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Application Comparisons

Swagbucks vs Cashback Monitor

We can say there would not be a single shopper that does not love a good deal. So much so that often people spend time and energy to compare different prices across online stores before making a purchase. In this Swagbucks vs Cashback Monitor article, we discuss their use of applications intended to make life easier for those seeking the best deals.

Swagbucks vs Cashback Monitor

Swagbucks vs Cashback Monitor – Introduction

The swamping of technology to all spheres of life has meant that few areas of interest are beyond its reach. Thus, it is a surprise that it is possible to check out the best deals with the convenience of a shopping app or a web browser plugin. A notable feature of most cashback software is that they tend to try and read the customers’ minds. In the long run, they affect the way people shop and spend their leisure time.

What is Swagbucks?

With the Swagbucks software, the intention is to gain reward points during each phase of the shopping exercise and to redeem the accumulated points for gift vouchers. It is also possible to exchange the reward points that have been accounted, into cash through a partnership with PayPal. At the heart of Swagbucks like an algorithm that is designed to track everything that a person does. Right from surfing the web to completing surveys and polls.

Each set of activity would bring with its specific reward points. They are then redeemed for gift coupons or cash on PayPal. Discussed at length are some of the ordinary everyday activities that we put to productive use. They are not the only use for the Swagbucks program. But they cover most of what the app does for the user.

The activities to earn points

  • Collecting Swag Codes: Codes that are placed on the various social media sites by the promoters of Swagbucks. This code is hunted out by the Swagbucks browser extension and is free to use service. Swag codes are used by the program to create an activity around the homepage. They are, in effect, a means of advertising the sites as well.
  • Daily goals: The daily to-do list is displayed on the screen to install the Swagbucks browser extension. It usually consists of tasks that need to be completed before the end of the day. As people get to perform the tasks, they are to tick them off on the site. This task would cause the credit of certain Swagbucks credits to the user.
  • Competitions: Competitions are a regular feature on Swagbucks. They are intended to help users accumulate credits most of the time. At times there could be other prizes like a mobile phone or a laptop to be won. But before the person can enter the competition, he needs to pay for the privilege. It can be something like two Swagbucks credits.

The Swagbucks program does reward the user with credits for practically every sort of activity possible. It is rewarding for those who spend a long time on the computer and also be a source of activities. The credit system does bring benefits to the user through gift coupons and cashback offers.

Swagbucks vs Cashback Monitor

What is Cashback Monitor?

Most people know that most credit card companies reward customers with points for having used the cards on shopping sites. Well, the Cashback Monitor software is designed to add on to the credit card spend points when shopping at over forty shopping merchant sites.

In the first instance, the Cashback application gives the best quotes as well as the read out of the amount of credits that can be accumulated while shopping for flights or holiday destinations. Depending on the type of shopping that the customer seeks to do, the following benefits can accrue to the customer.

  • Cashback: Here, a flat sum of money is offered as a cashback on the purchase. It can be a sum of money or a percentage of the purchase cost. Either way, it lowers the actual cost of the product when it is being bought.
  • Travel miles: When using a website to plan a travel, one of the most popular means of lowering costs is to offer travel miles. This method is a certain amount of points that can be offset against future purchases and which in the end goes to lower the cost incurred by the traveler. Like in most instances, Cashback Monitor does put some conditions to the use of the accumulated miles and can vary from case to case.
  • Credit card points: It is very common for credit cards to offer points for every dollar spent on the purchase. When sufficient points have been accumulated, we can exchange for goods of a specific value. It is possible to change the points to cash as well.

As can be noticed in the above, the returns from using the Cashback Monitor can be threefold. The full three facilities are often not offered by each and every one of the offering sites.

Swagbucks vs Cashback Monitor – which saves more money?

At this instance, what must be pointed out is that the customers to Swagbucks and Cashback Monitor tend to be different. While the first is designed with any general surfer and shopper in mind, the Cashback Monitor is made keeping in mind the traveler and the credit card spender.

Thus, it would depend on which type of a user the particular person happens to be before deciding which of the application saves more money.

Swagbucks vs Cashback Monitor – Your choice

One of the key takeaways of the cashback shopping system is that there seems to be no end to the variety on offer, while at the same time, it must be said that there are a lot of options for the average shopper. Few people get to fully understand the complexities of the particular application that they use, instead of relying more on a gut feeling to pick out the one app to use each time.

Some customers tend to have access to more than a single money-saving software. We can see this as trying to have the best of both worlds. But the essence of a happy shopping experience is to keep things simple.

Swagbucks vs Cashback Monitor

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