Spare5 App Review: Is It Worth Trying In 2021?

What is Spare5 App?

Have you tried multiple ways to earn your first dollar but still, it’s a lose-lose situation? That’s where the Spare5 app comes into the picture. If you have heard about this app for the first time, you might be puzzled. 

It is a website where you can win cash by executing tasks online. You can perform tasks online or utilize the Spare5 iOS app. These tasks are very simple-basically, they require you to recognize things that humans can recognize but computers cannot. Think of other websites, such as Human Intelligence Tasks from Amazon’s Mechanical Turks.

Spare5 pays you to complete micro-tasks directly through your mobile phone during the journey. Now, it has a web version that you can access through a browser.

Spare5 logo

Not only that, these tasks don’t take up a lot of your phone data. The exceptional quality of Spare5 is that it is considered an international money-making app, which means you can use this app anywhere in the world.

This website’s advantage is that it can be used globally and is not restricted to users in certain regions or countries. Personally speaking, this is the main decisive factor for me to register.

How long does it take to make a payment?

Well, I joined in late June 2017, and I often took some tasks as an experiment to understand how long it will take to get my first payment. When I signed the contract, the least payout was $5, and three weeks after completing the task, I reached about $3.17. Fortunately for me, in mid-July 2017, Spare5 modified the payment policy-they lowered the minimum payment amount to $1, which makes it easier to pay faster.

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How much do you make through Spare5?

Spare5 app cannot make you a billionaire overnight. The site’s whole idea is to make a few cents here and there, and that money will increase over time.

Hint: You must click the task very quickly! Other users also search for tasks, and it seems that the site is running on a first-come, first-served basis.

The amount of cash you may get depends on the number of tasks available and your ability to complete them.

If you continuously send sloppy work or unfinished tasks, you may be prohibited from performing certain types of tasks. 

Further, if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask questions in the “Community” panel, or you can send an email to Spare5. They respond quickly.

Is Spare5 App Worth Using In 2021?

I would say yes, Spare5 is worth signing up for. The tasks are simple, expenses are frequent, and there is no lose-lose situation at all.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Spare5 App?


  • Minimum $1 can be cashed out
  • 100% free Registration (never have to pay for reward apps or websites)
  • Withdrawing cash to PayPal means you can get cash
  • Earn $8 – $12 per hour and $20 per hour
  • Refer a friend to get more cash
  • Not a scam, but a legitimate application that will pay you the correct amount on time
  • Earn XP points to increase income


  • There is no Android application available, but it is under development
  • Only PayPal withdrawal option
  • Referrals can get up to $20
  • Sometimes there are not many tasks available

How can Spare5 give me free cash?

Spare5 can pay you because every moment you perform a minor task, they will earn some cash from promoters and distinct organizations. The company will use the answers you provide to improve its products and services. Spare5 will not keep all the money for itself; they give you your commission because you are an active participant.

How much money can I earn using the Spare5 application?

The cash you can earn using Spare5 depends on the following:

  • Location
  • Demographic
  • Time spent on the app


You can use Spare5 in many countries. However, if you are from an English-speaking country, you are more likely to do more surveys than countries that don’t meet demographics.

Before completing any task on the Spare5 app, you need to fill out an introductory survey that quickly answers 10 questions. This survey will bonus you $0.10 and demand you puzzles about current demographics.

Time spent on the app

The more time you spend completing the task, the more money you will get. But this does not mean that you can utilize Spare5 to complete tasks continuously.

Based on our best estimate, we found that you can earn money at any rate of $8 – $12 per hour. Please grasp in mind that this amount is our most immeasurable guess and may not be entirely reliable.

Is Spare5 a full-time job?

No. There is a simple reason behind it – There are not enough tasks to do. It cannot replace your full-time employment, and we find it worthwhile for those who require additional funds and can save 5 minutes or less.

Refer friends to get extra cash

Want to make additional money with Spare5? Then recommend it to your loved ones, and you’re all done.

When your friend registers by using your link and gets the first $10, you will receive a $2, and your friend will receive a reward of $1.

How do I start using Spare5?

Getting started with Spare5 is very simple. We will escort you throughout the process step by step.

1. Register:

You can download the Spare5 app free of cost. You can join by using Facebook, Google, Linked In, or email. The app is currently only available for iOS gadgets.

2. Complete your welcome survey:

When you sign in for the first time, the only task you can complete is your welcome survey. This will pay you 0.10 cents and will inquire you questions about your demographics.

3. Complete the task:

After completing your delightful survey, Spare5 will furnish you with a table of tasks to finish.

4. Automatic cash collection:

You can also choose to donate your income to charity. For further guidance, read Spare5 FAQs.

5. Refer friends:

You can earn a referral bonus of up to $20.

Spare5 XP program:

Higher XP points mean that you will get earlier access to missions, will get more missions, and have the opportunity to get more rewards and higher expenditures.

Spare5 currently has 6 different XP skills:

  • Annotation
  • Classification
  • Telephone survey
  • Score
  • The study
  • Writing

Is Spare5 App a scam?

This is one of the major popular questions we experience regarding the Spare5 app. According to my own experience, it is not a scam.

Final Thoughts

Spare5 is an excellent mobile application for those who aspire to make cash anytime, anywhere without practicing any accelerated data. Although, they currently do not own an Android version of the app. This was an amazing experience for me to use this app, which forced me to write this review.