Swagbucks vs Honey

However rich or well off he might be, no one would pass up an opportunity to make some extra money. The use of cashback and other money saving software has to been seen in this light. Often money is not really earned but is offered as savings on a current purchase. While there are a whole host of programs that offer a direct discount or rebate on cost price, there are those applications that work by accruing points while shopping around. Swagbucks vs Honey article discusses such kind of article.

Swagbucks vs Honey

Swagbucks vs Honey – Overview

At the end of the day, whether a customer is notching up reward points or clocking a discount, he must be rewarded to continue in the program. Most of the money saving applications return the points saved as a gift voucher. We can redeem it at various shopping merchants. There are also bound to be conditions and clauses that have to be fulfilled before the rewards can be encashed too. On top of this, shopping season is sure to have a slew of offers to choose from that aims to save money.

What is Swagbucks?

At the heart of the Swagbucks, systems are a reward function that provides benefits to those using the program. After creating an account on the platform, the user is credited with certain reward points each time he participates in certain activities on merchant sites in the program. Often it is seen that festive seasons have a higher amount of credits being offered. It helps the shopper shop even more and at the same time to attract more customers onto the platform.

Each time someone surfs the web or shops at their favorite shopping site, reward points are added to their account. We can redeem these reward points for gift coupons. Like on the more popular shopping sites or even exchanged for cash at the PayPal site.

How to earn on Swagbucks?

Listed out below are some of the more popular methods of using the Swagbucks system. We can say that the list is by no means exclusive, and there are other ways we can earn money on Swagbucks.

  • Shop online: Once the Swagbucks plugin is installed on a computer’s browser, the customer is credited with cashback reward points each time he shops on a participating merchant site. For instance, if the customer is planning a holiday, having it planned out with Swagbucks would help him earn money. It comes as reward points while surfing the sites to home in on the best holiday experience. Also when making purchases like hotels and travel tickets as well. It would not be advisable to pick a holiday option because it is on Swagbucks. But if a particular option is available on the system, why not use it?
  • Referrals: A good way to stack up Swagbucks reward points is by referring others to the facility’s use. This method is done by sending out a referral code that is fed into the system when opening an account. Original referrer would earn 10% of Swagbucks points that the friend or relative manages to accumulate. This goes on as long as the person is on the system.
Swagbucks vs Honey

What is the Honey cashback app?

Honey is a cashback system that relies on a browser extension to keep track of the user. Once the plugin is installed on the browser and an account opened on the Honey app, the customer gets to find the most suited coupon code to be applied when shopping at participating merchant sites. The beauty of the application is the sheer convenience that it affords the user most of the time.

The Honey Plugin would help locate all the relevant coupon codes that are prevalent when a person is shopping. It then matches the most suitable or optimum combination to provide the most savings to the customer.

How does Honey save money: At best, the Honey web browser extension can be described as a money saving application. There are essentially two ways how this is done in practice.

  • Discount coupons: While shopping online, the Honey plugin always works in the background. It identifies the most suitable coupons to apply to the purchase. On completing the purchases and checking the shopping cart, the app applies the most optimum of discount codes to the purchase. It enables the customer to have the lowest bill.
  • Reward points: The reward points or the Honey Gold system are designed to keep the active shopper using the app for as long as possible. Each time a purchase is made at a participating online merchant, the user’s account is credited with a specific credit point. Once the credits are added up to 1000, the user has the option to have a gift coupon issued for an amount. We can redeem this gift coupon at some of the largest merchant sites to reduce the shopping bill.

Swagbucks vs Honey – What saves more money?

We can say that the Swagbucks app has greater utility when compared to the Honey browser plugin. For instance, with the Swagbucks system, it is possible to rack up reward points for just surfing the web. The Honey cashback system works only when purchases are made over a period of time.

A better comparison would be the individual customer to make depending on how he chooses to spend his time online. Those who tend to surf the web a lot more than shop around would do well with the Swagbucks system. But those who would shop more would save more money with the Honey app.

Swagbucks vs Honey – Which cashback system you prefer?

In the consumer centric world that we live, there are always bound to be distractions that aim to make people spend more. The cashback systems and reward systems are designed to attract the habitual shopper to find the best deals. It does not mean that there is little utility to those apps at all. In the final say, it is for the consumer to keep their interests protected and earn the most with the application in use.

Swagbucks vs Honey