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Application Comparisons

Swagbucks vs E-bates

With the proliferation of online shopping sites, it is little wonder that merchant sites have to do just than the usual to attract customers. The cashback software and programs are to be seen in this light and circumstances that tend to pay a premium to attract the valued customer to the store, even if it means paying for the facility. There is a different way to look at it: to view the cost of promotion as a means of advertising that merchant sites do to promote business. In this Swagbucks vs E-bates article we discuss various methods to earn money.

Swagbucks vs E-bates

Swagbucks vs E-bates – An overview

Few people can resist a bargain, even if the person does not require the goods. This method seems to be the fundamental premise that shopping cashback software uses to attract customers to their sites. In the process of attracting more and more users, the apps do get to bring down the cost of shopping at merchant sites.

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is the closest a person can get to free money. The application is installed as a browser plugin and can give out credits called Swagbucks credits to the user. It is not just for shopping alone that the application credits the points but to practically every aspect of using the internet. Listed out below are some of the common ways we can make money on the Swagbucks platform.

Swagbucks vs E-bates

Surfing the web

Yes, that is right; the Swagbucks system pays out money for surfing the internet. But first, the Swagbucks search engine has to be made the default search engine on the PC. Each use brings with it Swagbucks credits. The user can hope to get 10-10 Swagbucks points for searching every ten items. It would not be far before people get to accumulate the Swagbucks credits in their account. Even the lowest users tend to gather 300 to 400 Swagbucks credits every month.

Playing games

Swagbucks system rewards users for downloading and playing games on their PCs and mobile handsets. With each game, a certain number of Swagbucks credits are added to the account, and it works with just the download as well as when people get to play the games.

Surveys and polls

There are Swagbucks points or credits for taking surveys and polls on the web. The surveys take much longer to do and hence provide far more credits than the polls. But with the polls, the time spent on participating in one is relatively small.

How the system works?

The points earned on the Swagbucks system can be redeemed for cash back on purchases at participating merchant sites. Another way of taking advantage of the points accumulated is to encash it to actual money on PayPal. Each of the above activities would mean the surrender of certain Swagbucks points. It must be pointed out the Swagbucks would credit points while shopping as well, and this gets to reduce the cost of the goods purchased at member sites.

What is E-bates?

Ebates has since been renamed Rakuten and is a cashback app used for shopping. The working principle of Ebates is relatively simple. It works on the principle of referrals. The Ebates system refers customers to merchant shopping sites to make purchases. The stores would give a commission to Ebates for the referral and on purchase. Ebates then shares part of the commission with the user as cashback, which is then paid out to the customer.

The final aim of Ebates is to get people to shop at the preferred sites and return the most amount as cashback. In the final analysis, this method would tend to reduce the prices of the products on sale. Ebates also encourages people to refer others to them by providing cashback points for the referral.

Why should a customer use E-bates?

  • A cashback is credited to the customer with little effort from his end. It is thus an automated method to reducing the cost of a product.
  • Ebates partners with some of the largest stores, both online and brick and mortar, and thus there would not be a product that is not covered in the system. This process helps reduce search times as well as effort expended in finding a suitable product as well.
  • It is not just the cashback, but Ebates alerts customers when there are discounts and sales at participating stores, and this makes it of use to the shopper most of the time.
  • We can use E-bate on travel sites, which adds up to significant savings as the sites would already offer travel miles.
  • Users are offered a $25 bonus each time they refer somebody to Ebates, which helps those that are well connected or networked.

How can a person use E-bates?

Ebates is one of the most versatile platforms in use currently. It can be used as a web browser plugin and thus runs in the background as people shop around. The platform we use from its website form helps people shop around for products each time they want something. Additionally, Ebates can be used as an app that can be installed on the mobile phone for further convenience.

Swagbucks vs E-bates – Which is better to save money?

Frankly, it is a matter of personal preference for what platform to use to save money, comparing Swagbucks and Ebates. Swagbucks makes money by sheer usage as it has a lot more applications than Ebates. But Ebates would score over Swagbucks when large ticket purchases have to be made as the amount of cashback sum would tend to be higher.

Swagbucks vs E-bates – your choice?

With the swamping of customers with online shopping sites, it becomes necessary for applications like cashback apps to bring the shopper the various discounts and offers available at any given point in time. At the same time, there must be a balance between what is possible and what to expect from an application.

Most cashback programs lower the customer’s cost, but it would not be reasonable to expect the item to be sold entirely free. So, the key to using such applications successfully is to have a realistic expectation from their offering.

Swagbucks vs E-bates

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