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Application Comparisons

Swagbucks vs Shopkick

Shoppers would always welcome a chance to save money while shopping to earn reward points while in the activity. Some software promise to make purchases cheaper. When we discuss about Swagbucks vs Shopkick, each one of those applications has specific plus points that endear them to their loyal customers. Mostly with online shoppers, they tend to be part of some shopping credit system at some point or the other.

Swagbucks vs Shopkick

Swagbucks vs Shopkick – An overview

Reviewed here are two of the most promising money-saving applications that are available in the market. While it is a comparison between the two, Swagbucks vs Shopkick, it is by no means a pointer as to which is the better of the two. Each one of them has its target clientele and loyal customers. They are both preferred by a lot of people that shop regularly online for their purchases.

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is more than a shopping application. It provides reward points, Swagbucks Points, each time a person completes specific tasks online. They can be taking surveys, watching videos, or just shopping. What sets apart the Swagbucks program is that we can use it over a large variety of programs and not only limited in its application.

While doing activities on merchant sites, the customer or participant gets to accumulate points on the system. We can use these points to redeem gifts on popular shopping sites or redeem them for cash on PayPal. It would also be interesting to note that there are offers at various times and seasons of the year, which means that people get to earn more points for an activity or that the gifts can be had by redeeming fewer points that have been accumulated.

Swagbucks vs Shopkick

Ways to earn on Swagbucks

How to earn Swagbucks

  • Surfing the web: By making Swagbucks your default search engine, it is possible to earn loyalty points for doing what is done every day, surfing the web. The surfer can expect to earn a point or two of Swagbucks points each time he visits a website. It can easily translate into $300 earnings for the average user each month.
  • Surveys and polls: Swagbucks would allow the surveys’ participants and polls specific loyalty points for taking part in them. A typical survey would last three to twenty minutes to complete and earn you around 40-100 Swagbucks points. Polls take a much shorter time and can pocket the user extra points as well.
  • Using apps: It is common for most people to download apps and games onto their smartphones. Swagbucks gives out points for installing certain apps and games and using them daily. Sometimes it requires specific actions to be initiated before the points are credited to the system. For Example, adding money to an app or game or reaching certain milestones on the games.

What is Shopkick?

Shopkick can best be seen as a rewards app. The software is installed onto the browser or mobile, and it sets out rewards for completing certain activities. It is a location-based application that rewards the user while shopping online or while purchasing certain products that participate in the Shopkick program.

By just opening the Shopkick app, the shopper is pointed to nearby stores participating in the promotional programs. Visiting the said merchants would bring in a certain number of points to the user. More points can be had while making purchases at the stores and while scanning certain products on the system.

Shopkick may send extra promotional and savings activities to the customer whenever such occasions arise.

Swagbucks vs Shopkick

How Shopkick works?

How to earn Shopkicks

  • Partner shops: There are merchant establishments that participate in the Shopkick program. When people shop at such stores, the customer is provided a number of rewards points each time
  • Shopping for grocery: More than just a shopping site, it is possible to earn reward points each time a person purchases specific food brands. For most of the participating merchants, it is a means of promoting their products over the competitors.
  • Scanning the bar codes: It must be said that there are a large number of products that participate in the Shopkick program. Each time a purchase is made, the customer scans the bar code into the system. A reward point is then added to the user’s account on the checkout.

How to earn money?

When we accumulate points on the Shopkick program, we can redeem them at participating stores as gift coupons. There are a large number of participating merchants in the rewards program. They are stores, restaurants, movie theatres, etc.

Often there are promotional times when extra reward points are given to the customer, or that lesser Shopkick points are debited for a gift card. The Shopkick program’s success lies in the large expanse of shops and merchant sites that participate in the program as with the attractive terms of engagement of the system.

Swagbucks vs Shopkick – What is better for money saving?

Swagbucks is currently the better option for saving money while shopping. It has to do with more merchant sites that participate in their program as compared to Shopkick. It also helps that there are more promotional offers on Swagbucks at any given point of time than otherwise.

As for the gift cards, Swagbucks provides gifting options on some of the country’s largest merchant sites and thus can be said to be more liquid when compared to Shopkick. But Shopkick is an up and coming application in the market, and more people are bound to be signing up on it into the future.

Swagbucks vs Shopkick – Which one you prefer?

When it comes to saving money on shopping, participating in more than a single program is bound to bring in better results in the long term. Few people can dispute the utility of software like Swagbucks and Shopkick, but we can note that each has its own strong points as well as a valued customer base.

Increasingly, merchant sites are going to be relying on money-saving programs to bring in quality customers as they tend to be more effective than direct advertising on media. The shopping apps are more targeted in their approach and tend to be money better spent.

Swagbucks vs Shopkick

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