet’s CMS is truly a WYSIWYG editor. You can format content the way you like as well as how you want the page to look.

Snapshot Manager

Snapshot manager takes the automated backups a few notches high. While the automatic backup feature stores a copy of your database for restore – if needed, Snapshot manager includes a snapshot of each backup. With this, you can be able to know specific versions of restore points and pick precisely what you want.

Full Design Flexibility

Apart from the templates and blocks includes, Sitejet has an option for those who love playing with code by themselves on the backend. For code lovers, Sitejet’s websites are built with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, which you can be able to manipulate directly from the available code editor.


The platform has over 100 presets and variants that are premade for you. So your work is basically dragging and dropping them to, literally, any place you want. 

Editable Template Sections

Apart from over 100 presets available, Sitejet also has over 90 editable template sections with drag and drop functionality support. The platform allows you to edit the template sections individually inside the CMS or as a template.

Shortcuts Support

Sitejet also supports the use of keyboard shortcuts to save you on time.

Responsive Design

With the different number of platforms available on the consumer market, it pays to have a website with responsive design. Sites created by Sitejet are all made with responsive design to fit every design that your visitor will be using to access the website. The premade templates are already designed responsively to adjust automatically to any screen ratio.

Automated Backups

Sitejet offers automatic backups by default. Unlike other platforms, you don’t need to worry about your whole business going down just because of a minor database error. The platforms include automated backups in their packages, which can be a lifesaver. In addition to that, Sitejet relies on servers that are compliant to the EU’s digital laws – GDPR – so no need to worry about that.

White label branding for Domain

This website builder software offers white-label branding. With a white-label, you can be able to import your logo, color scheme, as well as a domain name through Sitejet as though it was proprietary software.

In simple terms, white labeling is when a company removes its branding and logo from their product, and instead branding the product or service as requested by the customer. Get it now?

Statistical tracking

Sitejet is also included with tracking software. You will be able to track any nitty-gritty statically data happening on your website. With Site tracking, Sitejet lets you track your site stats, revenue generated as well as to-dos. Furthermore, you will also be able to manage all your websites created using the platform in one place – so, you save a lot of time.

Unlimited Visitors per day

Sites created using Sitejet enjoy an unlimited number of visitors in a day. One of the worst things that you will find on some hosting providers is the cap in the number of daily visits or monthly visits. Not that your site will be taken down if that number is exceeded, but they will charge you extra cash per number of additional visitors. See, you will end up paying more, and in the long run, this turns out as very expensive. But with Sitejet, there is no worry about that. The platform’s servers are scalable. 

Customer Portal

Planning to launch a business website with customer services managed under their specific accounts? This is precisely what Sitejet offers. You will be able to deploy your customer portal giving your clients a simple way to access your company’s services in a simplified way via mobile. The client portal allows your clients to share images and even view analytics data all from a different portal. 

Domain Management

For those who already have a domain name, well and good. If not, Sitejet is also a domain seller. Sitejet offers some competitive pricing, so it might be worth checking out. However, if you already have a domain, you can still connect to Sitejet for hosting.

SSL, CDN, and DDoS Protection

Cyber threats are at an all-time high in 2019. With that in mind, Sitejet offers both a Content Delivery Network for faster page loading speeds as well as DDoS protection services to keep your website safe from bot attacks, which can overwhelm your server and take it down. The company also offers free SSL certificates, that are just a click away from activation.

Hosting Services

Sitejet wishes to offer an all in one solution, as a hosting provider, domain manager, and a site builder. Every package at Sitejet includes a hosting package for one site bundled with it. Any new website is hosted at $5 per month, billed annually, or $7 paid monthly, which is still a good deal.

Website Analytics

On top of Sitejet stats, the platform also offers web analytics that will provide you with every detail about your site. This tool will give you information about your website visits per day, their location, the type of browsers they use, and the real-time visitor stats that are available on your site at any moment. You can also integrate your favorite analytics tools, like Google Analytics, to do the same job.

Unlimited Project Storage

For those who love testing stuff, Sitejet offers unlimited storage space that you can play with.

Unlimited E-mailE-mail Accounts per Domain

For each domain hosted with Sitejet, you will enjoy creating an unlimited number of e-mails.  

Workflow Optimization

Sitejet has an already laid out workflow system that will walk you through the necessary steps to do from site creation up to site publishing. Some workflow features include;

Website project manager

Enables you to view all your current website projects in one place. You will also be able to see the progress as well.

Project Time Tracking

This tool enables you to view the exact time taken by your team to complete a given project. The tool has an inbuilt tracker that stops the timer as soon as it recognizes the user is idle.

Status Management

With this feature, you will be able to view the project progress as per the defined guidelines. It includes all the project activities from scratch to being published.

To-Do Management

This tool allows you to assign a task to your team members and set the deadlines that have to be met. You can also use it to appoint members to work on different websites, not just a single one.

File Transfer and Management

With unlimited storage space, you can exchange files between your teams without worrying about storage limitations.

Customer Website Feedback tool

This tool enables you to engage with your clients better to deliver their needs.

Ticket System for Change results

Independent of the change in client’s request, you will still be able to track that with Sitejet’s ticket system for change results.

Multi-user and permissions

Sitejet also allows you to add your team members to the site.

Workflow Automation

Sitejet is build to do the most work for you. Some automated tools available include a mail-transfer tool, integration tools, corporate identity detection, design recommendation engine, and an automatic website generator tool.

Webflow Features

Webflow offers an excellent package of features, as well. Here are all the features available at Webflow;


Like Sitejet, Webflow also provides a hosting package for your new website. The company says it monitors its web servers and promises a 99.99% uptime. The platform leverages tier 1 Content Delivery Network as well as Amazon CloudFront and Fastly for faster website loading speeds.

Daily website backups/versioning

Webflow also provides a regular website and database backups. They also create versions of your backup, which makes it so much easier for you while restoring the backups.

Custom 301 redirects

Instead of having broken links, Webflow saves you from that which is a significant threat to website SEO. Webflow makes it easy to redirect your old URLs to new ones.

Add search to your sites

Webflow sites can also be integrated with a search feature. You will be able to let your visitors easily maneuver your website by only betting on the search functionality. The good thing here is that you can control the search results.

Custom Domain

Webflow also allows custom domain names. Pretty like any website builder out there, you can customize the domain name to your liking then host it on Webflow.

Web design

Webflow lets you do the following in designing your website;

Build your CSS grid–powered layouts 

Webflow’s web design feature allows you to build your site using the CSS grid powered layouts visually. 

Custom CSS

Love dealing with code by yourself? No worry since Webflow supports custom CSS, so you will still be able to style your website better if the available templates are too boring for you.

Custom Editor

In addition to custom CSS editor, you can also edit the whole website via code. You can add custom code to pages, posts, or specific website locations to bring in more functionality.

Over 2,000 web font families

Yeah, you read that right. Over 2,000 web fonts. On Webflow, you have a ton if not tons of fonts you can choose from. So any font from Google and Typekit’s enormous collection will likely be supported by Webflow.

Responsive websites

Pretty much everyone is saying they are building responsive websites. Well, it is more like a marketing bluff, but that is not the case for Webflow’s website designs. Webflow websites are mobile responsive and will fit comfortably to any device out there.

Website templates

This platform also gives you a variety of templates to choose from. In total, there are over 100 responsive website templates available on Webflow.

Motion design

This is where things get interesting on Webflow. Imagine creating a 3D transformations and animations without any coding knowledge. Furthermore, you can also add complex interactions and animations on your website without looking even at JavaScript.

CMS (Content management system)

Like on Sitejet, there is also a CMS on Webflow. Here are Webflow’s CMS features

Open API

One of the best features we often recommend for software is having an Open API. It opens doors to port in more features and functionalities on a platform. Webflow CMS REST API is open for businesses only, however. With the API, businesses can be able to add, update, or even delete items directly from the terminal end.

Dynamic content filtering and sorting

Webflow also sports dynamic content filtering. This filter lets you filter any dynamic content available on your website to appear as a feature alongside a particular topic.

Dynamic content templates

This platform automatically designs templates for you after you create a collection. This gives you so much freedom on how you can perform edits to the templates to achieve what you wish to build.

Export CMS content as a CSV

For migration between platforms, Webflow offers you an easy way out. You will be able to export all your CMS collections as CSV files. 

Easier collaboration with clients

Webflow CMS also permits collaboration. You can divide tasks between your ad your other team members to get the job done faster. To put this into perspective, you may be editing the theme design while your teammate works on the content.

Review form submissions in the Editor

Working as a team involves enormous work, especially for the lead editors. However, Webflow has streamlined the whole process in a simple manner by adding a review form. Using these forms, you can review incoming submissions inside the website editor panel.

Fully customizable content structures

With dozens of content structures and templates available, Webflow gives you the ability to structure your content just the way you like it.

Paginate Collection Lists

Pagination is also possible with Webflow, something that lacks in Sitejet. You can be able to add general rules like the number of articles you want to be visible on one page, as well as style the pagination styling.

Related content tools

This helps you suggest better-related posts on your website. Just like WordPress CMS, Webflow can also help you develop “related posts” modules to be included inside your blog posts and articles.

RSS feeds for CMS Collections

RSS is the most convenient way you can use to communicate with your fans. Webflow gives you an easy to create RSS feeds for your dynamic content feeds. In addition to that, you can as well leverage the RSS feeds to automate e-maile-mail newsletters to your subscribers via MailChimp by leveraging the platforms’ Zapier integration support.

Website Components

Here are some of the website components features available on Webflow;

Simple Social Sharing – This helps your visitors easily share your content on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Rich Text – Like using WordPress CMS, Webflow also lets you create long-form texts and format them accordingly.

Lightbox – This feature allows you to create large immersive pictures that are highly engaging to the visitor. Lightbox can even be used to advertise.

HTML/CSS sliders and carousels – You can also create stunning sliders and carousels on Webflow websites.

Interactive Google maps – does your site target local communities? Then, this will be a useful addon. You can add Google Maps at any point on your website then set your location. While users click on the map, they will be able to interact with the map and be given directions to your place from their position.

Tabs – Every site needs a way to navigate it more comfortable. Webflow offers tabs, which is a better way to build easy website navigation components.

Dropdown menu – In addition to the tab components, here is another feature for easy navigation – a dropdown menu.

Background videos – Well, you can also add background videos on your site with content hanging on top of it.

Showcase – This is majorly for freelancers. Its design profile accompanies every Webflow account. This is where you will be able to showcase your skills and highlight your previous work. You can link to your website, as well.

Custom Branding

You also enjoy custom branding on Webflow. It also has the white labeling feature, which lets you replace their logos and branding with your own to make your website look more authentic.

SEO Features

SEO is the backbone of every business in search engines; we must consider looking at it. Webflow also has some excellent SEO features that are handy. 

Here are the SEO features available on Webflow templates and websites;

Alt tags for images – In both the Webflow CMS and design tool, you have an option to add alt tags for your pictures, which is a good SEO practice.

Auto-generated XML sitemap – For better search visibility, every website needs to have an XML sitemap, which highlights all the components of the site. This helps search engine robots crawl your site better; thus is a bonus point for SEO.

Open Graph (OG) settings – Open Graph settings are made up of a title, description, and image. For more content performance on social media, these are the key aspects you should be paying attention to.

Meta titles and descriptions for SEO – these are part of the critical aspects to better Google search visibility. The good thing is, you can include the meta titles as well as a description for better search in Webflow sites.

Mobile optimized – Although Webflow has not specified whether they support Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), the company says its templates are mobile-friendly and will load faster. But AMP is better and is a guarantee that all of these are available.

Sitejet VS Webflow: Small Comparison Table

Who is this for?

Website builder platforms are suited for those who want to get their websites up and running ASAP. Although you still have to pay for this website builder software, it is way cheaper than paying a developer to code a site from scratch. So, if you wish to save your cash and get started simply without tiring yourself with HTML and whatever CSS, this is the way to go. 

Pros and Cons

Sitejet Pros

  • Multiple languages supported
  • Supports tons of app integrations
  • Easy to use WYSIWYG Content Management System

Sitejet Cons

  • Lack of widgets and add-ons
  • No free plan available

Webflow Pros

  • Includes dozens of templates
  • Feature-rich website builder platform
  • Excellent support

Webflow Cons

  • Quite expensive

Sitejet VS Webflow: Pricing


Sitejet has no free plan. The platform has cheaper pricing though. The minimum price for a paid plan is $5 per month, paid annually and includes a hosting package for one website. In it, you also get the following features;

  • Additional Hosted Website Allowed for $5 per month, paid annually
  • Sitejet Website Editor   
  • Automatic Website Generator
  • Customer Website Feedback Tool 
  • CMS for your Customers
  • Ticket System for Change Requests 

The next plan dubbed team plan goes for $25 monthly or $19 per month, paid annually. This plan still includes hosting for one domain.

Other features include;

  • Additional Hosted Website for $5 per month 
  • Sitejet Website Editor  
  • Automatic Website Generator  
  • Customer Website Feedback Tool  
  • CMS for your Customers (Simplified)  
  • Ticket System for Change Requests  
  • Website Export   
  • Three Multi-user & Permissions  
  • White-Label Tools (Branding & Domain) 

The priciest plan among the three is the Agency plan. It goes at $99 monthly, or $89 per month for annual billing. The major difference between the Agency plan and the Team plan is the number of multi-user and permissions. In the Agency plan, you will have 10 multi-users and permissions.


For Webflow, here is how the company has planned its pricing plans;

There are categorized into two – Website plans and Enterprise plans

Website Plans

Includes three different plans – Basic, CMS and Business.

The basic plan starts at $12 per month, paid annually or $15 billed monthly Basic plan features to include the following;

  • Web hosting
  • Custom domain
  • CDN
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Up to 25,000 monthly visits
  • 500 form submissions

CMS plan starts at $16 per month, billed annually or $20 per month, billed on a monthly basis. CMS plan features include the following;

  • Web hosting
  • Custom domain
  • Free SSL certificate
  • CDN
  • Up to 100,000 monthly visits
  • 1000 form submissions
  • 2000 CMS items
  • 3 content editors
  • Limited CMS API
  • Site search

Business plan

Starts at $36 per month (billed annually), or $45 billed monthly.

  • Web hosting
  • Custom domain
  • Free SSL certificate
  • CDN
  • Up to 1000,000 monthly visits
  • Unlimited form submissions
  • 10,000 CMS items
  • 10 content editors
  • Full CMS API
  • Site search
  • Form file upload

The ecommerce plans range from $29 per month up to $212 billed annually.


In terms of user-friendliness, Sitejet is more user-friendly than compared to Webflow. Webflow, in general, is a bit complicated with its website builder tool. Sitejet is relatively easier to use with its automated website generator tool that will get you started in a few minutes.

Integrations Table

Here are the app integrations supported by Sitejet;

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google Sheets
  • Fotolia
  • Google Calendar
  • Airtable
  • Google Maps
  • Google Fonts’
  • Survey Monkey
  • Typeform
  • Open Street Map
  • Xing
  • LinkedIn
  • Optimizely
  • Optmize
  • Vimeo
  • YouTube
  • Shutterstock
  • Sound Cloud
  • Hubspot
  • Zapier
  • Convert Kit
  • Getresponse
  • Aweber
  • SendPulse
  • Campaign Monitor
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Gumroad
  • Taboola
  • Outbrain
  • Trust Pilot
  • Yelp
  • Tripadvisor
  • Zendesk
  • Intercom
  • Drift
  • Salesforce
  • Pipedrive
  • Event brite
  • Kissmetrics
  • Calendly and more

Webflow supports the following app integrations;

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Optimize
  • MailChimp
  • Zapier

Customer Support

Sitejet offers support via traditional email channels. The platform also has a knowledge base center as well as live chat support(occasional). There is no phone support here.

On the other hand, Webflow also utilizes similar support mechanisms – via traditional email and a knowledgebase center. There are also user forums. For priority support, you have to be a member of the company’s Pro, Team, and Enterprise subscription plans. 

The Verdict

Finally, its decision time! Sitejet and Webflow are both intuitive website builder tools. In as much as Webflow has some features that lack in Sitejet, the latter is priced competitively. Webflow is more expensive than compared to Sitejet. But still, keep in mind some features available in Sitejet are also inexistent in Webflow. In this comparison review, Sitejet is the winner. Sitejet offers an excellent package for a lesser price than Webflow.

Webflow misses out on some critical points like its expensive pricing plans, and the stringent rules on the number of visitors per month. Sitejet includes free unlimited storage, emails, a limitless number of visitors a day, and has an intuitive easy to use automatic web generator tool.

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