Specpan Review 2021: Pros, Cons and Best Features


Internet is now full of so many online survey sites. With having a massive number of online platforms available for manufacturers and retailers to share their opinions, only a few of them are worth giving your time and energy. Specpan is one of them.

Specpan has provided people with an opportunity to fill out surveys and earn a large amount of cash and various discounted deals. Interestingly, with every signup, users are provided with a $2.00 or 200 points bonus reward as a welcoming token from the company.

Earn cash with Specpan

Nevertheless, people still believe it to be a site of scammers. There are still hundreds of myths and rumors circulating the web regarding Specpan.

You must be wondering whether Specpan is an authentic online survey to earn cash or just a wastage of your energy.

To analyze if rumors around the web regarding Specpan are just speculations or reality, we have shared a detailed review of Specpan in 2021. Stick till the end of this review guide, and you will have a lot of knowledge regarding Specpan.

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All you Need to Know about Specpan 

Before we move straight into the phase of revealing some startling facts about Specpan, let us understand how it works. As well, let’s explore what it is and how we can earn from this survey site.

Well, it is an online survey site. Being the right name among the survey sites on the internet, it has gained popularity. With fame comes a bit of responsibility and insecurity towards the reputation.

Working of Specpan

Specpan’s survey panel provides users with an opportunity to earn just by filling out a survey. These earnings are not necessarily in the form of dollars or currency. One can reach by receiving points in his Specpan survey account.

Are you thinking of how you can get surveys to fill in each time?

The answer is pretty simple. It allows you to work on newly available surveys by sending you an invitation through email. It always keeps you updated with the links to the latest surveys so you wouldn’t miss anyone.

How Can I Win on Specpan?

Most people believe online surveys to be an excellent form of filling up your pockets with cash just by sitting at home. However, the reality is a bit different. Only the users whose demographics match the survey questions are qualified for the winner’s race.

There’s not a single winner. Nevertheless, the person with the most authentic information mentioned in his survey can receive the income or rewards. With this, it is evident that filling surveys on Specpan is not as easy as it sounds.

It requires a lot of effort, research, hard work, and constant contact with the survey providers to earn the targeted amount. You must have the necessary knowledge related to the survey’s topic to better earn through it.

Common Topics of Survey

Some of the commonly asked surveys on Specpan, mainly for retailers and purchasers, belong to the following specified categories.

  • Product Information
  • Brand Details
  • Product Packaging
  • Buying Guidelines
  • Customer Behavior
  • Purchasing Habits, etc.

How Can I Earn Through Specpan?

Now that you are aware of the specific details regarding Specpan, you must be fascinated to know how you can also be among the earners.

Want to know the secret?

The following steps are required for a non-specialist to start filling surveys on Specpan and earn hundreds of coins daily.

1: Register to Specpan

The first and probably the most critical step is to register and sign up to Specpan. You will be required to enter your details. To get verified, the webpage might ask you to answer some basic questions to analyze your personality.

The truth is that it all begins with a Survey!

2: Start Earning

Once you have signed up successfully to Specpan, your account will be created, upon which you will get access to fill surveys and earn coins.

Is Specpan Legit?

This is probably the most critical question for a person who’s decided to make Specpan their breadwinning platform.

The answer to the question is subjective to the user’s nature. Well, in simple words, it is almost legit in most cases. However, it would be wrong to say that it is entirely free of scams and frauds.

Like any other online survey site, you can get scammed by some people on Specpan. You can also reach a point where you will feel like deactivating your account forever. However, these cases are rare and might not happen with everyone reading this.

How to Stay Safe from Scammers on Specpan?

How can we leave you to go in the mouth of the lion? Of course, we have some tips and tricks for our readers to make them safe and secure when earning through online surveys.

For you to stay safe, the following two important points should not be forgotten whenever thinking about starting your online survey journey.

  1. Don’t sign up for an online survey site that asks you for initial payments before signing up.
  2. Avoid filling surveys that will ask to sacrifice some of your earned coins or rewards.
  3. When registering, make sure that you are not getting too vulnerable towards your personal information and details.
  4. Try to prevent sharing your address details, bank information, and excessive details regarding your pin codes, etc.

How Much Time Is Required on Specpan?

One of the prominent factors in filling online surveys on Specpan is that it is too time-consuming. You might be required to give a lot of time in just filling out a single survey. Therefore, be prepared to spend at least half an hour or more time filling in only one survey.

The Bottom Line

On the whole, Specpan is an excellent online survey site from where you can earn a pretty good amount. Make sure you take security precautions to prevent any inconvenience. Happy Surveying!