Snapcreek Duplicator– Free & Paid Review

Snapcreek Duplicator– Free & Paid Review

There are those moments where you wish to migrate your hosting provider to a new one for some reason. Since you have to migrate your website data alongside, you must have the data backed up and saved so that it is easier to get up and running as soon as possible.

Using a duplicator plugin is one of the most comfortable and most convenient ways you can leverage to do that. Snapcreek Duplicator is an example of a duplicator plugin you can bet on to get the job done. 

In this article, we review the various features available on Snapcreek, both free and paid, to help you decide the most convenient option between the two. 

So, without any further ado, can we please jump into it already?


Snapcreek Duplicator has a free and a paid version. But we know you may be beating yourself up choosing between the two. Especially considering a free option available. But look, the free version of Snapcreek Duplicator is no good. It has minimal functionality, to say the very least. In this article, we recommend that you at least pay for a premium plan, which will set you back by $79 a year, at the very minimum. With this, you will unlock what we consider as the basics of what any backup plugin should have out there. For $79, you get scheduled backups, larger Site Support, ability to overwrite Live Site, Email Alerts, and Custom Search & Replace. Plus, there is also single file & smart filters, Quick Transfers, and the Installer Creates Database & Users as well as multisite support. 


Core Features

Backup Files & Database

Snapcreek enables you to back up your files and the whole website database in a simple manner. Snapcreek can also help you duplicate a live website to your localhost so that you can be able to develop it then deploy it later. Alternatively, your database can also be backed up in the cloud with Snapcreek’s support for several cloud storage services. Currently, Snapcreek Duplicator allows you to back up your website files and database to these cloud storage providers; Amazon S3 Storage, Dropbox Storage, Google Drive Storage, FTP/SFTP Storage, and Microsoft OneDrive. 

Continuous Backups

This plugin has options for the constant backing of your website files and database. This feature proves handy for websites that are regularly updated with lots of articles or blog posts. 

Directory Filters

Snapcreek Duplicator also includes directory filters so you can be able to only backup data that is important to you on the website. Directory filers are a handy feature that we bet large website owners will find a lifesaver. 

Database Table Filters

One powerful tool for databases is the ability to filter the data available, considering maneuvering between the database has never been an easy task. This enables easy management of the database, allowing you only to select specific records that meet the given criteria. Snapcreek has this tool both available in the free and paid plan. 

Migration Wizard

The migration wizard feature is automated steps that will walk you through the entire process of migrating your website database to a new host. In simple terms, you can view this feature as a windows-like installation wizard that ships with most software and helps make the whole process of software installation a breeze. Using the free or the paid plan will still get you the migration wizard functionality – no need to panic here.

Scheduled Backups

In addition to the ability to back up your files and the entire website database, Snapcreeks also lets you automatically backup any database changes. Scheduled backups to make sure you don’t miss any critical database update or files on your server. Snapcreek scheduled backups to include hourly updates that are most suited for websites with chunks of new content updated every day.

Package Templates

Templates in Snapcreek dictates how a package will be built. Included inside the package templates are the options that enable you to choose which files and database tables should be included in a backup. So the package template will be profiled with defined fields that command which files should be backed up. All schedules will need templates when running a schedule, however.

Migrate Duplicator Settings

On top of being a simple website duplicator tool, Snapcreek also offers several duplicator settings and options you can choose from. 

Multisite Migration/Backup 

Snapcreek also works for multiple sites migration or backup. Unlike the regular backup, where only one website is involved, this functionality works a bit different. The Duplicator Pro menu in a multisite migration or backup appears on the Network Admin menu in Duplicator Pro instead of the regular admin menu for a single site. Don’t worry; the entire process of package creation and installation is still identical.

Installer Branding

There is installer branding on the pro version, something that lacks under the free plan.

Large Site Support

Snapcreek also supports migration and backup of large sites. Say big media companies with tones of content. Although this feature is placed behind the paywall, it is very handy when migrating and backup up sites with large files and databases.

Overwrite Live Site

As you already know, Snapcreek Duplicator is baked in with the functionality to allow you to duplicate your live site and host it locally for updating. Now, this feature takes it from there and enables you to update your modified offline copy of your website and overwrite it on your live site for easy website updating. This is most effective for website design overhauls.

In addition to these features, other features included in the premium plan include; Custom Search & Replace, Single File & Smart Filters as well as Quick Transfers.

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Small Comparison Table

Who is this for?

Snapcreek Duplicator plugin both the pro and free version are suited for WordPress users that need backing up their websites for maybe moving to a new host or some other reason – it does not hurt to have a copy of your site stored locally or in the cloud either. Snapcreek includes various functionalities that make it easy to move your website or even update your website design and any other changes you wish to make to your live site. With the ability to pull a copy of your site locally and work on it, then override the live site when done, Snapcreek makes it easier for web developers to work on client’s websites without having to pull the whole site offline. 

Pros and Cons

Snapcreek Pros

  • Includes scheduled backups
  • Stellar customer support team
  • Supports large sites and multisite as well

Snapcreek Cons

  • The free version is overly limited
  • Pricing is quite expensive


Snapcreek free is, well, free and the Pro version has to be paid for. Snapcreek Duplicator freemium will get you the following features;

  • Backup Files & Database                                              
  • Directory Filters                                          
  • Database Table Filters                                         
  • Migration Wizard
  • Low customer support

Snapcreek Duplicator Pro has three different paid plans.

First and foremost is a Personal Plan that is priced at $59 a year. It includes the following features;

  • 1 year of updates
  • 1 year of support
  • 3 site licenses
  • Multisite Basic – backup & migrate a WordPress standalone and full Multisite.
  • Cloud storage support
  • Installer Creates Database & Users
  • Larger Site Support                               
  • Overwrite Live Site                                          
  • Email Alerts                                            
  • Custom Search & Replace                                       
  • Single File & Smart Filters                                        
  • Quick Transfers
  • Active support

The next paid plan is the Freelancer Plan that goes for $79 a year. On top of the personal plan features, this plan is added with the following;

  • 15 site licenses
  • Hourly Schedules                                       
  • Installer Branding                                       
  • Migrate Duplicator Settings                                            
  • Priority Customer Support

Another paid plan available is the Business Plan which goes for $129 a year.

It includes the following features:

All features in the freelancer plan, plus;

  • Unlimited site licenses
  • More subsite features

The Gold plan is the highest paid plan available and it goes for a one-time payment of $359. You get to enjoy all the feature available in all the previous plans plus;

  • Lifetime updates
  • Lifetime support


Snapcreek is user-friendly. The plugin includes migration and backup wizard that will walk you through the entire process. The platform also has a well-documented self-help page that will sort out any issues you may encounter along the way.

Integrations Table

Snapcreek Duplicator can be integrated with several other services. The most common and appropriate integrations included are cloud storage services. 

Snapcreek can be integrated with the following cloud storage services for cloud backup;

  • Amazon S3 Storage
  • Dropbox Storage
  • Google Drive Storage
  • FTP/SFTP Storage
  • Microsoft OneDrive

Customer Support

Unfortunately, Snapcreek only offers support via email. So you will need to head over to the website to fill the inquiry form. However, Snapcreek Duplicator needs you to pay at least $79 if you wish to get any priority support.

The Verdict

It is finally that time where we choose the winner. Reading through the various functionalities packed inside Snapcreek’s free and pro plan, the free plan is very limited. As a matter of fact, we don’t recommend that for anyone who wishes to back up and move their website faster. You get limited functionality with several features like the ability to backup Files & database, Directory Filters, Database Table Filters, and a Migration Wizard. That is all you get under the free plan, plus, well, low support. For large sites, this is no alternative for you. 

On the bright side, Snapcreek premium has an excellent package to offer. Even paying as low as $79 will get you essential features that you should have, including scheduled backups, larger Site Support, and the ability to overwrite Live Site. Included in the package are Email Alerts, Custom Search & Replace, Single File & Smart Filters, Quick Transfers, and the Installer Creates Database & Users. There is also multisite support. 

Snapcreek Duplicator pro is, therefore, the number one recommendation than the free plan. Although the free version does not cost you a thing, there is nothing much you can do with that.