thredup review

ThredUP review

Selling Stuff Online

Every day, selling things online is becoming more and more popular. It’s more widespread in general than before, which is a consequence of the Internet’s growing presence in all life areas. Likewise, selling old clothes to a thrifter store to get some extra money is an old practice that we usually see. It’s an easy and intelligent way to get some helpful additional cents because you’d also be saving space in your closet.

But have you heard about doing both things at the same time? If your answer is no, but you’re interested in the premise, then you’re in the right place. Continue reading and learn about thredUP, the popular online thrift store everyone is talking about. But more than that, discover if it worth it!

What is ThredUP?

As you may have already assumed, thredUP is an online thrift store that works like a consignment store. It’s a desirable platform because it combines the concept of shopping on the Web and the low prices and great deals on second-hand clothes of the thrift stores.

By buying on thredUP, you’ll get second-hand clothes of good quality and even renowned designer brands at an affordable price. And, as it is a consignment store, you’ll get paid for giving them used clothes in a good state. In short, thredUp is a platform that buys clothes from you and sells them to buyers on the Internet through their app or website.

How Does ThredUP Work?

The platform works quite simply, and it’s elementary to both buy from them and sell them your clothes.

Screenshot of thredUP website


Buying doesn’t need any profound explanation. ThredUP works like any other online shop. You don’t even need to sign in to buy products on the site. However, this is not recommendable because it usually offers discounts to registered users.

The website organizes the clothes into categories, brands, and sizes. Also, you can search for specific items with the classic searching box at the top of the site. Once you add something to your cart, the article will be reserved only for you for half an hour. Finally, thredUP allows you to pay with a credit card, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and gift cards.


Now, let’s talk about the platform’s selling clothes area, which is an easy way to make fast money.

If you’re interested in selling your clothes to thredUP, the first thing you must do is to sign in. Unlike the shopping area, you can’t sell to them without being registered. The second step is to request a thredUP Clean Out Bag, a bag they’ll send you for free that is where you’re going to put all you want to sell.

Also, you can make your package, ask them for a free shipping label, and send them your clothes. Take into account that you can’t send more than 15 lbs in clothes. Or men clothes because thredUP doesn’t take men clothes at all.

Standards and the Process

Don’t ever think that thredUP will buy all the clothes you send them. The website itself states that they have strict quality standards. Therefore they only end accepting 40% of the clothes people sent to them on average. Clothes must be in an almost perfect state to be taken, with no usage marks, irreversible folds, or the like. It should be practically immaculate, literally looking like new.

Most people’s complaints about thredUP originate from this fact, as most of their clothes get rejected. And the problem with your clothes being rejected is that you will not get them back unless you pay a $10.99 fee. If you don’t pay for it, they will give it to other sellers or recycle it if it’s poor-quality clothing.

The accepted clothes for sale will be on consignment for 60 days maximum if your clothes are value or mall brands. Or 90 days, if it is premium and designer brands. The accepted clothes for sale will be on consignment for 60 days maximum if your clothes are value or mall brands. Or 90 days, if it is premium and designer brands. And as the platform is an online consignment store, you’ll get paid if the items are sold.

You can reclaim your items if they’re not sold, but thredUP becomes the clothes owner if you don’t claim them.

So this is how thredUP works, both the shopping and the selling. But, if you’re interested in selling your clothes to this company, how much money can you make?

How Much You Can Earn Selling to ThredUP?

Initially, thredUP didn’t give you examples of the payout. So it was an absolute mystery to know how much money you could earn if your clothes were sold. Of course, this depends a lot on the clothing brand and its nature, but there was no payout reference on the website.

Such a thing has changed as the website counts now with a Payout Estimator, which gives general examples of what you could potentially earn from selling your clothes. For example, if you’re trying to sell old Navy Jeans, you’ll get around $1,23. And you can earn $13,44 on average by selling a Calvin Klein dress.

So let’s say you send ten items to thredUP, and, due to their quality standards, just four of them were accepted. At the end of the month, you see people bought all your articles. This means that as long you didn’t send design brand clothes, you’ll get around $10 or $15 for your clothes, or $20, depending on the brands and the articles.

And if you’re asking about payout options, you can get paid in three different ways: Paypal, Stripe cash back, or gift cards.

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Is ThredUP Worth It?

ThredUp is absolutely worth it from a buyer’s perspective. It’s a great platform to buy second-hand clothes at an excellent price. To many, this platform is the only way to acquire design brand clothing at accessible prices online in a perfect state, as the site only sells almost new-like clothes.

Look at your old clothing and ask yourself, “Is this in the best state possible?”. If you think it is, try it; maybe you’re right. thredUP is an excellent platform to make extra money.