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SkimaTalk review

What is SkimaTalk?

Are you thinking of becoming a virtual English teacher? If yes, are you uncertain which ESL platforms to choose from? If the answer to both of these questions is ‘yes,’ we are here to help you out.   

Many of us hope to work freely even when we are traveling. Therefore, for teaching English online on the go, SkimaTalk is among the most versatile platforms for educators to pick.

In this blog post, we will look at SkimaTalk, a seemingly less-known ESL teaching platform that holds a lot of scope for teachers trying to make earnings online.

SkimaTalk – great english teaching platform @ESL Authority

While widely known ESL platforms like Cambly and Palfish generally overshadow SkimaTalk, this overview will provide you with all the knowledge you need to decide if SkimaTalk is the forum for you. More specifically, how to get onboard.


A Resource Center for English Language Teachers and Learners

They help English language learners find the best instructors worldwide and provide a channel for anybody to begin one-on-one virtual interactive English lessons. Skimatalk currently focuses solely on English learning. However, they intend to expand to many other languages in the near future.

Their Objective

Assisting People in Going Global

Their objective is to empower people to become global citizens by providing them with a chance to engage with people worldwide through their teaching. They make it affordable, convenient and simple, for everyone who wants to teach or learn and who wants to share knowledge and expertise regardless of nationality, culture, or language.

Their Vision

Sharing Expertise from Around the World

SkimaTalk aims to design a global market for exchanging skills. Each individual possesses a unique skill set, experiences, and understanding that are valued by others. This wealth of raw talent is presently underutilized and accessible only to a selected few. Therefore, SkimaTalk wants to give people access to global knowledge by linking people all over the world.

Why should you use Skimatalk to teach?

SkimaTalk, unlike many other ESL companies, enables educators to have complete control.

Teachers decide what types of lessons they offer, during which hours, and for what rates.

Additionally, they can schedule how much they want to teach, thanks to the self-scheduling platform.

Nonetheless, Skimatalk incentivizes lecturers who are engaging, active, and well-rated. At the end of the lecture, learners rate their teachers, allowing other students to pick the best instructor for them. 

The majority of the students using SkimaTalk are professional Japanese adults, and the classes are mainly pleasant, entertaining, and student-friendly.

What do you need for teaching?

Teachers must use Skype to give out their lectures. That is, they will need stable internet service, a PC or laptop, a quality headphone or headset, and a desk.

It is always a good idea to have teaching materials and games ready before class initiation to make lessons fun and to engage.


SkimaTalk only employs native English speakers. Although a Bachelor’s degree or TEFL certification is not needed, we would strongly recommend getting a TEFL certificate since it will help you get recruited by ESL schools.

If you do not have much time to get yourself certified, you can opt for Premier TEFL. It is a comprehensive and quite economical course.

Skimatalk: How to Get Hired?

Everything is automated on SkimaTalk. There are no face-to-face interviews. Instead, you have to present a profile for approval. Keep an eye on any spelling and grammar are mistakes. They will not tolerate it. We recommend using the Grammarly extension, which is available for free.

Furthermore, you will also be needed to submit a short video of yourself. In this video, you will be giving your introduction, talking about your achievements, degrees, etc. Ensure that this clip is decent because the video will be uploaded to your account, where your prospective students can see it and select you.

Be patient as profile acceptance takes time. After you have been welcomed, you can begin teaching at your convenience.

How do classes work?

SkimaTalk allows you to work at your own pace and schedule. There are no binding hours or quotas for which you should be working.

How do classes work?

SkimaTalk allows you to work at your own pace. And schedule. There are no binding hours or quotas for which you should be working.

Educators have to arrange their timetable on the Teacher’s Portal, from where the students will see the following scheduled lesson timings.

Generally, single lessons classes last 25 minutes. However, some students may book double blocks back-to-back for attending the 50-minute lecture.

After agreeing on time, the instructor must add the learner to Skype and call them at the agreed-upon time.

Classes are held on Skype, but chat boxes and teaching materials are accessible through SkimaTalk.

How much can you earn from Skimatalk?

Another attractive feature of working with SkitaTalk is you can alter your salary as much as you would like.

Nevertheless, SkimaTalk cuts 20% of your gross earnings as a fee. So if your class costs $9.00 per 25-minute, you will be receiving $7.20.

When you set your price, you will receive more classes if you lower it to negotiate with other teachers. After you have earned a good following, you can incrementally increase your teaching rates.

Transactions are made through PayPal and billed every month.

Here are some smart teaching tips:

1: Establish a competitive rate to aid in the growth of your profile ratings, followings, and ranking. As a seasoned SkimaTalk instructor, you can then raise your fee.

2: To get more bookings, try to arrange for Japanese peak hours (before and after work).

3: Make use of the materials that have been given. SkimaTalk has excellent instructional materials that can help you with your classes.

4: Be gregarious and non-emulating. Since Japanese students are always reserved, you will have to do a majority of the conversation. If you can make the learners feel at ease, they will be more inclined to book with you for the more lectures to come.

5: After a good class, inquire as to when your student would want to attend the course again. This is a fantastic way to get yourself another class.

Is Skimatalk the right platform for you?

For native English speakers who respect freedom, SkimaTalk is an excellent English coaching forum.

Although it is difficult to earn a lot of income right away on SkimaTalk, it can supplement your salary if you are functioning on several ESL platforms.

Teachers who put in a considerable effort will follow their lessons diligently and increase their prices to fulfill their needs.

Overall, SkimaTalk is one of the best ESL firms for novice teachers without any qualification, TEFL, or any previous education.

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